An Old Book Is Sometimes Best Left Unopened

The life of Emerald Loomweave

A hard drinking, chain smoking, compulsive gambler… Hardly the kind of person anyone would wish to be in charge of a pet store, never mind the potential fate of all creation, but that is just what creation gets.

Born in the year 3446, Emerald has seen great changes in his long long life time and no doubt will see many many more before it is through. Growing up in an era of great turbulence, as mortal Emerald was informed shortly after his 8th birthday that he was destined to exalt and the current times in which he lived would soon fall away, as he personally took his first steps to being part of the power behind all thrones. As a child and an adult mortal (barely any difference at all to ones such as he) he was always such a respectful, clean and quiet lad, never known to take excesses in any virtues of the flesh, indeed his kind and studious nature was always remarked upon by those sidereal's sent to watch him… Exaltation, however, does a great many things to a person, not all of them good.The change in young Emeralds personality was noticeable almost from the moment of his second breath. No longer the quiet, clean and virtuous scamp of his mortal days, Emerald displayed a sudden interest in the lower pleasures of creation, along with all the cold, dark and unheavenly aspects that came with it. Substance abuse and the various stages of recovery are just passing fades to him, scams are a second nature, and non-sidereals are but games to him. This is not to say he did not do his job at the B.O.D well, quite the opposite in fact. While maybe not as refined and subtle as others among his brood, Emerald displayed a fine talent for doing what needed to be done, and in a manner which was often agreeable enough for the pattern spiders to allow. Though at times unusual and seen as suspect in his methods, Emerald is loyal to the B.O.D and does his duty in whatever way he sees fit, and being a critical member on the "convention of threats from outside fate" due to his years of experience in the field. However, his gruff approach to all things has meant that he has suffered personally, often passed over in the B.O.D for promotion, and "fate" conspiring to make sure his personal power has not grown overly strong too quickly. Chejop Kejak, who so happens to be head of his division, knows to keep a close eye out for this surprisingly experienced and resourceful exalt.

Not long after his exaltation in his mid 30's, the B.O.D moved itself permanently to Yu-Shan and he was present at the first great prophecy. Emerald saw many great and terrible things in his service to the maidens, some of the things he has done have been terrible evils while others have been acts of great mercy, all in all, any actions he took under the direct service of the maidens has always been the greater good of creation, a fact he has always been aware of. He played his part in the Usurpation, battled with the great contagion and the fair folk, witnessed the founding of the realm,the rise of the Scarlet Empress, the construction of lookshy, the reopening of Yu-shan, pulled puppet strings in the God war, the formation of the Guild, the disappearance of the Scarlet empress, and all the myriad of wars, deaths, famines, and heart aches that have happened in between. Is it any wonder he drinks?

Emeralds loyalty is not wholly tied to the job however. While his devotion to Chejop is paramount, Emerald holds another exalt in just as high a regard, a Lunar of all things. There are many places and peoples whom exist outside of fate, demons being just a small part of that which the loom does not touch, this being such, Emerald was sent many times on assignment into the Wlyd for one reason or another. One such assignment, a fairly mundane investigation into a cult which arose in the boarder lands and suspected of trafficking with the Fair Folk, lead Emerald into a very tight spot. Emerald thought he had reached his end, only be to saved by what appeared to be a giant bear of unearthly grace. Wounded and delirious, Emerald was in no condition to think straight, the bear spoke to Emerald as if through some fever pitched dream. The bear took Emerald deep into the wlyd, where a safe heaven had been constructed and there the bear nursed him back to health, soon revealing that he was no mere beast of chaos but a Lunar by the name of Ingosh Sliverclaws. During his recovery Emerald befriended Ingosh and learnt much from him, the two discussing any topic that took their fancy, from philosophy and politics to the sacred forms of their martial styles, each noticing a likeness in their reasoning and general will towards creation. Before Ingosh would let Emerald leave however he made him an offer which he left obligated to take, Ingosh offered to let Emerald join the Silverpact and to give him the names of a few like minded agents among the Sidereals, and the Silver faction there in. Ingosh lead the ceremony and the induction, plus Emeralds scribing, once done he was allowed to leave once more, forever changed by the experience.

One such sidereal whom Ingosh put Emerald in contact with, a doctor and scholar among his caste, went by the name "Smoke Drifted Dagger", The two becoming fast friends. For the past 181 years, Emerald has been working with a "partner" of sorts, a near kindred spirit among the sidereals. Smoke is a chosen of Endings who shares Emeralds methods and some of his outlooks on life. The two at times work very closely together, sometimes for years, but have long bouts of silence until one needs the other. Smoke looks to Emerald as a sort of mentor figure, despite their roughly even power level, and even though Emerald has had hair cuts longer than Smoke has been alive the two share a definite kinship.

Every Diaklave has a story:

Moonsilver Tattoo: Ingosh did more however than just leave an impression on Emerald, he left him marked. As per the tenets of the Silverpact, all those who enter into it are tattooed with quick silver. Knowing more ancient mysteries than he cared to tell, and being aware of how important prayer is to the life of the sidereal, Ingosh thought it fitting to gift their newest member with the some of the sacred mandates which the solars yielded throughout heaven. Placing the seals over his arms and torso, the markings of the silverpact potently engraved upon his body mean that Emerald now has a greater means by which to flex his will upon the gods with whom he works.

The Dream Caster: While exploring the aforementioned cult which stalked the boarders of creation, Emerald came across this powerful artefact in the hands of a Wlyd Shaman, who used its power when the Wlyd ebbed into creation, to create vast shows of power and wonder which impressed the barbarian tribes which dwelt there. While the Shaman lacked the skill or knowledge to use it as Emerald does, it did not stop the shaman from using the device convince the people of the boarder lands that he could see their thoughts and enter their minds at will. His ability to manifest these forms in the Wyld also served his purpose. Unfortunately for Emerald he encountered this shaman as the wlyd was ebbing and had to fight a host of horrors from the shaman's mind before removing the item from him. When Emerald eventually returned to the B.O.D to file his case report, he submitted the item to the Ivy Manse's vaults for later study, however, Chejop, aware of Emeralds unusual Sidereal martial arts suggested that he hang out to it and see what the device can do.

Motivation expanded:

While certainly not the oldest sidereal by a wide margin, Emerald is old and somewhat weary. He has seen the schemes of gods and exalts to rule creation to their own designs, watched each one either go down in flames or reap horror upon the world, and is unwilling to witness much more.

The sidereals are king makers, however their attentions are not best served on the blessed Isle in times such as these. The end of first age should have taught the sidereals a lesson in where power should lie, but instead of fixing the power they merely duck taped over it and hoped it would go away. The right to rule creation should not lie in the hands of anyone bar the most common brace of the populace. Only mortals, who are so weak, so short sighted and so short lived, can truly rule creation without being corrupted by their own power (at least not in anyway which can destabilise the order of things)

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