Lucius Bordo

“You must be the terror you wish to see in the world”

Clan: Lasombra Bloodline: Angellis Ater
Nature: Creep Show Demeanour: Child
Generation: (10th) Path: The Path of Night

= History =

XP total: (12)
XP unspent: 2

= Attributes =

Physical Attributes
Strength: (2), Dexterity: (2), Stamina: (2)

Mental Attributes
Perception: (2), Intelligence: (3), Wits: (3)

Social Attributes:
Manipulation: (5), Charisma: (3), Appearance: (2)

= Abilities =

Skills: Stealth: (2) Performance: (2) Etiquette: (1)
Knowledges: Occult: (4) [Disciplines] Academics: (2) Law: (2) Politics: (2)
Talents: Awareness: (2) Brawl: (3) Empathy: (3) Intimidate: (2) Subterfuge: (3)

= Clan traits =


Obtenebration (4)
Shadow Play: Starting
Shroud of Night: Starting
Arms of the Abyss: Starting
Black metamorphosis: Freebie
Daimoinon (2)
Sense the Sin: Freebie
Fear of the void Below: Bought
Weakness -

= Backgrounds =

Resources: (1) For his services, the Giovanni make sure he has enough to live on Freebie
Status: Giovanni (2) The Giovanni hegemony of Venice know of Lucius, and they respect him for what he is. Sometimes you just need a manipulative wee monster to scare the wits out of someone Freebie
Influence: Venice (2) Lucius inspires a lot of fear in a lot of very influential people. This fear allows him to pressure those would might not be able to be otherwise persuaded Freebie
Generation (3) Lucius' sire was actually of decent potency… He is of the 10th generation of Caine Granted

= Merits & Flaws =

Merits Sanctity (2pts) In spite of being a horrible monster, you come off as almost saint-like to those around you. People trust you because they want to, even if they know they shouldn't. You may be given lighter punishments than others. You just seem 'good' somehow.
Deceptive Aura (1pt) For a vampire, your aura is awfully bright and colourful. Any attempt at reading your aura makes you appear as human
Flaws Child (-3pts) Lucius was embraced at the tender age of ten. His sire liked the idea of a monster wrapped in the vestiges of youth. No starting physical may go above 2.
Short (-1pt) Being only 10 physical years old, Lucius never had a chance to grow to his full height. His running speed is half that of an adult
Disgrace to the blood (-3pts) Though Lucius' sire was well liked, his Angellis Ater nature was not as well known to the Lasombra as a whole as Lucius' is. Further, the fact that he was embraced as a child means that any petition to clan for aid will most likely be rejected

= Virtues & Road =

Path Rating Bearing
(4) Darkness
Instinct (3) Conviction (3)
Courage (4) Willpower (7)

= Blood & Vitae =

Maximum Blood pool: (13) Current Blood Pool: (??) Blood per round (1pr)

= Status and Equipment =

= Health, Soak & Defences =

Soak Bashing: (??) Lethal: (??) Aggravated: (??)

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