Dariel Barbossa, Member of the Infamous Barbossains

Hive-worlder (malfian) scum and member of the Malfian Bloodsworn


there is no substitute for zeal

Medium build , 1.8m (5'11")
pale complexion , brown eyes
notable characteristics : currently sporting early career Rupert Everett hair.

XP 5200 xp (400 unspent)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
30 42 ++ 32 31? 48 ++ 31 35 37? + 57 +++

MV 4/8/12/16

Wounds 15
Fate Points 4
Insanity 1
Corruption 0
Income highly variable

Current wealth 3,960 tg


Awareness +10, Blather, Barter, Charm, Common Lore (Imperium), Concealment, Deceive, Dodge +10, Inquiry +20, Literacy, Silent Move, Speak Language (low gothic), Tech Use, Trade (technomat), Security +10


Weapons training: Basic Weapon Training (primitive, SP), Melee Training (primitive), Pistol Training (SP)

General: Accustomed to Crowds [crowds to not count as difficult terrain, no penalty to Ag test to keep his feet when running or charging through a dense crowd], Heightened Senses (sight) [+10 to any tests involving sight], Hivebound [-10 to Survival tests, -5 to all Int-based tests while outside a 'proper hab' eg. places without manufactured goods, solid ceilings and electrical power], Jaded [never gain Insanity Points from mundane horror], Peer (underworld, workers) [+10 to Fel-based tests with workers and members of the underworld], Talented (charm, inquiry) [+10 to Charm and Inquiry tests]

Combat: Ambidextrous [no penalty for using off-hand instead of main hand, reduce two-weapon wielder penalty to -10]], Deadeye Shot [reduce Called Shot penalty to -10], Quick Draw [can Ready as a free action], Rapid Reaction [make Ag test to act normally when Surprised or ambushed], Sharpshooter [no penalty when making Called Shots], Sound Constitution (x2), Two-Weapon Wielder (ballistic) [can attack with two guns at -20, reduced to -10 by Ambidextrous], Wary //[+1 to Initiative rolls]


Weapons: Carnoden, 2 autopistols, hunting rifle, dagger

Amour: guard flak armour (AP 4 all), ornate ecclesiarchic carapace armour (AP 5 to torso, legs and arms, not usually worn),

Gear: multiple outfits and guises (including street wear, aetherweave noble outfit, well-tailored priest's robes and reclaimator's fatigues), 2 smoke grenades, multikey, rebreather, bag'o'drugs, chain weapon 2 forms, share on one of 2 power blades, medikit, stimm (9 doses), backpack, tent, 2 weeks corpse-starch rations, almost-functioning radio, pictrecorder, comm-bead

Ammo Pouch: 78 manstopper rounds


That tech priest guy 20% off augments

Contractors and Acquaintances

Barbossains gang based in scintalla made up mostly of reclaimators although no loyal hard working is denied an attempt to join / gang today business enterprise tomorrow.
Laurent Strophes
Grendel Frendz
Holy ordos on 2 separate worlds ( owe us big time )

Known Aliases

Father O'Zarkov - Fenksworlder nobleborn priest.
Tantas Vaner - under hive reclaimator working for the Barbossains gang carrying out air recycler repairs.
Mr underhill - planet to planet trader working for Gideon enterprises
Dariel Barbossa ?

Brief History

Note: events described here are intended to be expanded, upon the suitable correlation of imperial records with memories.

Inquisitorial service status: Active.


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