Nicolas Mathers - " Nix "

“Together will shall find God, not the God of the book of Abraham, but the God who cares, the God who watches, the God who has plans for us all.”

Clan - Baali / Bloodline - None
Nature: Plotter / Demeanour: Visionary
Generation: 8th
Age: 28 / Actual age: 28


= History =


Nic was always the diamond in the rough, the best and the brightest of his modest means. Coming from a poor family, Nic dragged himself up from the "Gutter" (as much as the lower middle-class suburbs can be consider the gutter…) and work his way into what he saw as an esteemed academic position through nothing more than his own brilliance. A political scientist by nature, Nic held a system that a loose caste system be placed upon society, his person theory was an odd jumble of Randian Objectivism, Nietzschen 'Will to power', portions of the dharama, tibits of historical materalism, and his own conjecture on the matters. His brand of "Neo-Objectivism" was a far cry from anything socialist…

Nic looked like he had a promising future, until a series of misfortunes took a hold of him and shaped him into what he was prior to his death. Denied tenure for a position at Burkley, Nic became almost furiously dogmatic for a number of years - championing his cause of Neo-Objectivism - which attracted him a small cadre of very loyal followers, his groupies. It was at this time, Nic's old college room mate and possibly the greatest believer in his views, suggested that they open a book shop together. Matt, an expert in the restoration of rare, old and valuable books, and Nic loving the idea of being the owner of a business which afforded him nothing more than time to read and money for his vices, soon aided in the shops opening.

However, while this may sound like a positive turn, it was not long after that Nic was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given about a year to live. Refusing treatment and having resigned himself to dying a young and painful death, Nic contemplated his life and deemed that he seemed fated to die - the candle that burns the brightest extinguishes first. The cancer changed Nic, he was no longer so fervent in his mannerisms, softer of voice, on the face of it more caring. He knew he had no time to leave a legacy in his world of flesh, and so he through himself back into his old work, to try and forge a legacy which would endure his murderous lungs.

Fresh to the embrace, Nic thought his fortunes where about to change, finally with a chance to wield the kind of power he had always dreamed of. This was not to be the case, haunted by terrible visions of his final death from his first slumber, Nic consulted his sire who suggested that he perhaps was simply foretold to die., and die soon at that Where cancer had failed, a gruesome mysticism would not.

Nic was not powerless however, not anymore. Those who embraced him, the Baali, where strange folks, even among what he learned of vampire society. Hell, Nic's inevitable destination, would also give him the means by which to survive longer than he other wise would, and have great power in his short run of time as well.

Nic is now to tainted by the fire of the infernal that he is an agent of them in the purest sense. Warping his Neo-objectivist views to factor in this new cosmological shake-up, Nic now stands to face the night as the ever-dying champion of hell. He does not commit evil for evils sake however, rather, he has been given 10 more years. He will make them count, he has a plan…

XP total: 22, XP unspent: 0,

= Attributes =

Physical Attributes
Strength: 2, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 1

Mental Attributes
Perception: 3, Intelligence: 4 (Smart-arseing), Wits: 3

Social Attributes:
Manipulation: 3, Charisma: 3, Appearance: 2

= Abilities =

Empathy (3), Expression (1), Intimidation (1), Leadership (2), Subterfuge (2)

Etiquette (1), Performance - Oratory (2), Survival (2)

Academics (2), Demonology (2), Investigation (2), Linguistics* (1), Occult (The underworld) (4), Politics (2)

*Ancient Greek and Latin,

= Clan traits =


  • Thaumaturgy: (4) - Movement of the mind: Enables telepathic manipulation as if by own hands. Up to 500ibs in weight, may be used to attack at a strength equal to rank, and allows flight of self no matter of weight.
  • Daimonion: (2) - Sense the sin, Fear the void
  • Presence: (1) - Awe


  • Bind the accusing tongue: With only a picture, piece of hair, or any form of effigy of the target plus a black silken cloth, the Thaumaturist may stop anyone from speaking ill of them. The target must succeed on a willpower (difficulty equal to the successes of the Int + Occult roll + 3) or they are unable to communicate any negative deeds of the Thaumaturist until the silk-bound effigy is unwoven [Level 1]


Perhaps owing to their otherworldly natures and occupations, the Baali fear and are repulsed by religion and the trappings thereof, even more so than the rest of the Kindred. True Faith works at twice its normal efficacy against these creatures (double the effects of all failures impeding the Baali and all successes aiding her opponents); many Baali cannot bear to gaze upon or handle even the most mundane articles of religious paraphernalia, faith-born or otherwise. But do those who predate Christianity still fear the crucifix and wafer? Do age and cultural origin determine the nature of such aversions? Only the eldest Baal-worshipper would know for sure.

= Backgrounds =

  • Resources (1) - In spite of the recent events and upturning of his life, Nic still owns his little rare book shop. Retainer (1) - 'Matt Hatter', former college room mate, now employee, fanatic devotee, and best friend. He is a master of restoring old and damage tomes. Herd (2) - A small social circle that gathered around Nic in his life, fanatic followers of Neo-objectivism, his new found position as predator with magical powers has cemented their following into nigh worship. Now 7, used to be 9 - Nic killed two attempting the embrace. Mentor (1) - Nicolas' sire, Marcus Black. Fame (2) - Nix has recently authored an exceptionally well-received book under the title of "Beyond convention - The struggle for a Neo-objectivist future", which is slowly gaining fame. Fighting force (2) - like any true cult leader, Nix does not just have those willing to listen, but those willing to act! In times of need, Nix can summon from his followers a force of up to 25 reasonably trained fighting men and women to do his bidding.

=Merits and Flaws=


  • Apostate: Through some mishap of the blood, or by will, Nicolas is not a full Baali. He has lost the ability of Obfuscate but in return has gained Thaumaturgy [-2pts]
  • Natural leader: Nic is a naturally born leader of men, lower all leadership difficulties by 2 [-1pt]


  • Dark fate: Nicolas is going to suffer final death, not in the grand scheme of things, but soon. He knows it, he's seen it happen 100 times since his embrace, his end is near… and he has a plan. [+5pts]
  • Infertile vitae: Try though he might, Nicolas cannot sire. Any attempt to do so only results in the death of the would-be kindred [+4pts]

Demonic Investments
~ Nicolas hath given his soul freely onto the Dark powers, and has thus received their boons (10pts)

  • Luciferian Charm: Lower all social difficulties for the Invested by 4 (4pts)
  • Hellfire: By making a Dex + Occult check (Difficulty 5), the Invested can fire a ball of black fire at an enemy, dealing 3 Agg damage (3pts)
  • Longevity: While not normally an issue for Vampires, Nicolas' looming fate means he has made a deal with the devil to give himself just 10 more years before he is claimed by hell. His unlife, down to the hour, is sealed. (2pts)
  • Aura perception: The infernalist can see auras of other beings, the colours indicate their moods, identities and levels of hostility. This power operates in all ways as the second level Auspex power of the same name with one exception, the Auras of individuals with True Faith, or vampires in Golconda will blind a Baali viewing them for 1-10 turns.(1pt)

= Virtues & Path =

~ Humanity ~
Conviction: 3/ Self-control: 4/ Courage: 4

  • Path Rating: (5)

Humanity: (7)
Willpower: (6)

= Blood and Vitae =

Maximum Blood pool: (15)

Current Blood Pool:

- 3 Blood per turn

= Status and Equipment =


  • Initiative: +6

Health and soak:

  • Soak: 1 (Damned cancer!)

-0: [ ] (1)
-1: [ ], [ ], (2)
-2: [ ], [ ], (2)
-5: [ ] (1)
Incapacitated: [ ] (1)

=Related details=

  • Some Light Reading on the clan and its history plus the inspiration for Nix' political and religious views.
  • Depending on the angle of entry, it takes between 16 - 196 ibs of pressure to pierce the human skull
  • Almost every bone in the average human body can be broken with a mere 8ibs of pressure


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