Malfuran Sawyer

"I ain't ever met a fellow who wasn't some kind of reasonable, after all, there isn't a man standing who can out reason a bullet"


Rogue Trader

- Ship, Profit and other vital data

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
32 45 25 30 35 45+ 30 30 63+

XP 5000 xp (0 unspent)

MV 3/6/12/24

Wounds 9
Fate Points 3
Insanity 0
Corruption 0

Career Path

Home World: Noble Born (-5 WP/+5FG - +10% on interaction with high authority/ Gain the Peer: Noble and Peer: Mercantile talents / +1 to starting wealth / Vendetta)
Birthright: Savant (Gain Logic (Int) as a trained skill / +3 FG/-3 T)
Lure to the void: Favoured by the faithful (Gain the Peer: Ecclesiarchy talent, +5FG/-5T
Trails: High Vendetta (Gain the Paranoia Talent and Inquiry as a trained skill - but you will accept no offence to the honour of your crew)
Motivation: Prestige (Gain the Peer: Underworld talent)


Exceptional Leader: Once per round, as a free action, Mal can issue a commanding statement to an ally and grant them a +10% on any one action in that turn.


Trained: Speak: Hight Gothic (Int), Low Gothic (Int), Literacy (Int),
- Command (FG), Commerce (FG), Charm (FG), Common lore - Imperium (Int), Dodge (AG), Evaluate (Int), Inquiry (FG), Logic (Int), Scholastic Lore - Astromancy (Int)


Weapons training: Melee training (Universal), Pistol training (Universal),

General: Air of Authority (effect and additional 1d10 people with fellowships tests), Peer: Noble/Mercantile/Ecclesiarchy/Underworld (Gain +10 on interaction tests with these groups), Paranoia (+2 to initiative checks, plus the GM should always allow for passive checks to detect danger), Renown Warrant (+10 on interaction tests with anyone who knows that the seal is)



Signature and Special gear:

  • "The donned Solitude" Hexgrammically warded - Light enforcer Carapace (Best Quality - Amour: 6 to all locations, only 7.5kg, this amour grants a +20 bonus on tests to resist any direct psychic attack or manipulation and doubles its amour against psychic attacks that deal direct damage, even further, this amour still applies against warp weapons)

Ranged: Hellpistol (Lucius pattern -Ran: 35m, Rate:s/2/0, Dam: 1d10+4E, Pen: 7, clip: 40, 2full, ~ Best quality)

Melee: Power Sword (Mordian - Dam: 1d10+5, Pen: 5, Power field, Balanced, additional +5 to parry tests)

Gear: Micro-bead (allows for short range tele communication), Void suit (allows for survival for a while in space), Set of very fine clothing (looks fancy and alludes to wealth), Squig-pelt feety-pyjama's (damn comfortable)

Brief History

Note: events described here are intended to be expanded, upon the suitable correlation of imperial records with memories.

Inquisitorial Suspect status: Rogue Trader: Be wary.

The Sawyer family was once a powerful trading family in the Calixis sector, with millions of the Imperiums finest in their employ. However that was a long time ago, and while the family still stands, it is a pale reflection of its former glory - With only 2 heirs currently standing in line for the family fortune, 2 twin brothers - Malfuran and Holt Swayer.

As was the family tradition, the brothers were spilt up at the age of 10 and sent their separate ways, while the records of what happened to Holt are recorded elsewhere, this volume will detail the life of Malfuran Swayer as much as it is possible for one to track the life of a Rogue Trader.

Sent to study at the great Schola on Scintilla, Malfuran (here after referred to as 'Mal') showed himself to be exceptionally capable in both his studies and leadership skills, as was taught at the schola. Mal was bright, charming and rich - and he knew it, often to the determinant of those poor souls he had the job of trying to in-still some sense of humbleness in the boy. Always taking with him a great amount of personal pride, Mal showed himself to be a man of great conviction and honour, even if he did enjoy more than the occasional vice. It is at this point in time that, in order to give the lad some discipline and to possibly spare him from what was to come, Mal's father ordered that he take a break from his studies and join his uncle on a Missionary quest to Sinophina - one of the most wrecked worlds in the sector.

It is at this point that we should spend a few moments on Mal's father and events on his homefront. Holt Swayer Senior had lived as best a life as he could, struggling to keep the families vast wealth from slipping and managing the constant power struggles of all noble households, he had an intense dislike of the decadent ways among the nobles - a dislike he was sure to foster in his sons - His open dislike for the "traditional ways" of the nobility earned him many enemies among the old-money of the Imperium and it is believed that it is this that lead to his untimely death while taking an extremely direct route to the lower hive of Volg.

The news of his father death reached Mal not long before the repercussions of it, while he was on the aforementioned missionary work with his uncle, Sebastian Swayer.

While on board the good ship "His emperor's holy light" in orbit above Sinophina, word reached young Mal that his father was dead and that the household was dividing into factions as to wither it should be he or his twin brother who should take charge of the family affairs. It is believed that at this time his presence was requested at his family home, however events were sure to see that he would never willingly make it there. While preparing for his return home, it is known that the 'Holy Light' came under fire from another ship and boarding parties where launched. The precise details of what happened on board have yet to be revealed, however, what is known is that the attack was planned and apparently led by the newly esteemed Guard Major: Holt Swayer Junior. As it transpired, Holt had heard of his fathers death long before Mal had, and possibly before it happened as some have speculated, then deciding that it was he that should inherit the families wealth and his brother.

The outcome of the attack is vague at best, only 4 things are known: 1) Both Mal and Holt escaped their ensuing fire fight alive, even if Holt had one less eye to show for it. 2) The only good "His Emperor's Holy Light" did for the the people of Sinophina was to crush a large section of hive, which happened to contain what turned out to be a genestealer nest, as it's burning remains hit ground. 3) Spark a long series of events to which this scribe now owes his employ, and finally 4) the promise that there would indeed be blood spilt in revenge.

Young Mal spent some time in hiding after the attack, letting the nobility know that he was safe and planning to take the families name away from his brother. While hiding with the priesthood and plotting his revenge, Mal did take a few lessons in the simple nature of universe, as his father had intended, and gained a new found respect for the priest's that he met - who in turned learned to trust and respect him.

Once more we are left with only shoty details of what happened next, what we do know is that the Household declared a neutral stance in the matter and would only let one of the brothers claim their birth right when either one of them was dead or one impressed the house so much with either his leadership or Fiscal prowess, that they would seem foolish not to let him lead.

It is to this end that we know that our subject, Mal, obtained the hallowed warrant of the Rogue Trader and embarked on his on going quest to prove himself to the nobles of his household and to perhaps start the process of restoration while he was at it.

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