Forge Style

Magical Styles:
Forge Style: A quick, symbolic act of Forging or crafting is part of this styles mundra. Be it the breaking of a object, a tap with a hammer, a tip into cold water, anything symbolic of the act of making.

  • Tools: Hammers, Anvils, tongs, nails
  • Favoured Attribute: Intelligence or Strength
  • Favoured Arcana: Matter, Prime, and Death
  • Favoured Practices: Perfecting, Weaving, and Fraying
  • Unique Advantage: When buying either Imbued or Enhanced Items, the total cost required is 3xp less than normal.
Primary Advantage: +1 To the dice pool of any spell
Secondary Advantage: If the Spell utilities any of the spells favoured qualities or tools, it gains one of the following benefits
The mana cost of the spell is reduced by 1
2 fewer successes are needed in an extended casting
Paradox dice are reduced by 2
An additional +1 to the casing dice
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