Nicodemus Mathers

Nicodemus Mathers: Incubi (Daeva), Emperor (En), Senator of the Invictus and respected member of the Prima Invicta [Black Estate]

"You cannot even begin to comprehend your part in my grand design. I cannot blame you however, you are forced to labour with but one pitiful mind. Where as I… I have many"
Tier: Ancilla

Virtue: Faith Vice: Pride
Masquerade: Executive Requiem: Courtesan

Description: Tall, confident, powerful and a sharp dresser. These are all things which can be used to describe Nicodemus Mathers. A somewhat new entity which has risen from the ashes of the remelding of the fractured minds of both Nicholas Mathers and the Lord of Raith, having many of the best qualities of both. The power structures left behind by the previous two gave Nicodemus a lot of room for expansion, and within a short time his whole operation has changed. No longer disjointed and petty, Nicodemus now thrives on wealth, and power and access. Known to supernatural's throughout the nation, a vampire whose ear you want while dealing in the courts, a vampire whose involvement you want while planning of business within the courts, a vampire you desperately want to like you, and hey, you hear he is a nice guy to boot!

Age: Maybe 30 something…
XP total: 145, XP unspent: 0


Mental Attributes
Intelligence 4* (3), Wits 3 (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity 5* (2), Stamina 3* (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation 5* (4), Composure (2)

(*) Vestments / Disciplines
[0xp spent]


Mental Skills

  • Academics (3), Occult (4), Politics* (4),

Physical Skills

  • Weaponry (3), Drive (1)

Social Skills

  • Empathy (4), Expression (2), Intimidate (3), Persuasion* (3),

Occult: [Demonology]
Weaponry: [Fencing weapon]
Politics: [Strategy]
Expression: [Majesty +2]
Persuasion: [Pacts]
Empathy: [Majesty +2]

[20xp spent]
(*) = Asset Skills


Quick Draw (1) You may draw weapons and small objects as a reflexive action Bought
Inter-disciplinary speciality (1) Share your Majesty speciality with expression Bought
Fighting Finesse (2) The character use their dexterity in place of their strength for all combat rolls Bought
Area of expertise (2) Increases he empathy speciality in Majesty to +2 Bought
The Dragon's Tongue (2) Nico understands and can converse in the language of demons. This command of language grants a +1 on all social rolls with demons outside the body, and a +1 on all contested rolls against demons inside the body. Further, this allows Nico to summon and Negotiate with demons without the usual rituals and practices. They tend to listen Starting
Status (3) ~ The Prima Invicta Nico is a proud and welcomed member of the Prima Invicta. While not in line for a kingship, he is certainly a respected member. This status is of course pushed along thanks to his shadowy membership of the Black Estate. Rewards for this level of status equal; A free speciality in politics and the cost of both the majesty and dominate disciplines becomes new dot x4 Starting
Status (3) ~ The Invictus A proud member of the Invictus of America, and a Senator for his knowledge of the occult (and well spoken and regal ways) Nicodemus holds a decent measure of esteem within the covenant Bought
Haven (3) ~ The Penthouse Nico keeps a private and well protected, but not overly large, penthouse apartment in upper Manhatten. The penthouse is naturally fitted with the very best in sun-blocking equipment and is well furbished. Oddly however, Nico sleeps at the bottom of the hot tube during the day, so as any intruder would need to feel the inclination to look under its protective cover and then go through the additional hassle of staking him through 1ft of water Bought
Fighting style (3) ~ Fencing Taken more as a formal act of force for his role in the Invictus, Nicodemus has never the less become quite the decent fencer. Each dot in this fighting style grants a special ability; (1) Thrust: When the character makes an attack with a fencing weapon, he gains +1 to do so. (2) Feint: By making a normal attack roll, the character may forgo damage in that round, so that the opponent is denied their defence to the next attack made against them. (3) Riposte: When an attack is made against a character, they make make a quick attack (at a-1 pentaly) against the striking target, dealing damage as normal. Use of this however means the character loses their defence for the rest of the turn Bought
Resources (5) ~ Mathers brokerage Nico has turned his knowledge of the worlds markets and buyer choices into a successful brokerage company which forms his masquerade alias Bought
Requiem (4) ~ Courtesan This merit grants a series of bonuses depending on level; (1) The Gathered Flock: Each dot in Requiem is also treated as having an accompanied dot of 'Herd'. (2) Gain a +5 bonus on all social rolls when dealing with someone of the same Requiem as you, further, if you have more dots in Requiem than your opponent, it may trigger 'the predators taint' even if they have a higher blood potency (3) Reputation: at 4 dots, your Requiem counts as 4 dots of status with other Courtesans (4) Adept: Gain the 9-again quality on all uses of majesty Starting&Bought
Herd (4) ~ Court followers Nicodemus is seen as a both powerful and wise, deserving of rank in fact, this in turn has granted him a great deal of personal following as well - among both the living and the damned. Granted to him by dint of status and the fact that they wish to follow and be apart of his official court, Nicodemus has gathered to himself a somewhat impressive Herd Granted: Requiem
Contacts (4) ~ Fellow Courtesans What good or respecting socialite is not known and respected in other area's bar his own? none is the answer. Being a man of status in both the Invitus, and its global branches of the Prima Invicta, Nico knows people and people know him. Indeed he has contacts in many courts around the world, and many people may come to see him Granted: Requiem

[65xp spent]

Vampric traits and Supernal Powers

Blood Potency (4)
Clan: Daeva Bloodline: En


Majesty (3) Dice Pool Celerity (3) Dominate (2) Dice Pool Resilience (1)
Awe Pres+Exp+Maj See Speed augments* Command Int+Intim+Dom See Health augments
Revelation* Man+Per+Maj - Mesmerise Int+Exp+Dom -
Enchantment Man+Emp+Maj - - - -

[42xp spent]

(*) = Cost vitae,


Instant Adoration: Nico may use the Enchantment power reflexively and in combat 1v per scene
Blink: Nico may use the first level dominate, 'Command' as an opposed roll (Int+Intim+Dom vs. Resolve + BP) as part of a combat action. The command can only be part of a physical body part, which spasms uselessly for a turn 1v per use
Husk: Nico may activate this power and draw a number of vitae from a target equal to his celerity (3) dots per turn. Using this power leaves the kiss impossible and a wound so wide that bleeders without magical healing must make first aid rolls every so often to prevent bleeding to death 1v per turn

[20xp spent]

Gifts of Alu:

Addiction Immunity If an En wishes to become truly powerful, he must be unhindered by the urges of addiction. It is imperative that he be able to gain his power wisely and strategically, and preoccupation with an addiction can obscure the path to greatness. An Emperor with Addiction Immunity is shielded from addiction by his alu, and cannot become addicted to drugs, Vitae or the act of diablerie. The En has complete control over whether or not he consumes substances or commits acts that would ordinarily be addictive to most Kindred. For example, if a character who has imbibed Vitae has the chance to do so again, the player need not roll Resolve + Composure for the En to resist the temptation (as he feels none) He may, however, choose to drink the blood again if doing so serves his purpose. Emperors with Addition Immunity are still able to be bound by Vinculum, however
Transcend Amaranth The act of diablerie is the single most efficient way to gain great power in a short period of time. While many Kindred fear the consequences of the tradition of Amaranth, an En’s alu shields his host from most negative effects of drinking the soul of another vampire. When an Emperor attempts to commit the act of diablerie (as described on pp. 158-160 of Vampire: The Requiem), his alu assists him in the process. As such, he has a limit of rolls when attempting to commit diablerie equal to the diablerist’s Willpower dots +3. If the act is successful, the En reaps all of the typical benefits from diablerie. Additionally, the alu cleanses the En’s aura of the telltale black veins that would typically reveal his crime. When the character’s Humanity drops, he does not need to roll to avoid a derangement

[15xp spent]

Demonic Pacts and vestments
Nicodemus is no stranger to demonic pacts, either in this world or his last. Upon finding his connection to his old demon hosts cut, one might think that he would pack it all in and live a life as free, that is just not Nico's style however. Different but not totally so, and with a comparative knowledge of demonology not matched in this world (as far as he knows), Nicodemus sough out the secrets of dark and arcane lore were all but the most stalwart fear to tread. Nico has sough and made deals and bargains with demons which might seen so absurdly unhinged to many, that one wonders why he even bothers to have a pretence of immortality at all - this stuff will get him killed, and probably violently so - If one does not seek to judge him for actions, indeed after a point one bothers to wonder why they even tried, the one question any observer would have, must have, burning in their minds and slipping onto their lips is "why?!?!"

Vestments Much like those of the possessed template, Nico now has access to vestment powers as detailed below Cost: 3pts of Blood must be held in reserve at all times
Attribute increases Nico's manipulation has been increased by 1 and his dexterity by 2 Cost: 1pt of blood per dot, 5 spent in total
Pride (3)
Dominant Sphere ~ Social Whenever Nico succeeds on a social roll, he regains 1 willpower (2 in the case of an exceptional). However failing a social roll now costs a willpower (2 if dramatic) -
Voice of Thunder When making a social roll which utilises Expression, Empathy, Persuasion or Subterfuge, you may add half your dots in intimidate (rounded up) to the roll. Rolls using intimidate have the 9 again quality. 1w per scene
Infernal grandeur Once activated, Nico gains a small crown of black flames which floats above his head, just noticeable but easy to over look. When invoked, Nico adds his dots in pride (3) to all social rolls which involve the use of intimidation or persuasion. At his command, the same black flame which creates his crown wreathes his hands and weapons, granting him a +2 lethal attack 2w per use

[0xp spent]

Perhaps out of some deep longing for the true passions they lost after the Embrace, the Daeva have difficulty steeling themselves against the hedonism they allow themselves as members of the Damned. Any time a Daeva has an opportunity to indulge her Vice but does not do so, she loses two points of Willpower (as opposed to gaining one by partaking in its pleasures).


Humanity: (4) - Effects: None Health: (7) [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ],
Willpower: (4) - [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] Blood Pool: (14) [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ]

Initiative: +6/+8*
Defence: 3/6* / Amour: 2/3
Speed: 14/28/56*/112* (Top speed of 102.4 mph)

*With celerity


Delusion ~ one Body, many minds Nic has never been alone in his own head. After the "death" of the Lord of Raith, Nic managed to perform a 'ritual' which 'resurrected' the Lord into his own body. This is a partial remelding of the spilt personality which Nic had prior presented with. It is still a source of severe trouble however. After the melding, Nicholas changed his name to Nicodemus as a reflection of the new union between him and his lord



  • Sword cane


  • Duelling armour (Worn under his finely tailored, but larger than necessary suit)


  • He could buy a jet, if he wished.


  • Latest gadgets

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