Cell Investments

The Belfast cell, therein referred to as the "Wreck'n Bhoi's", possess between them the following cell based investments:


  • Tactics?


  • "Abandoned" Baptist Church, Duncairn Gardens
    • Safe House (3) ~ Size: Church, many rooms, large points of access
      • Torture Suite (2) ~ Renovated Confessionals
      • Church (1) ~ +1 level of threshold on all wards against supernatural beings, -1 xp to the cost of forming contacts based on the religious group tied to the church.
      • Safe House cache (1) ~ Large store of weapons, hidden in various locations, provided by some fellow hunters
      • Safe House Secrecy (2) ~ The church is technically abandoned, with the cell entering from a rear and well sheltered point. Overgrowth and damage is occasionally repaired to ward off reclamation inclined do-gooders.
      • Security (2) ~ Barred entry, good sighting from windows, and funnelled access into the cleared pew-space (shooting pit!), grant the hunters a +2 initiative bonus against anyone attempting to enter the Church
      • Wards (1) ~ Provided and maintained by Marc. These wards grant a level 1 (2) threshold which supernatural forces must overcome
      • Amenities (2) ~ Possibly comfortable conditions if the place was not so big. Several beds and some minor furniture. All on the second floor.
      • Workshop (1) ~ Built and maintained by Marc. Allows the cell to make things on-site, +1 to all craft rolls in the workshop

(36xp) [15/15 dots allowed]

  • "Hunt Investigations" Small office, off the main-road, Donegal arcade
    • Safe House (2)
      • Safe house secrecy (1)
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