Little Joshua Grime
Changeling (Elemental ~ Manikin, duelled with Playmate - Courtless)

"They would take me, and play with me, and when I got broken, they would undo my stitching and replace my stuffing until I was brand new"

Asset: Creative / Fault: Cruel


Age: 10
XP total: 10 XP remaining: 0


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (2), Wits (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (1), Dexterity (3), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (3), Composure (2)


Mental Skills

  • Crafts (3), Occult (2).

Physical Skills

  • Stealth (2), Larceny (1)

Social Skills

  • Animal Ken (1), Expression (3), Socialise (2), Streetwise (2)


  • Streetwise: [Innuendo]
  • Expression: [Jokes]

[0xp spent]


  • Guardian Angel - Chewbacca (4)
  • Inspiring (3)

[0xp spent]


Seeming Blessings:
  • Once per day, by spending a point of glamour, the changeling may add their Wyrd rating to their health for the remainder of the scene. This effect causes wounds to take on the appearance of the 'elemental' trait which they are associated with. In Joshua's cause, this causes wool and stuffing to pour from wounds.
Seeming Curses:
  • So removed from the world, by dint of his age, his durance and the fact that he is simply not human any more, Josh has a much harder time dealing with people than most. He loses the 10 again quality on any dice pool involving use of Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialise
Kith traits:
  • Manikin - The Manikin may buy contracts from the Artifice list at a reduced price/at all. In addition to this, Josh may also make untrained craft rolls at a -1 instead of a -3
  • Circle of Friends - Josh gains a +2 on any team work check where he is the primary actor, or grants the roll the 9-again (or 8-again if the roll is already on 9-again) quality.
Wyrd: (2) -
Glamour: (5) -
  • Contract of the elements: Toy (4)
    • Cloak of the Elements
    • Armour of the Element’s Fury
    • Control Elements
    • Calling the Element
  • Contract of Artifice (1)
    • Brief Glamour of Repair

[0 xp spent]


Clarity: (5) Effects:
Health: (6) Effects:
Willpower: (4) [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ]
Defence: 3 Speed: 8 Size: 4 Initiative: +5


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