Duster Doyle: Spirit Marshal
Peter Fairgrave; Trained gunfighter, Shaman (Thyrsus), Thearch, Lictor of Silver Ladder

Shadow Name: Duster "Big Iron" Doyle

"Hey, I'm not here to play the bad guy… but I can"

Virtue: Fortitude / Vice: Wrath

Concept: Spirit-world federal marshal, genuinely nice guy.
Description: A tall lean man with a well-kept but rugged looking beard. Though clearly young and somewhat inexperienced, he prefers to wear worn and somewhat olden clothing, in emulation of his old master. Doyle tries to present a manner of surely gruffness, but he is young and he hasn't settled into the pattern yet, with his youthful bluster and excitement poking through.

Age: 25
XP total: 12 (+10 Wisdom), XP unspent: 0


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (2), Wits (2), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity (3), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (3), Composure (3)


Mental Skills
Academics (2), Investigation (3), Occult (2)

Physical Skills
Athletics (1), Firearms (3)

Social Skills
Persuasion (3)^, Socialise (2), Intimidate (3), Subterfuge (2)^, Streetwise (1),

Academics: [Lex Magica]
Firearms: [Pistols]
Intimidation: [Spirits +2]
Persuasion: [Spirits +2]

(^) = Rote specialities


Quick Draw (1) You may draw your firearms as a reflexive action Starting
Interdisciplinary speciality (1) speciality in Intimation: [Spirits] now also applies to your Persuasion Bought
Contacts ~ The Silver Ladder (1) Though a Lictor, this does not mean he is very well known, given that Lictors chose their replacement. Bought
High Speech (1) By invoking eldritch words of power, the character may add +2 to any spell casting roll. Using these powers is a stressful and slow process. Invoking them costs and instant action and the character loses their defence in that round Granted: Template
Area of Expertise ~ Intimidation: [Spirits] (2) Your speciality in Intimidation increases to +2 Bought
Status: Silver Ladder ~ Lictor (2) A Lictor is someone of a special position within the Silver Ladder, possessing powers similar to that of a US federal marshal. Lictors are expected to investigate crimes, judge cases, arrange for arrest and on occasional dispense justice personally. Lictors possess various legal powers. Starting
Artefact ~ "SAAR" Colt Single Action Army Revolver (4) Firearm (Dam: 3L, Range: 20/40/80, Capacity: 6, Size: 1/J, Durability: 6) Persistent magical effect "Glimpse the future" - Whenever the gun is fired, you may roll the dice two pool again and chose the roll which has the higher rate of success Starting
Combat Marksmanship (2) - Granted: Back story
Shoot First: Add Firearms to initiative whenever you start the combat with a weapon drawn. May be applied retroactively in the following round with Quick Draw Aggregate
Tactical Reload: You may reload firearms as a reflexive action Aggregate

[16 xp]

Mage traits


Gnosis: (2)
Spirit (3) Life (2) Fate (2)


Indra's net (1) "Interconnections" The number of successes on this spell (between 1-5) allow the mage to see the level of sympathetic connections one being has with another, or places or objects. Additional successes allow the mage to know additional information, such as influences on the observes free will. At 5 successes, the mage gains some knowledge of the characters fate, such as: if they are due to be murdered, etc Intelligence (2) + Investigation (3) + Fate (2) Core
Helping Hand (1) "Coaxing the Spirit" Add successes to single use of an item in which the items spirit may be able to help. Lasts a scene or until used. One use to per casting Manipulation (3) + Socialise (2) + Spirit (3) + Misc (1) Core
Everythings Zen (2) "Perfect moment" Per success, the mage may make small changes to reality that benefit the mage in social situations. This can include things insertion into back stories or knowing important people Wits (2) + Occult (2) + fate (2) Core
Grasp the other world (2) "Gossamer Touch" The mage, and the objects the touches, may interact with unmanifested entities in the twilight and shadow Dexterity (3) + Athletics (1) + Spirit (3) + Misc (1) Core
Crown of the Incarna (3) "Control Spirit" You may issue a series of simple commands to a spirit which it must obey. The number of commands is equal to the successes rolled, with the ability to create complex commands which require multiple successes Presence (3) + Intimidation (3) + Spirit (3) + Misc (3) Vs. Resistance Core
Whisper to the ancients (3) "Greater Spirit Summons" May make a call or command out to spirit with a penalty on the roll equal to its rank. This power cannot summon a spirit further than it can travel from any sort of anchor it may have, otherwise the rage is unlimited. Presence (3) + Persuasion (3) + Spirit (3) + Misc (4) Vs. Resistance Core

[8 xp]


Wisdom: (5) Mana: (5/10)
Health: (7/7) Willpower: (5/5)
Initiative: +5 Defence: 2 / Amour: 1/0 Speed: 10


Soul Stone:
Though an act of hubris, Peter has forged a piece of his own soul into an artefact from which he draws power. While dangerous, Peter protects his stone well, and its existence is a well kept secret. This stone however is not intended for a demesne, as Peter knows full well the potential which can be harvested from active use of ones own soul. "A simple silver band worn on his wedding finger": While in his grasp (or at least within 20ft of him), this soul fragment enables Peter to make better use of its potential. It confers the following powers and abilities:

  • Any persistent magical effect the caster wishes to place upon his soul stone have their duration increased by two-steps in their duration scale. Making the average "scene" last around 12hours and any basic "prolonged" last 2 days.
  • Any spells from the ruling arcana (Spirit&Life) of the soul in question, add +1 to any dice pools
  • All paradox the mage would induce has the roll reduced by 1 die.
  • Once per day, at the cost of 1 willpower, the mage may make any vulgar spell he wishes to cast covert


SAAR ("Sir") Rank: 1 Revolver Spirit
Power: (3) Finesse: (3) Resistance: (2)
Essence: 10/10 Willpower: 5/5 Defence: (3)
Speed: 8 Initiative: 5 Size: 2
Corpus: 4 Influence: Bullets (2) Ban: Water
Numina: "Wilds Sense" ~ By rolling Fin + Res, Civil may know, track or located all spirits, Loci and spiritual objects. The number of successes (1-5) determines both the distance (in miles) and the degree of precision

SAAR is the awakened spirit of the blah blah blah


Dedicated Path Tool:







  • Six Shooter 12: Dex (3) + Firearms (3) + Equipment bonus (3) + Speciality (1) + Spirit Influence (2), roll twice and take the best!
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