Dr Jim'ma Bonez

Ork Freeboota (Blood-Axe): Pain-Boy

I is Ork sized
Spore-bits, Big and Green, Bald, yellow eyes

XP 5000 xp (None unspent)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
36 23 40 (8) 43 43 37+ 26 37 27

MV 4/8/16/32

Damage reduction: 12

Wounds (14)
Fate Points (1)
Insanity 35, Corruption - / -


Trained: Speak: Low Gothic (Int), Ork (Int),

  • Medicae +10 (Int)
  • Awareness (Per), Barter (FG), Crusoe (FG), Concealment (Ag), Common Lore: Ork (Int), Common Lore: War (Int), Intimidate (S),

Treated as Basic: - / -


Weapons training: Basic Weap Training (Sp), Melee (Uni), Pistol (Sp), Pistol (Las), Xenos weapon training (Ork),

General: Peer: Blood Axes (+10 to FG checks with Clan), Might Makes right (Use S instead of FG on command checks with fellow Orks), Mob Rule (Gain bonuses depending on the number of Orks near by),

Combat: True Grit (Half all critical damage taken), Iron Jaw (Make a toughness check to remove the stunned rating), Furious Assault (When making a Full-attack- action, you may spend a reaction to gain an additional attack)


  • 'Ard: Gain the Unnatural Toughness (x2) Trait
  • Sturdy: +20 to resist grapple and take-downs
  • Make it work: Weapons lose the Unreliable quality in the hands of an Ork


Acquisition: Dotka'z Fix-it Arm (Medicae Mechadendrite: +10 on all Medicae checks, can be used to deal deal 1D5 Rending damage, Provides +10 on interrogation checks)

Ranged: Good Orky-Craft Slugga (1D10+4, S/3/0, Inaccurate, +5 to Hit)

Melee: Best Orky-Craft Choppa (1D10+6, Pen:2, Stunning, +5 to Hit)

Gear: Medicae Kit (+10 to Medicae checks),

Amour and notable clothing: Squig-Belt Amour (+3 Amour to all locations).

Ammo Pouch: x3 Clips for all weapons

Brief History

Note: events described here are intended to be expanded, upon the suitable correlation of imperial records with memories.

Inquisitorial service status: He's a Goddamn Ork!!!.

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