Maylawl Industries presents:


The Gouter Pump-action, pressured, flame ejaculatory system Dam: 3L*/Ran: 2m/Cap: 5/ Str: 1/Size: 2/Special: -3 on all rolls to extinguish flame/ Unless an exceptional success was scored on the crafting roll, weapon is unusable after 5 shots/* = damage caused his continuous and scene long


Flash-jacket Worked body armour system with frontal flame jet Rating: 2/3, Str 1/ def: -1/ Speed: 0/ Special: Once pulled, a large electrical charge is run through a white phosphorous gel pouch on the angled front of the vest. This causes a 1m gout of flame (3L) from the front of the jacket. The gel pouch must be replaced after each use, the electrical panels have a 5 round recharge




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