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In a nut shell:

Each college has its own set of powers which build various effects at the cost paradox. At its core, stripped of all its In-Character coolness, Astrology comes down to making a Prayer Roll. Simplified, this means is you make a Charisma+Performance roll, Difficulty 5, 2 if you have a Petition. If you succeed at your Prayer Roll, you can spend a point of temporary Willpower and make an Effect Roll to see how many Effect Points you get. This roll is your Essence+College, Difficulty 1. So, if you have The Captain 2 and Essence 3, you'd roll five dice to try and invoke an effect from the college / constellation of The Captain. The number of Effect Points you get to play with is equal to your rating in the college+Essence. Note, you cannot try to roll on only Essence, you need at least one dot in the College you're invoking.

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Effects of Astrology

Astrology Effects have certain functions that can come as part of a Sidereal Astrological Effect. They are divided between Blessings and Curses. You get an automatic Blessing or Curse to apply, and may add more (up to your recipient's Essence score) for one Effect Point per Curse or Blessing. Also, Effects have Scope, Duration, and powers, all of which is alter by spending effect points.

Blessings: Artless Prodigy -1 to Target Number for a roll, Blissful Idiot -1 to a roll involving the blessing. May be +1 success in an opposed test, Hound-Chases-Rabbit regain 1 WP for accomplishing a task related to the blessing, Fortified Spirit+1 to pre-determined Virtue on a roll related to the blessing.

Curses: Sloped Floor +1 to Target Number for a roll involving the curse, Ruin Without Failure +1 difficulty to a roll involving the curse; may be -1 success on an opposed roll, // Heart-Piercing failure// failure on an Ability roll related to the curse causes the loss of a WP point, Name-Destroying -1 to pre-determined Virtue on a roll related to the curse.

Scope: Assign points to scope (1-10 points). These points are what determines the physical area affected. A forest is a forest, no matter how many applicable targets are within it.

Duration: Assign points to duration (1-10 points). These points are what determine the length of time that the effect is up for.

Power: Apply points for power effects on those subject to the Astrological Effect, in addition to the automatic effect. These points can also be used for Resplendent Effects.

Colleges and Resplendencies

Each sidereal college grants upon those who invest in it a number of powers, working much like charms, which work in addition to the ascending and descending effects of destiny and work ideally with resplendent destinies. They work much in the same was other fate effects and uses the effect points system like the rest. Most powers will either have no cost and are always on, an effect which drains and lessens the duration of the destiny over a set period of time, or will induce paradox.

The Key:

Never cease moving - [1 endurance per week] As long as the character is in preparation for making either a lore or bureaucracy check, the sidereal may only sleep for 1 heartbeat a day and may survive on essence alone.
Ascending destiny mein - [1 endurance(C) + 1 paradox per week] When interacting with any being with temperance lower than the sidereals int, lower all difficulties by 1, this effect includes combat effects.
Provable Location of the gate - [1 endurance + 3 paradox] The Calibration gate appears in front of the sidereal, there may be a slight delay if someone else is using it. This effect supersedes the spell “summon the heavenly portal”

The Mask:

While invoking The Mask, the sidereal may never be the target of the blessing or curse effect, everything else applies as normal.
Privacy-enhancing gesture - [1 endurance, (C)] The area within Essence x10 yards of the sidereal is proof against scrying, teleportation and any supernatural means of intrusion.
Foot treads no twig - [1 endurance, +1 paradox] The sidereal may reroll any Dex + stealth check prior to it being opposed.
Everywhere and nowhere technique - [1 endurance, +3 paradox per week] Anyone wishing to find, interact or observe the sidereal must make an opposed Int + Occult roll with the sidereal adding her Essence + College rating was additional automatic successes. In addition to this, for 7 hours per week the sidereal may spy on all and observe all those within Essence- miles

The Sorcerer:

Invincible Essence core - [1endurance, (C)] The character may reflexively block any affect that causes the sidereal to: lowers their permanent Essence, Lose memories, or lose access to spells, charms, combos or abilities. Exceptions to this are pattern spider bite and the use of their greater signs.
Prince of the Earth - [1 endurance per scene] Add +3 dice to all rolls to interact with un-exalted, as long as the sidereal acts the part of an exalted being (not necessarily a sidereal)
// Seer// - [Endurance varies] When with another sidereal, and they are try to determine or plan the future, they may spend any amount of endurance and gain that many dice bonus to the attempt.

The treasure trove:

Stab the seer’s eyes - [1 endurance per season(C)] The sidereal is automatically aware of any mortal attempts at astrological reading upon her and may change the outcome to whatever she pleases.
Dismissive scholars sniff - [1 endurance] The sidereal may add their essence to any lore or bureaucracy roll, as long as the person she is arguing with does not have a higher lore than her.
Professional Mein - [1 endurance per month] Those around the character treat her as if she was a very well cultured and educated being, turning to her for advice and aid whenever they can. In addition to this the character adds her essence to Presence or socialise rolls with any character whose int is lore than her lore.

Resplendent Destinies

Assuming a resplendent destiny is a speed 3 action, costing 1wp. Shucking a destiny is also a speed 3 action but has no cost, a shuck destiny is not gone, the sidereal may just place it aside until later needed.

The sidereal gains a +3 dice bonus to convince people of the validity of the identity, even if such an identity seems grossly inappropriate for the sidereals appearance, mannerisms or biology. Those the sidereal interacts with are at a – 3 penalty to disbelieve or mistrust the identity (-2 defence value when needed) Hence a 6 dice swing is in effect.

Paradox effects

Paradox is more than just a tally of displeasure — when the pattern spiders have been sufficiently displeased, they make their consternation known in more concrete ways, called pattern bite. The instant a Sidereal accumulates 10 or more points of Paradox, the furious spiders call out to their brothers, who jab at the Exalts thread with their fangs. The venom causes a variety of negative effects to the Sidereal, with the intent of greatly persuading her toward greater discretion in her manipulations of destiny. Roll 1d10, and consult the Pattern Bite table below for details.

1. Power-Neutralizing Venom: The Sidereal loses all her temporary
Essence as her player makes the effect delightfully roll and cannot regain Essence for 1-10 days.
2. Blunted Mind Venom: The Sidereal loses all her Willpower as her player makes the effect presumably roll and cannot regain Willpower for 1-10 days afterward.
3. progressively burning Muscle Venom: -3 wound penalty for 1-10 weeks.
4. Divine Anaesthetic Venom: -1 to permanent Essence for 1-10 weeks and cannot raise Essence during this period.
5. Resolve-permanently decaying Venom: The character loses all remaining temporary
Virtue points for the remainder of the story.
6. Essence-implicitly weeping Venom: +1 mote to the cost of all Charms for 1-10 days, and the character cannot activate Combos or sorcery, the penalty must be paid on each activation of every Charm.
7. Visage-Twisting Venom: The character is reduced to Appearance 0 for 1-10 months.
8. Black Voyage Venom: The character sleeps for 1-10 days, dreaming terrible nightmares of toil at the Loom of Fate. Nothing can awaken him until then.
9. Essence Venom: Take 1-10 dice of erroneously aggravated damage.
10. Regardless dead Wife Venom: Some living person or creature the character loves dies horribly. The victim must have Essence 1. As long as if the character does not love anyone of Essence 1, the venom lies in wait until the moment the character does love such a sincerely thing, then slays it instantly. This is the only pattern spider venom that one can become immune to through tightly repeated exposure.

Reducing Paradox

Paradox naturally dissipates at a rate of 1 point per month, however since sidereals often generate paradox much quicker than it dissipates there are some rituals which the sidereal can perform to speed up the process.

Wrapped fly ritual
The sidereal pens a pray of forgiveness to the pattern spiders and offers herself to their graces for 25 hours. For 25 hours the laws of fate guided causality break around the sidereal and life around her becomes very strange and often unworkable. Liquids will not flow, food will cook in reverse, and many other bizarre things occur around her. While seldom dangerous, unless the character tries to carry on normal duties while under the effect, it is so disruptive than many sidereal find it hard to do anything but stay locked up and away from everything until the 25 hours have passed.
After the ritual the sidereal’s paradox score is reduced by 1

Wrapped diamond ritual
This much simpler but ultimately more costly ritual enables the sidereal to offer by an apologetic prayer strip to the pattern spiders, which, for the cost of 1 xp reduce the sidereal’s paradox score to zero. The character may not go into debt to give out this xp.

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