Fop Act 1

Start Point

Bort dies after being poisoned in the feedmill during the bar brawl.

Plot Strands

Questioning Delma
  • Owner of the feedmill
    • At the time of the brawl / death she was behind the bar, watching the brawl then left to get the Sheriff
    • Can help the party find where everyone but Phinick lives
Questioning Amora
  • Head Cook at the feedmill
    • Headed home after the murder, ashamed and shocked at that happened to Bort
    • Blames herself, but innocent. Will try to "confess" until the players let her know about the poison.
    • She is terrified more than that people will think her a "bad cook" than worried about bort actually dying.
    • When questioned about the meal she reveals that:
      • She cooked Borts meal
      • Phinick, who helps out in the kitchen, plated the meal
      • Trin served it to Bort
    • Is taken back to Kitchen, says nothing is out of place or looks odd. Mentioned that Borts bowl should not smell like it does.
  • Action Scene:
    • Amora is hiding / crying all day in her home in "the old orchard"
    • Unless they travel carefully through the Orchard, the PC's alert an encounter with a "bee swarm" (FoP p.11)
    • On a DC 12 Nature check, the party can use a smoke stick or other source of smoke to get the bees to fuck off.
Questioning Edra/Judy
  • At the time of the Murder, Edra was in the stables with Glunda (one of Borts company), tending to the horses. The horses have become sickened with the flee's from the wolf attack,
    • Edra:
      • Phinick flee through the stables a few moments after the sounds of brawl reach the barn.
Questioning Farmer Eallom
Questioning Flonk
Questioning Kolnral
  • Drinks server at the Feedmill
    • States that he remembers the bar being busier than normal that night, what with the caravan in town and all.
    • Says he remembers Amora, the cook, being worked off her feet.
    • Says he saw Phinick helping Trin serve the food, as he often does when it gets busy
    • Was knocked unconscious after a punch from Farmer Eallom, and didn't learn about Borts actual death until the following morning.
Questioning Sir Lawren Krent
  • Coward and Drunk
    • Former knight, now utterly afraid of conflict and combat. Spend most of his time drunk, squatting in the dead homes, somewhat waiting to die.
    • Will offer to take the PC's on a knightly quest if they big him up enough and ply him with booze - or if women are involved.
Questioning Trin
  • Food server at the the Feedmill
    • Trin left the Feedmill before Bort's death and did not plan to return for a day or two.
      • She is upset and hurt that she had a mug thrown at her during the bar fight, and has a large bruise over her eye.
      • Since neither her nor her brother have went into town proper since the bar fight, they don't actually know that Bort is dead.
    • She recalls that she was the one who physically handed the bowl to Bort from the tray
      • If pushed she remembers that she did not get the tray from the kitchen herself, but that Phinick handed the tray to her before running off. She also knows that Phinick would have plated the meal as well, given that both her and Kolnral were run off their feet.
Questioning Tamli
  • Tamli has broken her leg during the encounter with he mangy wolves and has decided to stay with the wagons themselves, as she likes her cabin.
    • She will invite the party to drink to Bort's memory / beg them to help
Questioning Phinick

Searching the Feedmill
  • Dining Room
    • Nothing Important
  • Kitchen
    • Borts Bowl
      • DC 18 perception check: Unusual and distinct sweet floral smell, found nowhere else in the kitchen. Can provide a clue to locations where the poison has been
      • Scent not present in the vat of porridge, only in Borts Bowl
  • Cellar
    • Borts Body
      • Once moved to the Cold Store, examination of Borts body provokes the same DC 18 Perception check to identify the floral odor coming from her mouth and pours
  • Grounds
    • Vial
      • DC 15 Perception check: A small, plain, corked, glass vial can be found near the stable. It smells of the same floral odor as Borts bowl and body.
      • Dropped by Phinick as he escaped the Feedmill during the brawl.
  • The Rooms
    • Nothing Important

Bort's Books
  • Delivery Manifest
    • DC 18 "Decipher writing check" (Society or related Lore), completing the check takes 4 hours.
      • Shows that Bort has been running deliveries to a figure only noted as "H" in the ledger for over 5 years now, 22+ trips.
      • Deliveries are simply labeled "Reagents", and paid in varying largish sums of gold (50-100 per visit)
      • Last Delivery was noted the day the party arrived in town

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