Vickor Locke

Vickor Locke; "The Mind Runner", Witch Hunter
Interrogator of the Ordo Hereticus
Tier (4)
Rank (+1)
Species Human
Archetype Inquisitorial Acolyte
Ascension Psychic Revelations
Background Accomplishment
Keywords Imperium, Inquisition, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Ordo Hereticus, Psyker

Skills and Attributes

Strength Agility Toughness Intellect Willpower Fellowship Initiative
(4) (4) (5) (4) (6) (4) (5)
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Cunning Insight Ballistic Skill Intimidation Psychic Mastery
Tech Scholar Weapon Skill Investigation
Survival Awareness


Combat Traits Rating Current
Defense (4)
Resilience (6)
Soak (5)
Speed (6)
Shock (10)
Wounds (9)
Mental Traits Rating Current
Conviction (6)
Corruption (2)
Passive Awareness (2)
Resolve (5)
Social Traits Rating Current
Influence (9)
Wealth (4)


Archetype Inquisitorial Acolyte
Influence Bonus +2
Inquisitorial Decree Once per Scene, add +Rank to an influence or interaction skill check involving a character with the "Imperium" keyword
Ordo Hereticus Gain +2 bonus dice to resist Psychic Powers
Background Accomplishment
"The Battle of the 6 Psykers" +1 influence
Ascension Psychic Revelations
Psychic Revelations Gain the "Psyker" keyword and increase the characters influence bonus by +1 per Tier ascended (+3). The character gains the "Smite" psychic power. They also gain one Minor Psychic Power per Tier ascended (3) and may purchase powers from one Discipline of their choice. The character must purchase the Psychic Mastery skill.

Weapons & Wargear

Inferno Pistol Dam: (16+1ED), AP: (-4), R: (12m), Salvo: (1), Traits: Melta, Pistol Melta, Imperium, Sororitas, Astartes
Mods: Auto-loader - Reloading is now a free action, Dueling Grip - Add +1d to attacks using this weapon,
Force Sword Dam: (5+1ED), AP: (-3), R: (M), Traits: Force, Parry Force, Imperium, Inquisition, Astartes
Mods: Dueling Grip - Add +1d to attacks using this weapon.
Armour and Gear
Ignatus Power Armour AR: (5), Traits: Powered (2) Powered, Imperium, Inquisition
Psy-Focus "Black Nail" necklace - Gain a +1d bonus on Psychic Mastery tests <Any>

Psychic Powers

Compel Minor DN: (5), Act: (2s), Dur: (1r), R: (5m) Psychic
Psyniscience Minor DN: (), Act: (), Dur: (), R: () Psychic
Dull Pain Minor DN: (), Act: (), Dur: (), R: () Psychic
Smite Major, Universal DN: (), Act: (), Dur: (), R: () Psychic
Telepathy Major, Telepathy DN: (3), Act: (1a), Dur: (S), R: (100m), M: (Y) Telepathy, Psychic
Fog the Mind Major, Telepathy DN: (4), Act: (fa), Dur: (S), R: (10m) Telepathy, Psychic
Mind Probe Major, Telepathy DN: (O;w), Act: (fa), Dur: (S), R: (30m) Telepathy, Psychic

Ascensions Notes

Backgrounds, Objectives & Malignancies

Build Point Guide

BP Total BP Remaining Species Cost Archetype Cost Ascension Cost Attribute Cost Skills Cost Talent Cost Power Cost Asset Costs Corruption Refund
[400] [5] (0) (0) (-40) (-189) (-143) (0) (-35) (-1) (+10)
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