Dr. Ebenezer Darkov

“Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth”

Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Pride
Description: - Quirky yet genius law professor and self styled detective.
Age: 40
XP: 0


Mental Attributes
Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes
Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2

Social Attributes:
Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 2


Mental Skills
Academics (3) [Law], Computer (1), Investigation (3) [Induction], Occult (2), Science (2)

Physical Skills
Brawl (1), Firearms (3) [Pistol], Survival (1), Weaponry (2),

Social Skills
Empathy (2), Persuasion (1), Subterfuge (1)


Editical Memory (2), Resources (1), Meditative Mind (1),

(3) Merit points held in reserve


  • Vocalisation (mild) - When faced with an important or complex decision, or under undue stress, Ebenezer rolls a composure + resolve, a failure means that he unwittingly mumbles his internal monologue for the rest of the scene (however a wits roll can suppress this)


Health: 7 - [],[],[],[],[],[],[]

Morality: 7 - [],[],[],[],[],[], Willpower: 4 - [],[],[],[]

Initiative: 5
Defence: 3
Speed: 9



  • Occult investigation bag (Contains: Torch x2, Box of ammo x5, Basic first aid kit, Flare gun, Thick leather gloves, Tub of salt x2, Latin bible, varied religious Icons, vile of holy water x3, 30ft of rope, Passport, Camera, Dictaphone)
  • Home Library of Books (various texts from bibles, myths, conspiracy, mundane, encyclopaedias, science, political, fiction, etc.)


  • Thunder - 5 (Revolver - Dam: 3L (9 again), Cap: 3, Range: 15/30/60 (.410 gauge)/ 20/40/80 (.45 long colt, but loses 9 again damage), Looks somewhat like a revolver version of a flare gun, Jacket concealable)
  • Sword-cane (Sword/Club - Dam: 2B/L, Dur: 3 - damage is bashing when sheathed)


  • Leather Coat (reinforced leather coat, rating: 1/2, defence: 0, Speed: 0)


Dr Ebenezer Darkov was born on December 31st 1967, in London, England. Son of a respected author (of no real note) whose works enjoyed a brief period of acclaim in the early 70’s due to their timeless effect which drew an interest reflection upon the then contemporary society and tones of the world. His mother, a fledgling Bio-chemist, died when he was only 7 in an unusual accident which occurred late one full-mooned night.

Ebenezer was always strange, even from an early age. While possessing a truly extraordinary mind, with an intelligence and understanding far beyond his years, it was often commented that he was maybe born a century’s too late for his own liking. Even the child form of Ebenezer seemed too long to live in a simpler time and was repulsed by the all consuming tide of modern technology. Clothing himself in old-fashioned grabs and using his rather poetic tongue to pen romantic works deeply stepped in his somewhat Luddite views. Sharing his fathers passion for literature, Ebenezer spent much of his early life shut in his room, a veritable library of his own design, devouring tome upon tome. At the age of 12, Ebenezer used the excuse of his father ailing health to remove himself from mainstream schooling, with the belief that he could learn more on his own than he ever could from such conformist idiot houses that were the public schools.

As he matured, so did in intellect and he soon became a respected author in his own right, enjoying small amounts of success in editorial works. However, upon his father’s strange and sudden death Ebenezer, now 18, took up a commission in the British armed forces as had his father before him to fulfil a long standing Darkov family tradition. During his time in the military Darkov was unfortunate enough to see active duty, of which his most notable assignment was in the Gulf war. He was dismissed after 3 years of active service, when a classified incident required him retire with honours and to deliver notices of death to 3 worried families.

Macabre morbidity, a recurring theme throughout Darkov’s life, followed him back to his urban life in London. Ebenezer, now aged 27 opened a bookshop in south London with the help of his new love and later wife, a charming Hispanic Girl named Rose. The two worked and lived together for many happy years, however the tritium which is inherent in mundane life drove Ebenezer’s great intellect to more varied fields of study, some of which deemed rather outlandish fields of work. His fascination with academics inevitably forming a wedge in his communication with Rose, and would eventually lead to a spilt in their marriage, from which their relationship never fully recovered. These days proved short lived however, as an inexplicable fire ravaged the shop, taking the life of Rose and Ebenezer’s unborn son with it, 5 years precisely since its opening day. Some people exclaimed that it was Ebenezer who started the fire; while others claim it was something else as voices and witnesses from the time of the fire all professed odd happenings in the hours prior to the deadly blaze. Whatever the cause, the deaths caused Ebenezer to snap, ensuring he spent a year or more as a depressed alcoholic, only emerging from his gutter periodically to speak with what few friends he had remaining in the world.

His exodus from England came later that year. On his 33rd birthday, Ebenezer was found barley alive in an ally way in northern Glasgow clutching in one hand a book written by his father and in the other a large, splintered piece of wood. While he had no visual signs of injury, Ebenezer spent 3 months recovering from a comma in Hospital, after which he professed no memory of the night’s ordeal, but has been noted as being shaken and more withdrawn since. It was after his awakening that a friend suggested that he see a bit of the world, and from whence Ebenezer began a short period of travel. Spending much of his live savings in a few years, his love of knowledge and exploration soon took over his previously random travels and Ebenezer found himself slogging through much of Europe, China, The Middle east, Africa, Bolivia, Tibet, Colombia, a brief trip as part of a research team to the south pole and finally America, where he took up residence in the small town of Arkham, Massachusetts.

It was in Arkham where Ebenezer first took up the mantle of a Professor. Acquiring doctorates in Law, philosophy and Para-psychology within only 5 years. Ebenezer then put his extensive knowledge to use, teaching at the university as well. After spending 3 years teaching In Arkham, Ebenezer decided to move to Chicago with his new love and former student (6 years his junior) Lillian Obid. Ebenezer got a new job working at the University of Chicago, teaching Criminology and a once weekly class of “Alternative Psychological theory”. He quickly gained a reputation around the University as somewhat of an eccentric who was probably more of an alcoholic than the genius with witch he was accredited. This did not stop him acquiring many loyal students, who were intrigued by his works and the works of his father before him into lesser researched fields. It was into his second year at the university, now aged 38, did Ebenezer’s second meaningful relationship come to a very destructive end. A heated argument and the revelation of a cheating lover meant that Ebenezer narrowly escaped 2 charges of assault and 1 case of murder. The entire investigation was silenced and the press not informed to any great extent, due to unknown pressures from the military, whose involvement was made known to Ebenezer as “returning the favour”.

Trying to put his past behind, Ebenezer carries on his job at the University, and contenting his further studies into “varied” lines of research as best he can, in hopes of fulfilling his life’s great passion for knowledge.

Excerpts from the diary or Dr Ebenezer Darkov:

- June 3rd, 1974
The papers called it suicide, but I know not of any reasons why my mother would so such a thing. We always loved her and as far as I could see, she always loved us. Her taking of her own life would defy reason.
The timing makes no sense either; everything is going right in our family for once. Father’s books are finally selling and we are living better than we ever have before, Mother just finished her training and should be starting work at the hospital soon…. I can only wonder if this all has something to do with the package that she got just the other day. It was large and book shaped, with a smell that could only be described as that of an eastern origin, as if written by the spices middle east themselves. From what I’ve read that place is a god-forsaken land. I pray that I never have to go there…

- December 27th 1979
Father’s condition has become far worse than I could even imagine. The doctor has no clue what’s wrong with him and is struggling to even find ANY cause of physical problems, x-rays and other such modern medical advances have yet to produce any answers either, all anyone can tell me is that my father is dying before his time, as if ravaged by a plague of unseen origin.
I am even beginning to open to other types of alternative healing in the hopes that it is a spiritual illness, but I hold no hopes in such and I have no time for any delusions of such feeble hope. If I am to survive myself past this event I have no time to waste with such houses of idiocy that are modern schools, I must see myself through these times… it will be hard without my father, he always been there for me, provider, teacher, and keeper.
My greatest wish, bar his return to full health, is that the illness had not robbed him of his ability to speak, so that he might finally tell me what is hidden within the safe in the master library…

- February 11th 1991
Oh how the satellite imaging was wrong, this the underground bunker was no weapons store at all but rather it was a massive tomb or church which the very literal sands of time had buried.
My unit moved quickly, sweeping the complex. It was not uncommon for religious buildings to be used against us as cover. Damn Iraqi forces are horrors to hunt down, its always hard to fight an enemy who has a clear home advantage… but for all my hatred of the Iraqi armies scattered movements, the thing in the tomb was far, far worse than anything with imagination.
I only say a few passing glimpses of it. The macabre beast moved with such speeds and gruesome, mind wrenching flexibility that it was hard to see anymore. A flash or light from a torch awoke the slumbering mass. Screens from the darkness where all that I heard, I pulled my gun and fired a few shots into the noise that approached me, followed by a great and deadly silence. I allowed my mind to wander and dream the thoughts of perhaps I killed the demonic thing, but all such ideas where quickly dispelled. I seen my sergeant’s body, lying blood soaked by the exit to this horrid tomb. I grabbed him and pulled his warming body out of the tunnel way before a few well placed packages of C4 closed the entrance down. Trapping our men and hopefully IT in that dark alter-room forever.
My sergeant, who actually survived his wounds, asked me to fill out my report and submit it to internal affairs directly, he then told me that orders had come for both of us to be dismissed from active service, with honours.

- September 11th 1999
Why my Rose? Why must you and all other things I love fall away from me. If I owe a debt to the forces which are behind all these things, then I beg that they show me the bill so that I know what more I must give until I repay whatever it is I have taken. Surly it is enough; surly I am but one man whose only crime is love beyond all reasons.
I will avenge you Rose, and I will avenge our son, but this revenge will not come soon, I fear I cannot take anymore; this world is far too much for me to take. It is so cruel, so cold, and so dark. I turn to the bottle as a friend, and the only warmth I feel is from my spirits glow…

- September 17th 1999
Accursed insurance and accursed press, can’t they see I’ve suffered enough. If they have their way I will see prison myself for those loathsome beings misdeeds.
I know in a way it is my fault, had I not be devoting so much to my personal pursuits it would not have been able to find vessel to take manifest. I dare say that I will recover soon. I must appear in court later this week…. My sobriety cannot be assured.

- December 31st, 1999
I may not survive what I do tonight, but it is the only logical course of action after all that has occurred. I estimate a very low chance of coming back alive… but with any luck I will stay around long enough to see the dawn of the new era.
I will avenge you Rose, or at very least be coming to join you soon. To you I would spend 1000 lives, if I had them, to see your face again, if even for a day. I love you my sweet Rose, and I want all to know that what I do tonight is not for the world, or for humanity or for any of the deems which have been committed in the past. What I do, I do for you and no other.
Happy New Year, diary, and oh yeah…. I owe myself a birthday cake.

- March 3rd, 2004
I have finally achieved my doctorates, and am ready to begin teaching as well. Life has been so peaceful and calm since I moved to Arkham; this may truly be one of the most relaxing and stress free places on earth, even more than that monastery I stayed in while travelling through Tibet.
I cannot logically find any reason why the place has such a miserable reputation. It is as if the entire university is being judged by a few ghost stories from days long past.
Lillian and I shall be moving soon as well. Far be it from me to try and replace Rose in my heart, but I cannot stay in her shadow my whole life, I promised to always love her, and I shall, but Lillian Is something new. She is apart of me now, as together and as loyal as my own arm.

- August 12th, 2006
“Due to your outstanding involvement in operation: number 717662, all charges and further investigation into the matter will be dropped and removed” was all the entire letter read. If it did not have my service number and an unofficial governmental seal on it, I would not have even been sure it was from the military.
It is clear that they want me to stay out of the public eye and out of contact with the prison system. This is good for me, if they are willing to do this for me to keep me quiet then it means that will be able to live out myself.
Oh Lillian, why did you have to hurt me so? You knew that my temper of late would not be suited to deal with such an ordeal. I did not even mean to kill that man, but I could not control my rage. Am I sorry the events? Yes. Am I sorry I slew that man on the spot for my pain? No.

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