Marc Maylawl
Human (Hunter: [The Promethean Brotherhood] Thaumaturge ~ Ceremonial Magician)

Call-sign: "Tech-Head"

Tier: 2, Profession: Technician Rank: Garage Inventor

Cell Investments, Other versions, Gizmo's

Virtue: Fortitude / Vice: Greed
Description: Hard lucked but up-beat kinda guy. Marc started life as promising young man, after achieving the high-point of his 'respectable' life by graduating with a masters in Robotic-Engineering at MIT in America, Marc's life took a turn for the worst when his mother became sick and he was forced to return home to tend to her in the few years prior to her death. Spending a few years as a mechanic, just to make ends-meat, the eventual career move into 'Hunting' also lead him to open his detective agency (The subtly named "Hunt Investigations") and has since been doing much better… if only financially… and if then, only by being dirty…

Age: 31
Mundane XP total: 85 XP remaining: 2

*See Cell investments


Mental Attributes
Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes
Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2

Social Attributes:
Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3

[15xp spent]


Mental Skills

  • Academics (3), Crafts* (3), Computers (2), Science* (3), Investigation (1) , Occult* (4), Medicine (1)

Physical Skills

  • Athletics (2), Drive (1), Firearms (2), Weaponry (1), Brawl (3)

Social Skills

  • Persuasion (1), Expression (1), Empathy (2), Stealth (2),


  • Academics: [Linguistics], [Rite of Hecate], [Ritualistic Magic]
  • Crafts: [Engineering], [Weaponsmithing]
  • Science: [Chemistry], [Robotics]
  • Occult: [Ritualistic Magic]
  • Firearms: [Pistols]
  • Brawl: [Striking]

(All skills marked with a '*' are Asset skills)
[43xp spent]


Trained Memory: (1) Spending a round to memorise all the details of a scene, the observer may later make a recall roll to member the details of the scene perfectly Bought
Technophile: (1) ~ Cognitive Robotics Marc is well versed and knowledge in the field of robotics and AI research Starting
Status: (1) ~ The Promethean Brotherhood At this level of status, the brotherhood have granted Marc with the knowledge of the ancient Greek language and an education in linguistics Bought
Contacts: (1) ~ The Ashwood Abbey Marc and the gang have met a group of the Ashwood Abbey who operate out of England but make occasional trips to Ireland Granted: RP
Ally: (1) ~ Lilly Higgens A helpful but bitter old bitch Granted: RP
Staff: (1) ~ Hunt Investigations At this level, contrasted with resources, Marc employs 3 people: 2 part time and one full. Lindsay, receptionist and Marc's assistant at the hunt agency. May be unless. Philip freelance photographer, occasionally paid to take pictures from cars. Gus web and general admin Bought
Interdisciplinary Speciality (1) ~ Ritualistic Magic The Ritualistic Magic speciality of Marc's occult is shared by his academics Bought
Language: (1) ~ Ancient Greek Ancient Greek - The Brotherhood have given Marc a crash course in Greek Granted: Status
Make Do: (2) ~ Crafts Ignore up to a -2 penalty on actions for having incorrect/proper equipment or tools Starting
Resources: (3) The Hunt Agency is doing well, though it may turn out to have been at a price, the cost of which has yet to be realised Granted: Demon deal
Professional training: (4) ~ Engineering Granting a range of benefits and specialities to Marc's skills, from which he can now benefit. At 4 dots, he has access to "Network", "Continued education", "Breath of knowledge" and "On the Job training" Starting
Fighting Styles:
  • Evasive Striking (2) & Dirty Fighting (2)
Focused attack: Penalties from armour and called shots are reduced by 1 Bought
Duck and Weave: Marc effectively increases his defence by 1 for all brawl based attacks Bought
Low Blow: Whenever Marc would land a successful brawl attack which generates more successes than the targets composure, they lose their next action Bought
Shank: Marc may use small blades and weapons with his Brawl instead of his weaponry Bought
Library: (2) ~ Ceremonial magic & Cold case files on strange and mysterious crimes - The digitised works and library of an experienced Hedge Witch. Slowly being brought to you in PDF form Granted: RP + Bought
Magical Nexus: (2) ~ Marc's Workshop Since Marc persistently used the same room in the safehouse for his spells, and his professional craft made him in need for such a room for all his deeds, it was only natural that he turn it into his workshop. In addition to granting +2 to all Thaumaturgy rolls, thanks to the application of some geomancy, the workshop also grants Marc 9-again on all craft rolls Bought

Thaumaturgy and other Rites: - Ceremonial Magician

Luck Magic: (4) Generally cast every morning, when able. Done right, this provides the caster with 3 rolls per day which can have the 8-again quality [Man+Occult: 10 minutes] Granted: Template
Scrying: (3) [Int+Investigation: 1 Minute] - Bought
The Rite of Hecate: (3) Marc has learned the ancient rite of Hecate, enabling him to temporally steal the power of witches and mages through their ritual sacrifice. By making an extended action roll of [Academics + Rite dots] with a target equal to [3 per dot of Gnosis] (of which a number of attempts equal to your dice-pool are allowed). If successful and complete (by killing your target), you temporarily gain the 'Gnosis' trait at a level equal to the victim and gain access to half their Arcanum dots, the distribution of which cannot exceed the level of the victim possessed. If you Acquire a Gnosis of 5 through the ritual, you permanently gain the "Unseen senses" merit for free. You retain the powers for a number of days equal to the victims Gnosis score, which transforms into weeks on a exceptional success. Failure of the ritual (by not meeting the target successes) causes 1 point of bashing damage per point of the victims gnosis, on a dramatic failure you also take a point of lethal for each attempt you made on the casting Granted: Demon deal
Rite of Healing (-) By sacrificing a human of a certain age, Marc gains the ability regenerate at extraordinary speeds, this regeneration lasts for a certain period depending on the age of the person. 2 weeks for a child, 1 weeks for an adult, 2 days for an senior. This regeneration is equally to 1B per turn and 1L per 15 minutes Granted: Deal

[34xp spent]


Marc Malloys Manuel to Modern Magic - A list of tips and tricks for the arcane amateur

  • Warlock traits: the warlock gains a +1 on all library rolls and checks, however he suffers a -1 on all rituals used with improved tools. In addition, he may use all those spells as contained within the library pages without needing to purchase the merits for them, using a spell without purchase however imposes a -3 penalty on all uses of those spells.


Morality: (4) Effects: None
Health: (7) Willpower: (5)
[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ] [ ],[ ],[ ],[ ],[ ]

Initiative: +5 / Perception: +6
Defence: 3 / Amour: 1/0
Speed: 10



  • Taser Glove (1B, Cap: 5, Size: 2, Special: Stun abilities - By pressing switches on a closed fist, the glove may pass a taser charge through the glove into what it hits, Conferring a degenerating -5 penalty on the target. Targets stunned in such a way may find themselves unable to supernatural abilities, such as shape shifting or magic. The glove takes 5 turns to recharge per use. 5 uses before the battery dies) Typically worn on the left hand.
  • "Flaming Sword" (Modified Bowie knife; 2L, Size: 1, Special: fuel 'bled' system. Covers the knife in lighter fluid and uses a spark to ignite it. Can hold up to a minute of fuel, with reloadable capsules. Often used as his special sacrificial dagger)
  • Colt Single Action Army (Revolver; Dam: 3L, Range: 20/40/80, Cap: 6, Str: 2, Size: 1)


  • Simple but well padded dusters coat, worn larger than needed to conceal flash-jacket. (1/0 Amour, brownish leather),
  • "Flash-jacket" (Rating: 2/3, Str 1/ def: -1/ Speed: 0/ Special: Once pulled, a large electrical charge is run through a white phosphorous gel pouch on the angled front of the vest. This causes a 1m gout of flame (3L) from the front of the jacket. The gel pouch must be replaced after each use, the electrical panels have a 5 round recharge)

Equipment: When out on a hunt, Marc now takes a stocked back back with him which includes many things which he feels necessary, a few general items include:

  • Backpack list: Several pieces of chalk, a folded sheet which opens into a 5x5 mat with a copper circle laid into it - the circle is broken in 4 places to enable folding but could be made whole with some chalk, Several colours of Sharpie markers, a box of iron nails, a tube of salt, a 1litre bottle of holy water, a silver letter opener, a ball of string, a jotter of unruled paper, a small poloroid camera, a piece of clear quartz on a chain, a flare gun + 3 spare flares, 2 additional batteries for the tasers glove.


  • "The Ipad of all knowledge" - the digitised library of Lilly Higgens, along with additonal notes and resources added by Marc has he goes along.


Mundane background:
Marc was born in Belfast into a single parent family. Growing up on the Falls Road, Marc attended St.Marys Grammar school on the Glen road for his secondary education. Once he left school, Marc did the first two years of Engineering Masters at Queens University, the remaining two being spent at Boston University whom had accepted him on scholarship. Marc spent 4 years in Boston.

Hearing that his mother had contracted Cancer and was refusing to he hospitalised for it, and with the threat of losing her home, Marc returned to Belfast in order to care for her. Knowing that she would never go any sort of treatment centre or 'home', after the childhood death of her sister in such a place, Marc instead moved her to his much smaller apartment close to the mechanics he landed a dead-end job in. Having worked their for 5 years by the time his mother finally succumbed to her affliction, Marc was actually a little relieved. The life of an MIT graduate is usually far from this humdrum, or this poor.

While never admitting it to himself while his mother was still alive, but Marc had developed a good deal of resentment towards her, robbing him of a potentially wonderful life in the States and their booming technology sector. In that dream lay some of the core dilemma's which Marc had struggled with all his life. Never would be able to get what he wanted out of life, never would he feel fulfilled with what he had, after all - he could be a big shot by now.

If only his life was less depressing, less ordinary…

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