"Matt Hunting"; Powerful warrior, Theurgist: Chosen (Obrimos), Banner Warden of the Adamantine Arrow

Shadow Name: "Kra"

"Everyone keeps telling me I should wait and become this great and wise Battle-Philosopher like the masters. But that's not who I want to be…"

Virtue: Fortitude / Vice: Wrath

Concept: Picked-on kid from Southie, heir to immense power.

Age: 20
XP total: 15 (+10 Wisdom), XP unspent: 3


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (2), Wits (2), Resolve (3)

Physical Attributes
Strength (3), Dexterity (3), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (2), Composure (2)


Mental Occult (2) Medicine (2)
Physical Athletics (4)* Brawl (2) Stealth (2) Weaponry (3)
Social Expression (2) Intimidation (2)* Socialise (2) Streetwise (1)


  • Athletics: [Forces]
  • Weaponry: [Spear]
  • Occult: [Ritual]

(*) = Rote specialities


Extemporaneous Affinity (1) Gain +1 to all casting rolls on improvised spells Starting
High Speech (1) As an instant action, and forgoing defence for the turn, the next spell cast gains a +2 bonus Template
Sanctum ~ Temple of the Gryphon (1) Kra has a small and simple bed and room within the temple wherein his lives a Spartan life Starting
Mentor ~ (2) Ferrum: Ferrum sees a lot of potential in Matt as a weapon in the future, he seeks to train him to be not only a powerful weapon, but would wish to keep him somewhat close. This is done in the hope that when Matt reaches the height of his power, he will be an expectationally loyal attack-dog Bought
Status ~ Adamantine Arrow (2) Banner Warden: Attached to a cabal of mixed mages both as part of his training and in hopes of teaching him humility Starting

Fighting Styles

Staff Fighting (3) Starting
Trip: You may chose to make a trip attack, if you do, contest your normal attack against their Dex + Athletics, if you succeed, they are knocked prone and take a point of bashing Aggregate
Temple strike: If damage done exceeds targets size, they are knocked unconscious for a number of rounds equal to the damage Aggregate
Dangerous radius: By taking a penalty on the attack equal to the number of foes (Max -5), you may make a single attack which hits all targets within 3ft. This attack may not exclude allies. Aggregate
Sojutsu (2) Bought
Warding Stance: Whenever an opponent would attack you head-on with a smaller weapon, you may forgo your defence for the turn to make a first-strike attack Aggregate
Thrust: Gain 9-again quality with spear attacks Aggregate
Adamantine Hand of Forces (2) Bought
Thunder: When fighting an opponent with magical shielding, treat the quality of that shield as 1 lower Aggregate
Diamond: You mat select an opponent to which your magical shielding is treating as being 1 point higher, but is treated as 1 point lower for any other combatant Aggregate


Mage traits


Gnosis: (2)
Forces (4) Life (2) Prime (2)


Puissant Skill (2) Chose a physical skill weapon casting, a number of rolls equal to [successes] are treated as having the rote quality for uses of the chosen skill Dex (3) + Medicine (2) + Life (2) Covert, 0 mana, Prolonged (Scene)
Telekinetic Strike (3) Aimed: Deal 1(B) damage per success to target. At forces 4 this becomes lethal, and may become aggravated at forces 5 but costs 1 mana Presence (3) + Athletics (4) + Forces (4) + Misc (3) Vulgar, 0 mana
Floating Step (3) Granting the 8-again quality to all Dex + Athletics rolls, this spell makes the mage a powerful acrobat and capable of amazing feats. In addition, whenever the make would make a jump (Str+ Athletics), the mage may add his Forces dots in feet, per success to the roll. For example, 2 success on Str+Athletics (4ft) the mage would add an additional 8ft to the jump. Kra commonly Spellfactors this spell to last for days at a time. Resolve (3) + Athletics (4) + Forces (4) + Misc (3) Vulgar, 0 mana, Prolonged (Scene)



Streaming forth banners of Gold and Purple, when Kra's nimbus flares it is both a glory and horror to behold. Like kneeling at the foot of a throne, or genuflecting before an alter, those who witness Kra's nimbus feel a sense of awe, authority, reverence - power is impressed upon them. Purple and Gold, the colours of kings, Lords, Gods, rushes out in large unfurling patterns, as if a large banner is being thrown over the surrounding area. The effect is both impressive and terrifying.




Wisdom: (4) Mana: (8/10)
Health: (7/7) Willpower: (5/5)
Initiative: +5 Defence: 2/3 / Amour: 1/0 (5/5) Speed: 11


Soul Stone:
While in his grasp (or at least within 20ft of him), this soul fragment enables Matt to make better use of its potential. It confers the following powers and abilities:

  • Any persistent magical effect the caster wishes to place upon his soul stone have their duration increased by two-steps in their duration scale. Making the average "scene" last around 12hours and any basic "prolonged" last 2 days.
  • Any spells from the ruling arcana (Forces&Prime) of the soul in question, add +1 to any dice pools
  • All paradox the mage would induce has the roll reduced by 1 die.
  • Once per day, at the cost of 1 willpower, the mage may make any vulgar spell he wishes to cast covert


Obsession: World View Matt has become obsessed with making the world comfort to his particular world view: Fuck matter, the world is nothing more than energy, be that magical or otherwise. Energy is pure, it comes from on-high, and it is the glory and right of Matt to wield it. There are pretenders to this right, dark things, profane things, things which hide in the darkness and crawl on their bellies. These must to be eliminated.


Dedicated Path Tool:

"Wizards Staff" Solid oak and about 6ft long, this two part, dismantled shaft is craved with runes designed to grant basic luck and wardings. Often affixed with a blade at the top, this tool is often used as spear when combat is needed


Spear Blade affixed staff Dam: 3L, Size: 4n, grants +1 defence when wielded





Orphaned at the age of 12, December 3rd 1991


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