Aura Perception (Covert) Allows mage to perceive mental aspects of targets Aura
One Mind Two Thoughts (Covert) Allows mage to perform two simultaneous knowledge tasks
Mask of Normality (Covert) Cast on an item of unusual shape or aspect, this spell causes Sleepers to perceive the item as an everyday, contemporary object
Sense Consciousness (Covert) Detects the presence of minds within sensory range
Third Eye (Covert) Allows mage to perceive mental powers (telepathy ESP etc.)


Alter Aura (Covert) Allows mage to alter mental aspects of her Aura
Beast Control (Covert) Allows mage to command target animal to perform distinct tasks
Control Waking (Covert) Send target into a deeper sleep
Delayed rest (Covert) With Life 2, keeps mage clear headed when fatigued
Emotional Urging (Covert) Conveys Emotional urging to target
False Speech* (Vulgar) The mage causes spoken words within the radius of effect to be heard as whatever he desires. Requires Forces 2 or 3
First Impressions (Covert) Makes a good first impression
Hurried rest (Covert) With Life 2, mage forces a full night sleep in a few hours
Incognito Presence (Covert) Makes mage more difficult to notice or remember
Inconspicuous Object* (Covert) Renders an object unnoticed, even if it rests in plain view
Inspire (Covert) Mage can implant a simple idea that target will believe is inspiration
Memory Hole (Covert) Allow Mage to partition his subconscious
Mental Shield (Covert) Provides protection against most mentally based powers
Misperception (Covert) Provides protection against most physical attacks
Moment of Doubt (Covert) Implants a brief but convincing sensation of doubt
Opening the Lidless Eye (Covert) Allows mage to apply effect of Third Eye to another
Voice From Afar (Covert) Limited telepathy, allowing words to be passed to target
Perfect Mnemonic * (Covert) Brands an idea directly into a subject's memory permanently. Requires Mind 2 for self, Mind 3 for other Mages, Mind 4 for telepathic scribing
Stammer (Covert) Causes a use of High Speech by a foe to incur a -2 penalty to casting instead of +2. A Wits+occult lets the target realise the mistake and abort the spell, but the action to use High Speech is wasted
Willful Process (Covert) Choose Mental or Social Skill. For each success, use of skill is considered a rote action to reroll any failures on non-magical skill rolls. Mind 3 to grant to others.
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