Galen Zanbar Nuk, The Stumbleduck
Galen Zanbar Nuk, The Stumbleduck
Human [Variant]: Wizard (1st)

Strength: 10 (-)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 17 (+3)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 8 (-1)


Proficiency Bonus (+2)
Skills Saves Armour Weapons Tools Magic
History Intelligence - Daggers - Attack Spells
Arcana Wisdom - Quarterstaff - Spell DC's
Investigation - - Light Cross Bow - -
Insight - - - - -
Perception - - - - -


  • Observant: Gain +1 Int and Gain a +5 bonus to your passive Investigation and Perception checks. Also, if you can see the lips of a creature whose language you understand, you can understand what it is saying via lip-reading [Human Bonus]
  • War Caster: Gain Advantage on Con saving throws for concentration checks during spell casting. You are able to perform the somatic components of spell casting even with both your hands full. If a hostile creature would provoke an attack of opportunity, you may cast a suitable spell rather than attack with a weapon. [Stat trade]


  • Common, Draconic, Elvish

Class features and Special abilities:

Racial Features: Human Variant
Stat Bonus: +1 to two stats of their choice (+1 Int, + feat trade in)
Skill Prof: Humans gain 1 skill prof of their choice
Feat: Humans gain a bonus starting feat of their choice
Background Features Sage
Skills Profs: Arcana & History
Bonus Languages: Draconic and Elvish
Starting equipment:
Researcher: When attempting to learn or recall some lore, even if you do not know it, you will know who/where you will be able to find out
Class Features: Wizard
Spell Casting:
Arcane Recovery: Once Per day, after a short rest, you can recover a combined number of spell slots equal to half your level rounded up. These recovered slots cannot be used for spell slots higher than 6th.

Spell book:

Arcane School: ??
Cantrips: 1st
(?) (?)

Spell Preparation:

Rituals Wizards may cast any Ritual from his spellbook, without preparation and without using a spell slot
Spell Slots per day: Cantrip 1st
Infinite (?)

Items, gear and equipment:

Armour and Gear
Wondrous Items:
Mundane Equipment:
Other Items:
GP Pouch

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