Gallus Kark 2 0

"[Divination here]"

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility
(2) 25 (2) 25 (2) 25 (4) 40 (3) 30
Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Influence
(4) 40 (3) 30 (4) 40 (2) 20 (4) 40

Homeworld, Background & Role

Forge World Adeptus Mechanicus Chirurgeon
Homeworld Aptitude: Intelligence Background Aptitude: Tech Role Aptitude: Fieldcraft, Knowledge, Strength, Toughness, [Pick a core]
Omnissiah's Chosen: Gain the Weapon-Tech Talent Talents: Mechadendrite Use (utility) & Weapon Training (Solid projectile) Talents: Resistance [Vacuum]
Modifiers: + Intelligence, + Toughness, - Fellowship Traits: Mechanicus Implant Dedicated Healer: A fate point may be spent to automatically succeed on any Medicate with a number of degrees of success equal to the characters Int bonus
Fate Threshold: (3) Fate points Replace the weak Flesh All Cybernetics are treated as 2 levels of availability lower
Wounds: 10 (8+1d5) Skills: Operate, Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Logic, Security, Tech-use


Weapon Training [Solid Projectile] - T1
Resistance [Vacuum] - T1
Weapon-Tech - T1
Mechadendrite Use [Utility] - T2
Prosanguine - T2
Armour Monger - T2


Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Veteran (+30)
Operate (Aeronautics) Tech-Use
Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Trade (Armourer)


Mechanicus Implant


Fate Points (?)
Armour total (?) Toughness bonus (?)
Wounds (??) Insanity 0 Corruption 0
XP Total: 1000
XP Free: 0

Psychic Powers



- -
- -
Autosanguine For the purposes of healing, you are always treated as being Lightly wounded. Your natural rate of healing also doubles.
Subskin Armour Adds (2) points of Armour to the Body, Arm and Leg Locations. Stacks with other armours on those locations.
Mind Impulse Unit Gain a +10 bonus on Tech-use, Operate, Ballistics, Medicae and ?? tests when connecting to a suitable system.
Utility Mechadendrite -
Optical Mechadendrite -

Ammo Pouch:

Requisition Details:

Starting Equipment Source
- - Role
Starting Requisitions: Source
Autosanguine - Starting
Subskin Armour - Starting
Mind Impulse Unit - Starting
Utility Mechadendrite - Starting

Back Story

Abilities cheat sheet:

Standard attack -
Standard damage -
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