Dream Ravager Hand

Forsaking damage the martial artist can pull the dreams out of a the targets mind and bring them into reality and hold the dreams there. The effect this has varies on the level of charms use. (2/4/6m) [S]

  • Waking level: The martial artist removes a targets dreams which they are currently having or their most recent dreaming periods. This effect is harmless but it removes the memory of the dream, this charm allows for dream analysis and understanding.
  • Dreaming level: This level allows the martial artist to remove the targets ability to dream, removing their dreams disables to ability to regain willpower through most means.
  • Gossamer level: This level allows the user to keep the targets dreams for as long as they like, having the same effect as the above abilities but in addition to this the target goes insane in the same manner as with the peaceful touch charm.
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