Nils Orlov
"Hal-o, my name is Nils Orlov. I am here to kill you. Out of respect for your right to live, I offer you chance run. I would advise you take it."
Tier: Ancilla

Virtue: Faith Vice: Wrath
Masquerade: Investigator Requiem: Martyr

Description: Hailing from ancient Mesopotamia, but having travelled extensively, Nils was formerly a vampire of great and terrible power. Before slipping into his long long torpor, he was a dreaded beast, a legend through out his lands and a danger to all. In the last few decades he has awoken and found the world a very very different place. Slow to adapt at first, but getting ever more advanced, Nils is blending his ancient skills with modern knowledge in the hopes of becoming the legend he once was.

XP total: 130, XP unspent: 0
400xp version


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (3), Wits (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity 8* (4), Stamina 4* (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (2), Manipulation (2), Composure (2)

(*) = Discipline use


Mental Skills

  • Academics (2), Investigation* (3), Occult (2)

Physical Skills

  • Athletics (4), Stealth (3), Larceny (1), Weaponry (3)

Social Skills

  • Empathy (2), Persuasion* (2)


  • Investigation: [Tracking], [Espionage]
  • Athletics: [Thrown weapons], [Small blades +2]
  • Weaponry: [Small blades +2]
  • Persuasion: [Deals]

[0xp spent]
(*) = Asset Skills


Inter-disciplinary speciality: (1) ~ Small Blades Share your speciality in [Small Blades] between your Weaponry and Athletics Bought
Athletic Dodge: (1) You may add Athletics as opposed to doubling defence on dodge rolls Bought
Fame: (1) ~ Assassin for Hire The word is small, but then again, it should be. Bought
Status: (1) ~The Carthian movement In spite of his relative age, the fire of youth has not left him. The is recognised by the Carthians as a useful member of their community, and he likes their ideals Bought
Area of Expertise: (2) ~ Small Blades Gain an additional +1 on all uses of your [Small Blades] Speciality Bought
Resources: (2) From various savings, contracts and nest-eggs, a small living allowance has been afford Bought
Haven: (2) Nothing fancy, but its a nice enough house, and hey, its in New York! Bought
Contacts: (2) ~ New York underworld Criminals, gangsters, other vampires, he knows people and people known him. When a slickly Elder gets into town, it makes some news Bought
Fleet of foot: (3) Increase Speed by 3 Bought
Spetsnaz Knife Fighting: (3) (1) May sub Weaponry for composure for initiative rolls. (2) Every other turn, the attacker may make a feint and reduce his opponents defence by 1 (3) You know how to hit the vitals; all knife attacks are treated as having AP:1 and all called shots have their penalty reduced by 1 Bought
Parkour: (3) (1) Ignore up to a -3 penalty on movement in difficult terrain (2) Gains 1 automatic success on all attempts at leaps, landing rolls and wall runs. In addition, add 3 to the threshold of damage that can be absorbed by a landing roll (3) You are a master of wall running; you may move an additional 10+5ft per point of Ath when you wall run as an instant action Starting
Spelunker: (3) (1) ignore up to a -3 penalty on movement in hazardous terrain, in addition gain 9-again on balance checks (2) when out of combat ignore penalties for total darkness, in combat reduce those penalties by half (3) You may fit through small spaces or winding tunnels without loosing speed, you may also treat yourself as being 2 sizes smaller for the purpose of movement. If you move through such a small area however, suffer a point of lethal Bought
Shurikenjutsu: (4) (1) Distance: Double all range distances for TW. (2) Hidden weapons: Never need to use an action to draw a TW. (3) Direct hit: By loosing defence for the turn, add Str to thrown attack. Cannot be used to step 4. (4) Five-blade, one breath: may make an additional attack per point of Dex above 2, each additional attack is at a cumulative -1 penalty, and the attacker is loses their defence for the turn Starting

Vampric traits and Supernal Powers

Blood Potency (2)
Clan: Mekhet Bloodline: Iltani


Celerity (4) Dice Pool Obfuscate (3) Dice Pool Auspex (2) Dice Pool Resilience (2) Dice Pool
See Vitals* Touch of Shadows Wits+Lar+Ob Heightened Senses See Vitals*
Mask of Tranquillity Aura Perfection Int+Empt+Aus >
Cloak of Shadows Int+Stel+Ob

(*) = Cost vitae,
(^) = Cost Will,
(>) = Contested


Forced March The character may travel at the max speed allowed by his celerity rating for a effective number of hours equal to the blood spend. At this level no more or less than 2v can be spent at a time. This power only allows for the speed of celerity and not any other of its associated effects 2v per use
Quicken Sight The character may observe, read, study, follow or mentally track at superspeeds and while moving. Mechanically the character gains +5 dice on Wits+Comp rolls for effects like the above 1v per scene
Hair trigger May add Celerity rating dexterity while this power is active, this addition may break the normal limited allowed by BP 1v per turn
Cowboy shot May make a single ranged attack while moving with no penalty 1v per use



Humanity: (5) - Effects: None Health: (7) [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ],
Willpower: (4) - [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] Blood Pool: (?)

Initiative: +6/+10*
Defence: 3/7* (Dodge: 7/11*) / Amour:
Speed: 14/28/70*/140* (96mph!)

(*) = With Celerity


- -



  • Throwing blades and combat knifes (fucking millions of them!)




Attack Cheat Sheet:

Casual Toss
Dice Pool: Dex (4) + Ath (4) + Specialities (3) + Weapons (2)
Cost: 0v per turn
Special: Blades have AP:1 and shots to the vitals have their penalty reduced by 1. Lose defence for the turn.

  • 1st: 13d / 2nd: 12d / 3rd: 11d

Full Attack
Dice pool: Dex (8) + Ath (4) + Specialities (3) + Weapons (2) + Blood Buff (2) + Willpower (3)
Cost: 3v per turn
Special: Blades have AP:1 and shots to the vitals have their penalty reduced by 1. Lose defence for the turn.

  • Full Dice pool = 22d / 2nd = 21d / 3rd = 20d / 4th= 19d / 5th = 18d / 6th = 17d / 7th = 16d
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