Inquisitor Rilden

Adept: Blighted Schola - Archivist +Thy Name I keep - Scrivener+ Mark of the Phaenonite - Scribe - Malefic scholar - Sin eater - Lexographer - Lore Master - Magister + Interrogator transition package - Interrogator


"A mind without purpose will wander in dark places"

Tall slim build, 1.85m, 80kg
22 years of age (In appearance), Mellow white skin, long, flowing blond hair.

XP 14000 (13800) xp (300 unspent)/

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
21 30+ 18 (6*) 30 35++ 50+++ 30+ (12) 60++++ 37

MV 3/6/12/24

Wounds 17/18
Fate Points 4
Insanity 12
Corruption 26


Trained: Speak: Low Gothic, High Gothic

  • Invocation +30 (WP), Forbidden Lore - Demonology +30 (int),
  • Psyniscience +20 (per), Forbidden Lore - Cults +20 (int), Forbidden Lore - Heresy +20 (int), Forbidden Lore - Inquisition +20 (int),
  • Scholastic Lore - Legend +10 (int), Scholastic lore - Astromancy +10 (int), Scholastic lore- Occult +10 (int),
  • Common Lore -Imperium (int), Common Lore- Tech (int), Awareness (per), Inquiry (FG), Tech-use (int), Literacy (int), Trade- Copyist (int), Forbidden lore - Warp (int), Logic (int), Interrogation (FG)

Treated as Basic: Forbidden lore - Cults, demonology, Heresy, Psykers, warp


Weapons training: Basic weap (SP), Pistol (Flamer), Melee (Prim)

General: Resistance (Psychic powers) (+10 on all tests to resist psychic powers) x2, Strong minded (If you would fail a WP roll, you may reroll it), Foresight (By spending some time in contemplation, receive a +10 bonus on contemplated action tests and checks), Talented (Forbidden lore- demonology) (+10 on listed skill), Light sleeper (you are always assumed to be awake for the purposes of surprise actions), Flatulent (each day, inflict 1 wound upon yourself and gain +10 to all WP tests), Amour of contempt (if you would gain corruption from any source, reduce that amount by 1), Favoured by the warp (Whenever you would induce psychic phenomena, roll twice and take the most beneficial result), Orthodoxy (+20 on tests to resist mental influence and interrogation), Mental Fortress (Whenever you are the target of a psychic attack, the source of the attack must make an opposed WP test. Upon a failure they take 1d10 +WP-their WP bonus impact damage to the head. This damage is not subject to amour or toughness), Dark Soul (Whenever a malignancy penalty is called for, take half the normal penalty), Sound Constitution x4 (gain a number of wounds equal to the amount of times this talent is taken), Unshakable faith (You may re-roll failed WP tests against fear), Peer [Inquisition] (Gain +10 on FG checks with the Inquisition), Good Reputation [Inquisition] (Gain an additional +10 on FG checks with members of the Inquisition),

Special: Sorcerer* (Allows for the casting of sorcery- Grants an effective psy rating of 2), Sublime Arts (By increasing the threshold by 2, the caster no longer needs to gesture or speak when casting a spell), Master Sorcerer (The caster now has an effective psy rating of 4 and is now immune to the effects of demonic presence. In addition to this, the caster gains +10 on all demonic mastery checks), Psy Rating - 5 (Enables access to Psychic powers and enables their use),

*The Dark Arts: The dark arts are dangerous at best however they mechanically function in a similar way to psychic powers, except as noted here: Every time a spell is cast, its caster gains a number of corruption equal to 1d10 minus the casters WP bonus and any other related effects (-19 in total). Whenever a psychic phenomena check is made the caster adds +10 to the result for minor Arcana or +20 for major. Gain a number of powers equal to your WP bonus x3, with major arcana counting as 2. Having such abilities also grants the sorcerer to make pentagramic wards as detailed on page 124 of 'disciples of the dark gods'


Background: Tutored in the propane (Gain: Forbidden lore - Cults, demonology, Heresy, Psykers, and warp, as basic skills. Gain 1d5+5 corruption), Conditioned mind (Gain: +5 Int, plus the Resistance (Psychic powers), Strong minded, and foresight talents. Gain 1d10 insanity), Mark of the Phaenonite (Reduce all further instances of corruption gain by 1 point, +10 bonus to resist the effects of fear, psychic mind effects and interrogation, access to the Phaenonite advances table. Gain 1d5+1 corruption and 1d5+1 insanity), Friends in High places (+5 FG, gain the 'Peer [Inquisition]' and 'Good Reputation [Inquisition]' talents], His right hand (Once per game session, the Interrogator may be counted as having a skill or talent possessed by that of his commanding Inquisitor, even if he does not normally meet the preq's. His effect lasts for the duration of the encounter or combat),

Innate: Tempered Will (Whenever you would take a very hard WP test (-30) the most it can be is -20 instead), Sin Scarred (For the purposes of damage from demonic attacks of any kind, psychic powers, psy weapons, and holy weapons, you are treated as having the Unnatural Toughness (x2) Trait. In addition to this, gain a +20 on WP tests against demonic effects), The Psykers Gift (As an elite advance, you may buy-up you Psy-rating by 1 for every 1,500 xp you spend on it in. In addition, you may buy Ascendant psychic powers for 2,000xp - normal reductions apply)

Earned: Skill at arms (Start play with series of basic weapon training talents), Thy name I keep (Gain the skill Forbidden lore - demonology, in addition to this gain the; Resistance +10 (Psychic powers) and Talented (Forbidden lore- demonology) talents. Further, the adept gains the benefit of a single dark pact boon ( Eternal resolution ~ The character no longer ages, any ageing the character had received slowly reverts him to his prime of life. In addition to this he gains the Unnatural Willpower (x2) trait) and may attempt to call his personal demon into his presence. Gain 1d5+5 corruption and 1d10 insanity)


Signature and Special gear:

  • The 216 point warding (Immateria warded, best quality, Light carapace amour - Grants Amour 6 to all locations, is light weight and very powerful. For each instance on contact with chaos, the warp or other such vile powers; the wearer may ignore up to 6 points of corruption, 6 points of damage caused by psychic energies, and adds 6 points to his amour when struck by demonic attacks, force weapons, etc)

Range: Purger ('Destroyer' Flamer pistol, range: 15m, 1d10+5, pen 2, clip:5, reload: 2full)

Gear: Data slate (Used for the holding and storing of data, and is generally handy), Combi-tool (+10 on tech use checks), Scanner (+10 to awareness checks and can a tech-use check can mean it can reveal important information), Ornately woven hooded robes (Very baggy indeed and well laced, with holy patterns on them. acts as a psy-focus: +10 to invocation tests), Void suit (allows for partial survival in space)

Cybernetics: Memorance Implant (The character gains the Total Recall talent, and gains a +10 bonus on all attempts to remember and replicate something observed), Scribe-tines (Rilden's left hand is a hand in appearance only. Once thrown into operation, it becomes a series of sophisticated tools which allow for a +10 bonus on any investigation check)

Ammo Pouch: Fuel canisters x3

The Dark Arts

Minor Arcana: Major Arcana:
Time fade: TH 15 [DoTDG] Create Door: TH 28 [RHB]
Suggestion: TH 11 [DH] Fire bolt: TH 13, OB (DH)
Fearful Aura: TH 9, OB (DH) Malefic curse: TH 16 (hex)/ 20 (Blindness)/ 23 (Death) ,OB
Mutable features: TH 10, OB (DH) Telepathy: TH 13 (DH)
Space slip: TH 13 [DoTDG] Regenerate: TH 25 (DH)
Deaths messenger: TH 15 [DoTDG] Demon Wrack: TH 23, OB [DoTDG]
Spasm: TH 9, OB (DH) Far Sight: TH: 19, OB (DH)
Healer: TH 9 (DH) Catch projectile: TH 18 (DH)
Resist possession: TH 8 (DH) Psy Barrier: TH 19 [RHB]
Distort vision: TH 10 (DH) Flesh like Iron: TH 20, OB [DoTDG]
- Add one major
- Add one major
- Add one major
  • Number known = WP bonus x3. Minor count as 1 while major count as 2


Rilden has a lot going on when it comes to touches with the darker powers, here is a quick list of his various test interactions when it comes to using the warp, his dark powers and other related effects.

  • Casting: 9d10+12, if the an invocation test was made: 9d10+24, if time was spent planning the spell + invocation: 9d10+34
  • Resisting mental influence: Make a WP test, 110 (130 if demon) or under. Roll again once on any failed check, external penalty may be no more than -20.

Brief History

Note: events described here are intended to be expanded, upon the suitable correlation of imperial records with memories.

Inquisitorial service status: On assignment.

Official story

Orphaned at a young age due to an ork attack and raised through the public schola of Sctintilla as an Adept. His life was of little note, until such a time when he was bond to the service of infamous Calaxian Inquisitor Twain (who achieved note during the period of employment of Rilden, in the case entitled "Night of the 57 bolters"). Serving many years with him until such time as Twain passed of old age.

Rilden now seeks a post service life as the librarium master of a non-noteworthy Rogue Trader. He is believed to be enjoying his golden final years in such a profession.

Actual background

Early life: Most men are born from nothing more than the lust of humans. Other men are, however, born occasionally from something more. A desire, a dream, a deal, a delusion, there are many things which can form the reasons behind the precise siring of a child, in the case of Magos Rilden, he was born because his makers had a plan…

There was no love felt when Rilden was conceived, only the watchful gaze of a Phaenonite techpriest working in his lab. For Rilden has no true father nor a true mother, other than that of the machine spirit itself. Rilden was a fab-human, a rare experiment of a now excommunicated ordo faction, and a truly singular sole. As was the design, he was grafted with a rough background story and placed in line for entry within the schola system, where-upon he was secreted away to the hidden blighted schola of the Phaenonites on Sctintilla, to be raised as they thought he should. Pure of their ideals and doctrines, he would be educated and bent into not only a agent they could rely upon, but a weapon.

It is said that all of man is born under the watch gaze of the God-emperor, who protects one's soul from the vile corruption of the warp. It was this theory that the Phaeononite wished to test with young Rilden, as without every being truly born would be beyond the emperors reached. Profane ritual saw the boys soul bound with that of the lesser demon, Char'al'sol-ain, the two becoming somewhat of a symbiont being, each having their life and vitality extended indefinitely by the other. One soul of the material world and the other not, yet both still as one.

From student to master: Showing no real aptitude for the ways the machine, as had been hoped, instead the schola masters focused on Rilden's keen mind and strong spirit, teaching him what they could of the lost sciences which had been branded heretical sorcery by those of lesser wisdom. His schooling as an adept was standard in the basics (and his body did not go un-augmented by the techpriests who gave him life), however it was his incredible ability to handle the often foul results of such youthful contact with the forbidden sciences tends to have, which made him exceptionally special. Perhaps it was due to his divorce from the emperors will, or his bonding with a warp being which made it so, or maybe it was simply the child's own fortitude which made it so, but in any case the schola knew they had managed a success from what initially looked like a failure. It was then, upon his graduation from the schola and his soon to be placement within the Inquisition that saw Rilden receive his graduation present, an exceptionally crafted suit of amour - subtle yet strong, to protect him in both body and soul, from the tasks which lay ahead of him.

It was at this time that the Phaeononite set their plans in motion, and arranged an intrigue series of 'chance happenings' for the ever-young Rilden to fall into the service of a Oblationist Inquisitor by the name of Finnious Twain. Twain was inexperienced as a Inquisitor, but his utter devotion to his cause meant that when fate delivered to him a young scholar who happened to be well versed in demonic lore while yet showing no signs of being corrupted by it, Twain was hard pressed not to roll this boy into his service. Rilden was now in place to begin his true understanding of the forbidden science of sorcery, with both the Phaeononite's operating from the shadows to keep their new agent hidden, and the foolish Twain aiding (what he believed to be his stalwart ally) and abetting Rilden in his early instruction, Rilden was well placed for his masters intentions.

Many years did Rilden spend in the service of Twain, and so utter did their bond before, that Twain made sure that Rilden was himself inducted into the scared order of the Oblantionists, known as the Sin eaters. Seemingly their perfect tool, one who was not only knowledgeable and skilled enough to wield and control the dark arts, but who seemed to have utter clarity in mind and spirit to wield them within the keepings of the philosophy of Oblation. All the while, Rilden gather information for the Phaeononite, his true masters; pleased with their prototype.

Current: Years passed, as did Twain, with Rilden all the while in his service. No longer bond to them, but well respected among the Oblantionists within his own right, Rilden still serves under mantle but has yet never committed himself enough to their ranks to have been awarded a true badge of office. They see him more as a tool than their own agent, but never the less respect the services which he has rendered.

The amount of freedom granted to Rilden since the passing of Twain has been very enjoyable. Free not only of direct service, but his Phaeononite masters find themselves enthralled with many of their other plans, only calling on Rilden when needed most.

Owing to his mastery of forbidden science and the freedom of movement it brings, Rilden spends much of his time in the employ of a young Rogue Trader, where he spends his days as the librarium vault master upon the ancient ship, The Photurious.

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