Xufi Shovifulero (Emerald Loomweave)

“You'd be surprised how good a gambler you are, when you work for Lady luck”


Caste: - Chosen of Secrets, Anima: - Lesser sign of Jupiter.
Concept: - Hard boiled spirit-Cop
Motivation: - End the factions within the sidereals and enable mortals to gain the mandate of the rulers of creation.
Age: - 1432

XP total: 71, XP unspent: 1,

= History =

An old book is sometimes best left unopened

For a starting xp version, try Xufi Shovifulero

Of things currently fated:

Sidereal's more than anyone know the power of destiny, and so most sidereal like to effect what simple parts of destiny they can, in order to make sure things go their way. Emerald fancies himself quite the detective and so projects the following Ascending destiny upon himself:

Grace of the lateral mind: The Key
Providences: -1 to the DC for Investigation rolls, +1 success to Investigation rolls, regain 1wp on a successful Investigation roll.
Trigger: Simple - "When faced with a personally effecting mystery that requires more than simple deduction to solve"
Scope: Personal
Duration: 10 years.

= Attributes =

Mental Attributes
Intelligence: 3, Wits: 4, Perception: 4

Physical Attributes
Strength: 2, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 2

Social Attributes:
Appearance: 2, Manipulation: 4, Charisma: 3

= Abilities =

Athletics: 1, Endurance: 1, Craft: (Dreams) 3, Lore: 4, Awareness: 3, Investigate: 3, Stealth: 3,
Martial arts: 5, Bureaucracy: 4, Larceny: 4, Performance: 4, Occult: 4, Dodge: 7*, Socialise: 3,
Linguistics: 3 (Riverspeak (native), High Realm, Old Realm, Low Realm),

*Item bonuses applied.


Larceny: Gambling +2, Occult: Demons +1, Socialise: Discern motive +1, Linguistics: Bluff +1

= Backgrounds =

Savant (3), Sifu (2), Salary (2), Celestial Manse (2), Arsenal (4) - Starmetal hearthstone bracer's, Starmetal Wrackstaff, Dream Broadcaster, Tattooed Artefact (1) - Divinity Requisition badge, Backing (1) - Silver Faction, Connections (1) - Forbidden Manse of Ivy, Connections (1) - Silver Pact, Allies (1) - "Smoke drifted dagger"; sidereal chosen of endings.

= Essence and Virtues =

Compassion: 3 / Conviction: 3 / Temperance: 1 / Valour: 2
Willpower: 8

Virtue flaw - Conviction: Dogged determination.
- Emerald will never shrug in the face of duty, especially not if Chejop Kejak or Ingosh Silverclaws are personally involved with the request. He will perform any task or challenge placed upon him by the B.O.D with unflinching attention to the task and to the best of his ability, never failing in the pursuit of his duty. Emerald will volunteer for dangerous field missions and will never back down from related endeavours, unless ordered.
- Partial control: Emerald is without fear, but not without sense. Tactics and planning are allowed from time to time.
- Duration: 1 full day
- Limit break condition: The character is snubbed at work, is given the chance to prove himself to Chejop Kejak, or is denied the chance to excel in his "element"


Rating: 4 = Personal: 20 / Peripheral: 33 / Committed: 12
Mote regeneration: 8m per hour.

Anima Effect: 10m/6m/1m
For the rest of the scene the sidereal becomes immune to all mind reading and mental attacks, the sidereal and all allies within Essence x10 yards also add their Essence to their MDV for the remainder of the scene, providing they stay within range.

= Status and Equipment =

Emerald often wears and long deep green coat, with suspended brown trousers, an off-Grey shirt, and a clip on black tie. All of which have been billowed out to allow additional freedom of movement. At all times he carries with him; 2 decks of playing cards, a wide variety of dice, a map of creation with 60 seemingly random points plotted, a couple of packs of smokes, and a small packet of some form of hair gel.

Artefacts and tattoo's:

  • Moonsilver tattooed Badge of Divinity requisition: +3 additional successes on any prayer to either gods or other exalts, +7 additional successes when praying to a Specific being (maybe addressed by the title over which their duties extend).
  • Starmetal Wreckstaff: Speed: 4, Acc: +4, Dam: +7L/15B, Def: +3, Rate: 3, Attune: 5
  • Starmetal hearthstone bracers: +3 bonus dodge, grants benefit of heartstone contact, increases the Accuracy and defence of weapons by 1
  • Dream-Caster: - The dream caster enables the wearer to project his dreams upon the world as semi illusionary effect formed from dream-stuff. This allows the user to project illusions onto the world within with essence x10 yards around the wearer. Complex items however are harder to manifest in reality and hence need an appropriate craft roll to form fully. In the Wlyd however this device is far more potent, since these illusions are made of dream stuff, the material of the wlyd, they are treated as actually existing, however no object which is complex enough to move under its own power can be formed. This item has 1 hearthstone slot. Cost: 5m per scene, Attune: 7

Heartstone and Manse:

Emeralds Manse is a charming yet sterile, courtyard centred 1 level, square enclosed villa in Yu-shan. Each of the 4 walls which surround the courtyard are in fact a wide series of enclosed section which make up the main bulk of the living quarters, storage, personal and professional space within the manse. His personal quarters and study run parallel to the less spacious Guest quarters, with his library and Dojo (which includes the item storage room and the "containment vault") being at opposite ends of the complex. The central courtyard sits under a grand glass dome which has the constellations traced upon it in moving scales, and is by far the most interesting section of the manse bar none. Not only does it house the grand observatory - an impressive structure onto itself - but it is this central chamber in which reality is not what one might except. Time flows differently, casual interactions can break down or break completely, and it has a faint sense of a dream about it, all seemingly guided by some form of dreaming intelligence… Emerald must return to the manse on the last day of every month in other to recalibrate the observatory.

Manse Points: 9 (rating x2 = 4, +2 Maintenance, +2 Fragility, +1 habitability)
Manse stats: Soak: 6L/9B + 20 health levels

  • Basic properties: The manse is aware who is attuned to it and who is not, basic manse senses and detection, shifting de-core.
  • Well-Favoured: Those attuned gain +1 bonus to all dice pools while within (1 mp)
  • Sympathetic Dream Link: In dreaming, those attuned to the manse may interact and communicate with the manse in various ways, while the manse itself is not intelligent enough to provide full conversation, it can provide symbol messages and warning. The consciousness of the attuned may also be channelled to control the manse (2 mp)
  • Divine observatory: Grants rather direct access to the loom of fate. Those attuned to the manse, while attempting to use sidereal astrology gain 2 bonus successes on all related rolls and reduce the target DC by 1 (3 mp)
  • Wyld Revocation: The Central observatory courtyard of the manse is not technically a real place, much like the inside of a fair folk citadel, whose gossamer construction makes it mutable. Inside such spaces attuned to Sidereal's, the laws of time and space yet also identity… are more fluid and under the will of the attuned (3 mp)
  • Jewel of the Celestial Mandarin: Decreases the needed successes on any social roll with spirits, gods, demons and elementals by 2 (to a minimum of 1)
  • Stone of quick thought: When using an investigation check to research gain a +4 bonus to the pool. When making a lore check to discover information on a person, gain a similar a similar bonus.

Other items:

  • Custom buff jacket: as described above, soaks 3L/5B
  • Various gambling devices
  • A map with many seemingly random marks upon it, and a rather tricky number cypher


  • Dodge D.V = 8 (5+7+4/2) **
  • Parry DDV = Varies upon ability.
  • Mental D.V = 6 (8+4/2)
  • Parry MDV = Varies upon ability.

Health and soak:

-0 [ ]/ -1 [ ] [ ] / -2 [ ] [ ] / -4 [ ] / Incap. [ ]

Soak: 4L/6B

*All bonuses already applied.
** Exalts round up

= Charms =

Printer friendly charm index

Martial Arts: Violet Bier of sorrows style & Quicksilver staircase style

Out of caste:

Once there was a maiden who slept…As she slept, she fought and loved and saw the world… and none could awaken her… For in her dreams, she had a lover who truly knew her… though she did not see him… She searched and searched but could not find him…






= Astrology =

For a break down on how Sidereal Astrology works, here is your answer.

Current Paradox score: 0


-The Key: 2 / The Mask: 2 / The Sorcerer: 2 / The treasure trove: 1

Resplendent Destinies

Assuming a resplendent destiny is a speed 3 action, costing 1wp. Shucking a destiny is also a speed 3 action but has no cost, a shuck destiny is not gone, the sidereal may just place it aside until later needed.

The sidereal gains a +3 dice bonus to convince people of the validity of the identity, even if such an identity seems grossly inappropriate for the sidereals appearance, mannerisms or biology. Those the sidereal interacts with are at a – 3 penalty to disbelieve or mistrust the identity (-2 defence value when needed) Hence a 6 dice swing is in effect.

Common destinies

The Mask:
Treshen Grey: Treshen is respected yet low ranked business man and guild member located in the nexus region. He often offers to sell information and secrets to any interested parties about the powers that be in the region. When able, Treshen likes to wear a long, sand coloured, hooded robe. He is always quiet and rarely makes a fuss or very much noise, but has no trouble approaching people first in the name of business.
- Backgrounds: Backing (1) – The Guild, Connections (1) – Nexus government
- Scope: 0 (individual) / Duration: 4 (20 years) /

The Sorcerer:
Blood soaked Lotus : Lotus is a Dragon blooded martial artist and member of the Immaculate Order. He trains a small scale of younglings in the basic forms and techniques, in addition to impressing upon them the importance of the Immaculate philosophy. In his spare time he travels the various temples of the Blessed Isle running the “Fantasy fight league” between the various martial arts contests within the year, making a tidy profit to boot.
- Backgrounds: Connections (1) – The Immaculate Order, Influence (1) – The Realm
- Scope: 0 (individual) / Duration: 4 (20 years) /

The Treasure Trove:
Rodwin Decry : Rodwin works as an observer and astrologist for “ The House of the Heavenly Guided Path” on the Blessed isle. He keeps the position purely for relaxation as Emerald finds great pleasure in watching the various patterns, he also keeps an eye on the various mortal and Dragon Blood interpretations of the stars, and tries to discourage the many misunderstandings bound to arise from their futile efforts.
- Backgrounds: Connections (1) - The House of the Heavenly Guided Path
- Scope: 0 (individual) / Duration: 4 (20 years) /

The Key:
Twice witnessed dove : Dove is a scholar and librarian who works within the Heptagram on the Blessed Isle, though low in status therein, he is always helpful to students and uses his position to keep an eye developments within the field of sorcery and often tries to discourage young students from the ways of summon, by impressing upon them the dangers. He will help students cheat on term papers for a small fee. He is also the one behind the Heptagram’s illicit gambling ring and supplies most of the schools contraband…
- Backgrounds: Connections (1) – The Heptagram, Reputation (1) – Among students
- Scope: 0 (individual) / Duration: 4 (20 years

= Dice Pool cheat sheet =

  • Martial arts attack: 17/14 (Dex + MA = 10 + staff = 14, if SP +3 = 17)
  • First age tech use: 14/11 (Int + occult = 7 + savant = 11, if SP +3 = 14)
  • Spirit dealings: DC-2 = 11/9 + 4/8 (Manip + Occult/Buer + SP = 9 + Mark [R] = +1 auto success, + heartstone - 2 needed, + additonal SP + 2, if god +3/+7)
  • Weaving fate/pray rolls: DC -3 = 12/9 +3/7 (Dex + Perform = 9, if SP + 3 = 12, with prayer strip DC - 3, + tattoo +3/+7 automatic successes)
  • Loom searching: 14/11 + variables (Per + invest = 7, + SP + 3 = 10 + HS = 14, + variables detailed)
  • Ducking fate: 17/12 (Dex + dodge = 12 + with additional Stunt +2, if SP +3 = 17)
  • Gambing: 15/10 (Manip + Lar + SP = 10, additonal stunt + fate manip + additonal SP = 15)
  • Detecting liars: 10 (Percep + Soc + SP = 10)
  • lying: 10 (Man + soc + SP = 10)

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