10 000xp Ghaul

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Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility
(4) 40 (3) 30 (3) 30 (3) 30 (4) 40
Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Influence
(3) 30 (3) 30 (4) 45 + (2) 20 (2) 25



Willpower Psyker Defense Intelligence Knowledge Perception [Agility] [Weapon Skill]

Homeworld, Background & Role

Home World Daemon World Background Adeptus Astra Telepathica Role Mystic
Homeworld Aptitudes: Willpower Background Aptitudes: Psyker Role Aptitudes: Defense, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, [Weapon Skill]
Touched by the Warp The character gains [1] rank in Psyniscience, if he gains another rank during chracter creation, increase this to rank [2]. Gain 1d10+5 Corruption. Talents: Weapon Training (Las), Weapon Training (Low-Tech) Talents: Warp Sense
Modifiers: + Willpower, + Perception, -Fellowship Traits: Sanctioned Stare into the Warp The character starts the game with the Psyker Elite Advance
Fate Threshold: (3) Fate points The Constant Threat When a Psychic Phenomenon roll is triggered within 10m, the character can increase or decrease the result by an amount equal to his W(B)
Wounds: (9) Skills: Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Interrogation, Forbidden Lore (Warp), Psyniscience

Elite Advances

Elite Advance Psyker Elite Advance Astropath
A void in the Warp The Psyker can never gain the Untouchable elite advance for any reason Sanctioned Psyker The character must have the Psyker Elite Advance and have the Adeptus Astra Telepathica background to gain this advance.
Instant Changes Gain the Psyker Trait, gain the [Agility] Aptitude, gain Psy Rating (1) Instant Changes Gain the Soul Bound Trait, instead of the normal options, the character always loses their sight. Gain the Unnatural Sense (x) Trait, where X equals the Astropaths Willpower characteristic
Unlocked Advances The character can now purchase Psychic Powers through XP. The Psyker may also purchase increases to his Psy Rating at a cost of (New Rating) x 200xp. Unlocked Advances The Astropath may purchase the special set of talents and powers unique to Astropaths.


Weapon Training - [Las] The character may use weapons of the selected category without taking the -20 penalty for being untrained. T1
Weapon Training - [Low-Tech] The character may use weapons of the selected category without taking the -20 penalty for being untrained. T1
Warp Sense The Psyniscience Skill may now be used as a Free Action, instead of a Half Action. This also allows the character to make passive use of the skill, without the need to actively seek out psychic effects. T1
Warp Awareness The Astropath may use his Psyniscience skill in place of his Awareness skill for all Awareness tests. T2, 200xp
Favored of the Warp Whenever the character rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table, as long as the result does not generate Perils of the Warp, they may roll a second time and choose the result T3, 400xp


Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Veteran (+30)
Awareness Psyniscience
Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica)
Forbidden Lore (Warp)


Psyker This trait allows for the purchase ans use of Psy Ratings, Psychic Powers and the Psyniscience skill. -
Sanctioned The Psyker ignores the Corruption normally inflicted with the Psyker Elitr Advance, and starts with a Psy Rating of (2) instead of (1) -
Soul Bound A Soul Bound Psyker rolls an extra die when forced to roll on Perils of the Warp, and replaces either the result of the tens die or the units die with the new roll, in order to determine the final result. -
Unnatural Senses - [WP] The Astropath can perceive its surroundings using senses other than sight or hearing. This trait always includes a range in meters indicated by the number in parentheses. Presently, this is equal to the Astropaths Willpower characteristic -


Fate Points (?)
Armour total (?) Toughness bonus (?)
Wounds (??) Insanity 0 Corruption 0
XP Total: 11,000
XP Free: 7,200

Psychic Powers

Psy Rating (5) 2400xp
Telepathy Powers
Telepathic Link ~ [100xp]
Astropath Powers
Astral Telepathy ~ [200xp]



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Ammo Pouch:

Requisition Details:

Starting Equipment Source
- - Role
Starting Requisitions: Source
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