Marc "Tech-head" Maylawl

Tier: 1, Profession: Technician

Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Greed
Description: Former M.A of Robotic Engineering, turned Mechanic and maybe soon a Private-Eye. Marc is also now a blustering Hedge Wizard, eager to define and master the art in the name of expanding science. - Recently he has become rather lucky…
Age: 31
XP total: 25, XP unspent: 1


Mental Attributes
Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes
Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2

Social Attributes:
Presence 1, Manipulation 3, Composure 2


Mental Skills

  • Crafts*: (3) [Engineering], Computer: (2), Science*: (3) [Chemistry] + [Robotics], Investigation: (2) , Occult*: (3), Medicine: (1)

Physical Skills

  • Athletics (1), Drive (1), Weaponry (1), Brawl (2)

Social Skills

  • Persuasion (2) [Extortion], Subterfuge (2), Empathy (1), Socialise (1), Streetwise (1)

( All Skills marked with a * are Asset skills )


  • Resources: (3) - The Hunt Agency is doing well.
  • Professional training: - Engineering (2); "Networking" + "Continued education"
The Hunt Agency :
  • Ally: (1) "Philip Mantis" General staff and agent. Surveillance specialist
  • Retainer: (1) "Lindsay" Receptionist of the Hunt Agency
  • Library: - Ritual magic (1); The digitised works and library of an experienced Hedge Witch. Slowly being brought to you in 'Kindle' form
  • Gifted: (4)

Thaumaturgy: - Ceremonial Magician

  • Luck Magic: (4), - Generally cast every morning, when able.

Gutter Magic:
Marc has some natural magical talent, not by birthright however but by some minor experience. While he can wield some "Quick and dirty" magic, he can still never know the heights of power enjoyed by a True Magus. Granted abilities are;

  • Hermes stride: (1) (Wits+Science+Gifted) - Costs 1B first time used in a scene; With success on the casting roll the witch triples her Speed for a turn. During that turn the witch may move as a reflexive action. Alternately, the witch may choose to quintuple her Speed for one turn. If the second option is chosen, the witch may take no actions on the following turn as she must concentrate on her footing and she gains Source. To onlookers, a witch using this spell is moving so quickly she almost seems to flicker in and out of vision.
  • Dimensional Push: (2) (Wits+Athletics+Gifted) - Costs 1L first time used in a scene; For each success gained on the casting roll the witch can move the person or object she is touching 5 yards in any direction. The target of the spell simply vanishes then reappears in the direction nominated by the witch. Objects and people may not be moved into the ground or solid structures. The first time in a scene that the witch successfully casts this spell to move a dangerous target (an axe-wielding madman, a ticking bomb) to a safe distance she gains Source.
  • Mend: (3) (Resolve+Medicine+Gifted) - Costs 1WP per use; For each success gained on the casting roll the witch may heal herself or one of her companions for one point of lethal damage. Magical healing of serious wounds causes the wounds to burn as though they’ve been set on fire and the patient must succeed at a Resolve + Composure roll or howl in agony during the process. Wounds healed by magic leave no scarring.
  • Telekinesis: (4) (Intelligence+Occult+Gifted) - Costs 1WP per use + 1L first time used in the scene; This spell can be used in a variety of ways. When targeting inanimate objects, the witch may lift an object equal to her Gnosis in Size + successes gained on the casting roll. That object can then be reflexively hurled at a target by succeeding on an Intelligence + Athletics roll. Hurled items cause damage as though they fell on the target (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 138). Alternately, by spending a point of Willpower during the casting, the witch can lift and mentally control an object no larger than half her Gnosis ( round up ) in Size. Cast in this manner the spell duration is increased to scene. Attacks with controlled items are resolved in the normal manner for that weapon, substituting Intelligence or the usual Attribute. Used against a living target, the witch delivers a psychic blow to their victim. Attacks of this nature ignore any Defense or Armor ratings of the target and deal an amount of bashing damage equal to successes on the casting roll.


Marc Malloys Manuel to Modern Magic - A list of tips and tricks for the arcane amateur

  • Warlock traits: the warlock gains a +1 on all library rolls and checks, however he suffers a -1 on all rituals used with improved tools.


~ Morality: (6) ~

Health: (7) / Willpower: (5)

Initiative: 5
Defence: 3 / Amour: 1/0
Speed: 10



  • "The Downer" (Taser Glove; +1B, Cap: 5, Size: 2, Special: Stun abilities - By pressing switches on a closed fist, the glove may pass a taser charge through the glove into what it hits, Conferring a degenerating -5 penalty on the target. Targets stunned in such a way may find themselves unable to supernatural abilities, such as shape shifting or magic. The glove takes 5 turns to recharge per use. 5 uses before the battery dies)


  • Simple but well padded dusters coat (1/0 Amour, brownish leather),

Equipment: When out on a hunt, Marc now takes a stocked back back with him which includes many things which he feels necessary, a few general items include:

  • Backpack list: Several pieces of chalk, a folded sheet which opens into a 5x5 mat with a copper circle laid into it - the circle is broken in 4 places to enable folding but could be made whole with some chalk, Several colours of Sharpie markers, a box of iron nails, a tube of salt, a 1litre bottle of holy water, a silver letter opener, a ball of string, a jotter of unruled paper, a small poloroid camera, a piece of clear quartz on a chain, a flare gun + 3 spare flares, 2 additional batteries for the tasers glove.


  • "The Kindle of all knowledge" - the digitised library of Lilly Higgens, along with additonal notes and resources added by Marc has he goes along.


Marc was born in Belfast into a single parent family. Growing up on the Falls Road, Marc attended St.Marys Grammar school on the Glen road for his secondary education. Once he left school, Marc did the first two years of Engineering Masters at Queens University, the remaining two being spent at Boston University whom had accepted him on scholarship.

Marc spent 4 years in Boston, but was required to return to Belfast when his mothers health took a turn for the worst and he gained work as a mechanic to pay the bills. Over the next 5 years Marc continued to work in Belfast as a mechanic until a combination of events sparked off his dramatic change in career.

The most mundane of the reasons was his mothers eventual death, after a long hard fight with cancer. The less mundane of these events are detailed here, in; The Hunters Casebook

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