Timobe "TK" Kovacs
Mask Spy Dirge Questioner
Clan Mekhet Bloodline -
Covenant Invictus

"I'm not happy to see you, thats a gun in my pocket. Lets take a walk."

Concept Professional 'spook' / Man of long standing family obligation / 'Mind-runner' and holder of Elder secrets / A begrudged "cost of doing business" for the Invictus
Description Above all else, TK is a man with a job to do. Generally brisk and curt in his mannerisms, Kovacs likes to remain focused on one task at a time and is a 'no-muss no-fuss' sort of person. Kovacs looks to be a man in his early 40's, and the truth of the matter is not far off, having only been embraced for around 3 years. Tall and lean, with a thinning, silver-tinted hair line, when stressed he produces a small, habitual cough, left over from the days when he still had functioning lungs. Due to his upbringing, TK has a faint South African accent.
Touchstone Engraved Lighter Given to TK as a Birthday present by his son Nick, when Nick quit smoking, serves as a reminder of the things family do for each other. As TK has been sworn off seeing his son until it is his time to be Embraced, this lighter works not only as a reminder of duty, but of the people it effects
Aspirations Anchor Conditions
(1) Meet me up with Invictus contacts in Vegas Spy - Single: Build a new Identity or uncover a secret. Full: Uncover a damning secret that could end someone
(2) Finish job of play messager for torpid Elders Questioner - Single: Challenge an accepted truth. Full: Test a long believed 'truth' at your own peril
(3) Find out what happened to Father (Sire), last seen in city
Beats (??) XP: (??)
XP Remaining: -


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (3), Wits (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity (2), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (3), Composure (2)


Mental Investigation (4)
Physical Firearms (2) Larceny (2) Stealth (3)
Social Intimidation (2) Persuasion (3) Streetwise (3) Subterfuge (3)


  • Persuasion: Confidence scamming
  • Investigation: Body Language
  • Subterfuge: Detecting Lies


Speaker for the Silent (3) With this Merit, the character can choose to act as a medium for a torpid elder’s consciousness. While possessed, the Speaker is aware of what occurs around him, but the torpid Kindred has control of his body, and can speak through him. The torpid Kindred retains no access to her Disciplines while possessing a Speaker. At any time, the Speaker can spend a point of Willpower to eject the torpid mind. The torpid Kindred can relinquish her control at will. [Starting]
Invictus Status (2*) Covenant Status is generally tied to positions and direct authority within covenant structure. A character with five dots of Covenant Status is a regional leader within the covenant, a character with one dot has minor responsibilities to their organization of choice. Additionally, each covenant has available Merits that scale depending on Covenant Status dots [Starting]
Notary (2) The Invictus appointed your character a Notary, a scholar of Oaths. She presides over Oath agreements. Because of your standing as an arbiter of the status quo, Invictus may not use their Invictus Status in rolls against you. As well, each month, you may request access to a single dot of Allies, Contacts, Herd, Mentor, or Resources, granted by the covenant at large [Starting]
Dynasty Membership (1) Your character claims membership to a long-standing dynasty of Kindred. Her clan and city know her family’s exploits, and they often precede her. Each level of this Merit builds on the earlier abilities [Starting]
(1) New Kid: You’re recognized within the dynasty, but not in an influential position. Once per chapter, you may add the Clan Status of the dynasty’s most senior member to a Social dice pool instead of your own. [Breakdown]
Invested (1) In the Invictus, you get out what you put in. Through doing favors and making herself noticed, your character has gotten back plenty. Divide dots equal to your Invictus status in the Herd, Mentor, Resources, and Retainers Merits. You may distribute them as you like. These dots can be added to existing Merit dots, or added upon later. If she loses dots of Status, the dots granted by this Merit go away as well. [Starting]
Resources (2) - [Aggregate]

Vampire traits

Blood Potency:

Potency: (1)
Obfuscate (3)


Humanity: (?) Vitae: (?/??)
Health: (?/?) Willpower: (?/?)
Initiative: + Defence: Amour: Speed:



Tools, Gear and other items:


Cheat Sheet:

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