Human (Banisher [Obrimos]: Hunter: [Independent]: Thaumaturge ~ Ceremonial Magician)

Call-sign: "Tech-Head" / Shadow Name: "403"

Tier: 1, Profession: Technician Rank: Garage Inventor

Cell Investments, Other versions

Virtue: Fortitude / Vice: Greed
Description: Hard lucked but up-beat kinda guy. Marc started life as promising young man, after achieving the high-point of his 'respectable' life by graduating with a masters in Robotic-Engineering at MIT in America, Marc's life took a turn for the worst when his mother became sick and he was forced to return home to tend to her in the few years prior to her death. Spending a few years as a mechanic, just to make ends-meat, the eventual career move into 'Hunting' also lead him to open his detective agency (The subtly named "Hunt Investigations") and has since been doing much better… if only financially… and if then, only by being dirty…

Age: 31
Mundane XP total: 40 XP remaining: 0
Practical XP total: 20 XP remaining: 12*

*See Cell investments


Mental Attributes
Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3

Physical Attributes
Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2

Social Attributes:
Presence 1, Manipulation 3, Composure 3


Mental Skills

  • Academics: (2), Crafts*: (3), Science*: (3), Investigation: (2) , Occult*: (3)

Physical Skills

  • Athletics (1), Drive (1), Firearms (2), Weaponry (1), Brawl (3)

Social Skills

  • Persuasion (2), Subterfuge (2), Stealth (2), Streetwise (1)


  • Crafts: [Engineering], [Gunsmith]
  • Science: [Chemistry], [Robotics]
  • Occult: [Thaumaturgy]
  • Brawl: [Taser Gloves]

(All skills marked with a '*' are Asset skills)
[30xp spent]


  • Trained Observer: (1) - Spending a round to memorise all the details of a scene, the observer may later make a recall roll to member the details of the scene perfectly [Starting]]
  • Staff: (1) - "Lindsay", receptionist and Marc's assistant at the hunt agency. May be unless. [Bought]
  • Make Do: (2) - Ignore up to a -2 penalty on actions for having the correct equipment or tools [Starting]
  • Professional training: (3) - Granting a range of benefits and specialities to Marc's skills, from which he can now benefit. At 3 dots, he has access to "Network", "Continued education" and "Breath of knowledge" [Starting]
  • Resources: (3) - The Hunt Agency is doing well, though it may turn out to have been at a price, the cost of which has yet to be realised. [Granted: Deal]
Fighting Styles:

Evasive striking (1)

  • Focused attack: Penalties from armour and called shots are reduced by 1 [Bought]


  • Ancient Echoes: (2) - Marc is haunted my memories not his own, seemingly imbued with some of the knowledge memories of a "Annabella Luccio". Formerly a mage herself, Annabella operated as an Admantine Arrow for much of her unnaturally long life. Living in Italy between 1657 - 1883, occasionally visions of her life take over in powerful visual flashbacks or as the subject of dreams [Awakening]
  • Extemporaneous Affinity: (3) - Due to his prior experiences with magic and the back that he now has the memories of an older mage thrust into his brain and twisting his soul, Marc has a decent hand at improvised magic, gain +2 to all roles [Awakening]
  • Abyssal Resonance: (2) - The nature of Marc's dark awakening and what he guesses was his tinkered soul, he has a very close connection to the Abyss (even though he has no idea what that means). His manifest in a number of effects, firstly, Marc instinctual and immediately knowns whenever a vulgar spell is being cast within 100ft of him, a reflexive wits+composure roll allows his to pinpoint the source. Secondly, the shroud of the abyss makes any 'knowing' or 'unveiling' spells cast on him, or any spells designed to watch him, are treated as vulgar in aspect. [Awakening]

Thaumaturgy: - Ceremonial Magician

  • Luck Magic: (4) - Generally cast every morning, when able. Done right, this provides the caster with 3 rolls per day which can have the 8-again quality [Granted: Birthright]
  • Library: - Ceremonial magic & Cold case files on strange and mysterious crimes (2); The digitised works and library of an experienced Hedge Witch. Slowly being brought to you in PDF form [Earned and Bought]
  • "Marc's Workshop", Magical Nexus: (2), Since Marc persistently used the same room in the safehouse for his spells, and his professional craft made him in need for such a room for all his deeds, it was only natural that he turn it into his workshop. In addition to granting +2 to all Thaumaturgy rolls, thanks to the application of some geomancy, the workshop also grants Marc 9-again on all craft rolls. [Bought]

[10xp spent]


Gnosis (2)
Forces (3) Matter (2) Spirit (1)
Mana (7) ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( )

Marc Malloys Manuel to Modern Magic - A list of tips and tricks for the arcane amateur

  • Warlock traits: the warlock gains a +1 on all library rolls and checks, however he suffers a -1 on all rituals used with improved tools. In addition, he may use all those spells as contained within the library pages without needing to purchase the merits for them, using a spell without purchase however imposes a -3 penalty on all uses of those spells.


Hypnagogic Hallucination - Mild
A lucid dream is not the way to describe what occasionally happens to Marc, for sometimes he does not even have to be asleep, merely sleepy. The memories of Luccio sometimes fallow Marc of his head and into real life. In cases of fatigue or sleep deprivation, a powerful hallucination of the life of his messed soul, over power his senses and render him unless until snapped out or thereby becomes well rested.


Morality: (6) Effects: None
Health: (7) Willpower: (6)
[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ] [ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ], [ ]

Initiative: +5 / Perception: +6
Defence: 3 / Amour: 1/0
Speed: 10



  • Taser Gloves x2 (1B, Cap: 5, Size: 2, Special: Stun abilities - By pressing switches on a closed fist, the glove may pass a taser charge through the glove into what it hits, Conferring a degenerating -5 penalty on the target. Targets stunned in such a way may find themselves unable to supernatural abilities, such as shape shifting or magic. The glove takes 5 turns to recharge per use. 5 uses before the battery dies) When on a hunt, or on business, Marc often wears both gloves under some very thin leather gloves. This is not to stop the current, thought they most likely do, but rather to conceal them. His nice brown gloves matching his commonly worn coat and hat.
  • Colt Single Action Army (Revolver; Dam: 3L, Range: 20/40/80, Cap: 6, Str: 2, Size: 1)


  • Simple but well padded dusters coat (1/0 Amour, brownish leather),

Equipment: When out on a hunt, Marc now takes a stocked back back with him which includes many things which he feels necessary, a few general items include:

  • Backpack list: Several pieces of chalk, a folded sheet which opens into a 5x5 mat with a copper circle laid into it - the circle is broken in 4 places to enable folding but could be made whole with some chalk, Several colours of Sharpie markers, a box of iron nails, a tube of salt, a 1litre bottle of holy water, a silver letter opener, a ball of string, a jotter of unruled paper, a small poloroid camera, a piece of clear quartz on a chain, a flare gun + 3 spare flares, 2 additional batteries for the tasers glove.


  • "The Ipad of all knowledge" - the digitised library of Lilly Higgens, along with additonal notes and resources added by Marc has he goes along.


Mundane background:
Marc was born in Belfast into a single parent family. Growing up on the Falls Road, Marc attended St.Marys Grammar school on the Glen road for his secondary education. Once he left school, Marc did the first two years of Engineering Masters at Queens University, the remaining two being spent at Boston University whom had accepted him on scholarship.

Marc spent 4 years in Boston, but was required to return to Belfast when his mothers health took a turn for the worst and he gained work as a mechanic to pay the bills. Over the next 5 years Marc continued to work in Belfast as a mechanic until a combination of events sparked off his dramatic change in career.

The most mundane of the reasons was his mothers eventual death, after a long hard fight with cancer. The less mundane of these events are detailed here, in; The Hunters Casebook

Supernal background:
The events that lead Marc to being a hunter, and what's more, a user of the arcane arts, is a strange tale indeed. After happening upon an apparent haunting in an old prison, a series of strange deaths lead Marc to meet his soon-to-be cell and uncovering a bunch of Teens who had been dabbling in demon trafficking. This lead Marc to meet the person who would change his life more than any other person, wither he or they realise this fact.

Marc met Lily Higgens after searching for an informant on the supernatural. The access Marc gained to her library and his following immersion into lead to a fundamental change in his life. Within the dusty tomes and parchments of Lilly's library, Marc uncovered the secrets of ritual magic - the cosmic vending machine of magic, and the basic aspects of power. However, while some people may learn these secrets, study well, and become excellent ritual casters, it was only when Marc started to digitise the texts that he really, truly became curious of while process of magic. Not content to take things at face value, Marc's scientific nature drove him to attempt to derive the fundamental nature of magic, and while not wholly successful, Marc has gained serious insights into the nature of power - a process which enabled him to make roads into different forms and styles of magic - the process has not left him unscarred however…

It was only after his first few steps into the supernal that Marc though to check an odd old pentacle necklace left to him by his mothers will. It turned out to be not so ordinary either..

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