• Dice pool: Intellect + Science + Time
  • Practice: Compelling
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Prolonged (One scene)
  • Aspect: Covert
  • Cost: None

This spell is similar to the Tempus Fugit spell (p. 199, GotV), except for objects. Objects are harder to alter temporally than people are without making others suspicious, however, so the mage isn't able to create as large a gap as may be hoped.

Every success allows the mage to add or subtract up to 30 seconds on any given timepiece—grandfather clocks, LCD wristwatches, atomic clocks, the camera times on a video surveillance camera, explosives timers, etc. The object will not reset itself at the end of the spell's Duration, but if corrected during the spell, the clock will continue to run at the adjusted speed until the end of the spell.

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