Fervent Night Phantasm

Attack can forsake damage and imbue a mental effect on either a dreaming or waking target, the effects of which are dependant on what level the charm is activated. The full implanted dreams do not take time to fashion or require additional actions by the sidereal once implanted unless other wise stated so.
(2/4/6m) [S]

  • Waking level: The dream remains latent in the target until his next sleep. It is just a dream with no physical or metaphysical consequences. However the target experiences the dream vividly and remembers it deeply, enabling it as a platform for social attacks.
  • Dreaming level: The target dreams while waking, inducing full mental illusions into the targets mind, visiting upon him a wide variety of effects with sensual stimuli equal in power to a brass band. This effect lasts a scene but spending willpower can suppress it for an action. Implanting a new dream destroys an old one.
  • Gossamer level: The martial artist takes full control of the targets consciousness, and keeps it for as long as she likes and can stay awake as long as he likes. There are no limits to the extent and power of these illusions.
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