House Rules For Hunter

All For One and One For All. (The Cell Merit)

These rules are governing the use of the cells Practical experience. The cell merit is required to use tactics and it can only be bought with practical xp. Practical xp is gained from encounters with monsters and the supernatural in which there is a risk (see Hunter rulebook). Tactics are assisted actions which allow secondary actors to use different skills to assist the primary actor. Some tactics have special non-generic abilities these will cost around 20-25 xp. Those which work in combining two unrelated rolls for a normal assist roll such as Int + Academics to assist a Wits + Investigation to track something down via reading up on history will only cost around 15. (Bear in mind all tactics gain bonus dice from the cell merit)


Buying back morality with xp is now reversed. In other words the cost of buying up morality costs 11-current morality score. The reasons for this in-game are that higher morality levels are easier to lose and lower morality causes greater penalties which will cost more to buy off.

The Code

For clarification the code allows the replacement of a morality sin for another hunt related sin. Each of these replacements causes a -1 to all social rolls.

Damage Rules

When attacking, a player rolls skill and damage separately (can be done simultaneously if the dice can be distinguished from each other). A success must be achieved on the skill roll for the damage roll to be counted. Some weapons can affect the skill roll by being particularly accurate or cumbersome granting +/-1. Improvised weapons also subtract 1 from the roll.

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