Exceptional Scholar
  • Dice pool: Intellect + Investigation + Mind
  • Practice: Knowing, Unveiling
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Prolonged (One scene)
  • Aspect: Covert
  • Cost: None

This spell functions as a combination of different magical effects, all of which allow for the mage to be a truly exceptional scholar. Research and study are important to scholars, but the process can be lengthy and time consuming, replicating the effects of 'One mind - two thoughts' (p.206 Mage) speeds up this process immensely, allowing the scholar to focus on more than one thing at a time. However, when exploring tomes and ancient texts, every good scholar knows that it is not what is on the page that wholly matters but why such a text or item exists within the context of its time and place - To this end, this spell also replicates the effects of 'Third eye' (p.207 Mage) with added Time (1) in order to use the existing mental resonances to give not only the precise date of the original text, but to enhance the effects of the Third eye. Finally, this spell makes good use of Space (1) to allow for the reader to have a field of vision which, while not omni-directional, widens the arc of vision wide enough to perhaps enable the reading of three books at once, while scanning each page for key words or symbols that have important resonance.

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