Adventures In Scarlet

"The rain beats down on the hard cobble streets, the city teams with life, theft, murder, rape, is everywhere. The only thing that stands between the city and chaos is us, the thin grey line" - Inspector Carson

City history and Background

The city of Scarlet is a wealthy, former mining town, who has enjoyed rapid expansion in the wake of the discovery of a massive gold vein under the mountain atop which it is built. The city itself it one of the largest in the empire, holding between 15-18 thousand people and like any large, rich and affluent city it is a hot bed of crime and villainy!

The city itself was once six smaller towns, who, over the years merged into one thriving metropolis. However the towns have not disappeared in-spite of their joint municipality. Where you live confers a lot to your status, your social rank and most likely your wage. The towns of Scarlet are:

  • Slum's Town - unfortunate yet aptly named town, named after founder William Slumly. The poorest section of town, holds some gnomish ghettos and has some mining minor mining complexes, no gold has ever been found however. It is also the single largest housing district in the city. Lots of people, in poor conditions and little else other than time on their hands… There are a lot of secrets hidden in Slum's Town.
  • Port Side - the section of the city which connects directly to the artificial lake and river system, grants Scarlet access to the sea's and by extend the wider world. Things go down in Port Side, the likes of which wouldn't be tolerated elsewhere in the city. Despite Slum's Towns reputation, its the ports which are the real hot-bed of crime.
  • The Cog's - The most industrial section of the city, no one there any more however as all the residential area's were cleared to make away for additional factories and expanded mining operations. While only generally populated by workers and rats, the Scarlet guard keep a very close watch in the Cog's, as it is the centre of all Scarlet's wealth.
  • Scarlet's Town - or The plaza is the wealthiest part of city. The centre of the original settlement which subsumed all the others, and the original source of gold in the region. While the first vein has long dried up and the mining operations moved to the more profitable Cogs, this section of the city has evolved into the happening scene for all those of wealth and power. This section of the city is perhaps the most patrolled and controlled by the official Scarlet Guard, as the high-rise capital of the region and the seat of power for what is becoming one of the biggest assets in the empire, the financial well-being of The Plaza is nigh unto sacred.
  • The Library - the first part of the city which was developed not as any sort of mining operation, but rather rising up to serve the needs of the growing population. The town got its name from the first building placed out there, a library settled by the handful of wizards in the city around the time of the founding. What was once a little project then sprung up with schools, universities, guilds, markets, small businesses and of course, people. The Library is an exceptionally nice part of the city full of well-to-do folk, generally of the middle classes, who enjoy nothing more than the their daily business. As the hub of inter-city trade and business, almost everyone visits the Library on a daily basis. From simply picking up their daily food, to sending their children off to school, it is an exceptionally busy part of the city.
  • Capital hill - even though Scarlet is a city whose mountain top location has been utterly flattened in the wake of rapid expansion and the need to mine, the cities administrative heart gets its name from small rise upon which it formally lay. The only really the capital by default, Capital Hill is the very centre of the City and reaches out, connecting all the other towns on the mountain top. As its name suggests, it the primary district from which all the official matters of the city are coordinated, housing mainly civil servants.

Each section of the city has its own "Town hall", a small administrative functionary from which all the local matters of a town are managed and addressed. It is to these town halls to which all citizens address their problems, and it is here where they go to vote when it comes time to elect either the town mayors, the lord mayor, or the trade and investment council.

Further, each section of the city has its own, locally staffed, guard department - which act as that area's law enforcement. However, the complete rule of law in the city is handled by the official Scarlet Guard.

  • The Rust Buckets: The Slum's Town guard, who get their name from their attractive brown uniforms and trench coats in addition to their commander and chief being a well meaning, if not rather slow Warforged, by the name of Videk. Even though they have the largest population to shepherd, the "Buckets" are tragically under staffed and under resourced, mainly having to rely on the fact that their captain doesn't sleep just to get the rota sorted. In terms of general character, they are well meaning and genuine in their care for the town, however aforementioned budget problems often mean they simply don't have the ability to keep the town as safe as possible.

Player information

The players enter the game as members of the cities newest (and most recently famed) agency of consulting detectives, [Comical name to be invented], brought to fame by the case of the Angry Acting Allosaur, which saw wide spread publication in the city press.

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