Kal Em Varrk

"[Divination here]"

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility
(4) 45+ (2) 25 (6) 55+ (5) 55+ (2) 30
Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Influence
(3) 30 (2) 25 (4) 40 (2) 25 (2) 20

Homeworld, Background & Role

Feral World Mutant Warrior
Homeworld Aptitudes: Toughness Background Aptitudes: Offence Role Aptitudes: Ballistics, Weapon, Defence, Strength & [Willpower]
The Old Ways Low-tech weapons lose the Primitive trait, if they had it, and gain Proven (3) Talents: Weapons Training (Low-Tech & SP) Talents: Iron Jaw
Modifiers: +Strength, +Toughness, -Influence Traits: Unnatural Strength (1) & Swollen Brute Expert at violence After making a successful hit, but before damage is rolled, the character may spend a FP to gain either their WS or BS bonus in degrees of success in the damage roll
Fate Threshold: (3) Fate points Twisted Flesh The character can always chose to fail any test to resist malignancy or mutation, and may always opt to roll on the mutation table for malignancy rolls
Wounds: (12) Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Intimidate, Forbidden Lore (Mutant), Survival


Weapon Training Low-tech & SP T1
Iron Jaw - T1
Resist (Psychic Power) - T?
Deny the Witch - T2
Elite Advance Talents
Psychic Null Gain the Deny the witch talent, gain a +20 bonus on evasions tests to resist psychic powers, and when making opposed tests. This stacks with Resist (Psychic Powers) T2


Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Veteran (+30)
?? ?? ?? ??


Unnatural Strength (1) Increase Strength bonus by (1)

Elite Advances

Instant changes:
Can no longer gain the Psyker trait for any reason
Gain the Resist (Psychic Power) talent
Count fellowship statistic as 1 for dealing with those with a Psy Rating or the Psyniscience skill
Never gain or benefit from the positive effects of Psychic Powers
Automatically Ignore the effects of Psychic Phenomena, and gain a +30 bonus to resist effects of Perils of the Warp


Fate Points (?)
Armour total (?) Toughness bonus (?)
Wounds (??) Insanity 0 Corruption 10
XP Total: 1000
XP Free: 100

Psychic Powers


Swollen Brute Permanently increase your Strength and Toughness stats by 10, decrease Agility bonus by (1)


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Ammo Pouch:

Requisition Details:

Starting Equipment Source
- - Role
Starting Requisitions: Source
- - Starting

Back Story

Abilities cheat sheet:

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