Charles Kane (Alistair Alfar)

“There is a man (there is a man), whose charm and grace and handsome face are known throughout the land. Who is this man? its Mr.kane! Now you can call him Charles or Charlie just remember that its Mr.Kane!!”

Calling: Eternal troll: fake media mogul designed to capture headlines Nature: Trickster

Divine Patron: Odin: All Father Pantheon: Aesir

Concept: - Posing as an extremely conservative and out spoken newspaper mogul, Alistair Alfar leads a double life through his main-stay persona, Charles Kane. While having no real agenda of his own, Alistair simply loves to stir the pot; to use his fame and wealth to get people talking and writing about him. It is this which he feeds on, and he is a gluttonous man.

XP total: 0, XP unspent: 0,

= History =

= Attributes =

Physical Attributes
Strength: 2 (0), Dexterity: 3 (0), Stamina: 2 (0)

Mental Attributes
Perception: 2 (0), Intelligence: 4 (0), Wits: 3 (0)

Social Attributes:
Manipulation: 4 (3), Charisma: 4 (2), Appearance: 3 (1)

= Abilities =

Art (Story) (2), Integrity (2), Investigation (3), Occult (3), Presence (5)

Empathy (3), Politics (3), Melee (3), Science (2), Stealth (2), Larceny (2)

Tricksters recover one point of temporary Willpower when they successfully deceive another person or group of people at great risk to themselves. Walking into a police station and convincing them you’re the assistant commissioner would be one example; conning the local crime boss into believing you’re a lieutenant from an out-of-town outfit is another.

= Birthrights, Knacks and Boons =

Chaos (1) Cost: Illusion (1) Cost:
(2) Hornets Nest Nil (2) Stolen Face 1L (/+1wp)
Epic Manipulation (3) Epic Charisma (2) Epic Appearance (1)
God's Honest 1L Hapless cool 1L Centre of attention 1L/Min
Advantageous Circumstances - Pied Piper 1L + 1wp - -
Second-Hand persuasion 1L - - - -
Relic: Benefit:
Iphone of Worship (1) Functions as per the "Ren Harvest" Boon
Ring of the Hapless Bystander (2) Grants Illusion and Chaos purviews
Ring of "Wow, what a guy!" (3) Adds the scions Legend score to all uses of the "Presence" ability. Anyone who makes contact with the ring must make a check against the the Scions Chr+Presence+Legend, or be imbued with the emotion of the scions choice for a number of days equal to successes

= Legendary traits =

Soak: (Dressed) Bashing (), Lethal (), Aggravated ()
Health: -0 [1], -1 [2], -2 [2], -4 [1], incap [1]
Legend (4) Legend Points: 16/(16)
Virtues: Courage (3), Endurance (2), Expression (3), Loyalty (1),
Willpower: 6/(6)

= Equipment =

= Dice Pool cheat sheet =

= Play style =

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