Nix Mathers

Nicholas Mathers / "The Lord of Raith": Incubi (Daeva) of the Invictus and Emperor (En) ascendant of the cult de Alu

Virtue: Faith Vice: Pride
Description: Well dressed and confident but not reeking of power. Nicholas Mathers is a charmer and delight to be around, possessing wit and charm to make him a true socialite. He does however seem a bit off, and whatever his job is, it seems to keep him busy. The Lord of Raith is seldom seen, only cowled when he does appear. Nicholas is his favoured vassal, and his point of contact.
Age: Maybe 30 something…
XP total: 115, XP unspent: 9


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (3), Wits (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity (3), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (4), Composure (2)


Mental Skills
Academics (2), Occult (4) [Demonology], Politics (2) [Manoeuvring]

Physical Skills
Brawl (1), Firearms (2), Larceny (1), Weaponry (2)

Social Skills
Empathy (2), Expression (3) [Oath crafting], Intimidate (2), Subterfuge (2), Persuasion (2),


Mundane, Universal:

  • Resources: (5) - Wealthy men and women, people of great temporal, mortal power are perhaps the weakest people of all. All wishing for more than they can achieve, all looking for a quick way to get it. The Lord of Raiths see's these wishes and provides what he can, in return he takes from them all that they have to offer.
  • Herd: (2) - In addition to his cult and his various followers, The Lord of Raith has granted upon his favoured vassal Nicholas, a small nerd of mortals from which he can feed from at will.
  • Staff: (2) - Dedicated towards a security detail of 9 mortal, trained, Merc's. In addition, there is 1 chafferer.

Mundane, Nic:

  • Haven: (1) - The home of Nicholas Mathers, as far as he is concerned. A small apartment with a functional lot.

Mundane, LoR:

  • Fame: (2) ~ The Lord of Raith only - While it may be known that the only way to contact the Lord of Raith is to go through his vassal, Nicholas Mathers, Nicholas is not famous in and of himself. The Lord of Raith on the other is known well enough. People in the know, know that if you want political or social power and don't want to get your hands dirty, their exists an entity known as The Lord of Raith. Upon forming a deal, he can and will deliver all sorts of favourable outcomes, be it the tragic and genuinely accidental death of a former love, the disgrace of a political opponent, the ability to outfox and over come your betters in arguments of contests, The Lord of Raith can deliver!
  • Haven: (2) - The abode of the Lord of Raith. Seemingly a cave with elaborate decoration inside. Despite it being the only known location of the Lord of Raith, Nicholas has noted that it is oddly dusty and disused.


  • Faerie Favour: (3) - Formed from seemingly nothing, made of an essence intangible, the Lord of Raith can be said to have a lot in common with the gentry, though just why one has favoured him as they did is still a mystery, even from him. Contacted one day by a seemingly ordinary lawyer, wishing nothing more than the standard trappings of status and power. However, once elevated, this simple layer, a Miss Mabel Lefrost, revealed herself to be one of the truth faye. Leaving a lip-stick smeared kissed upon a length of grey, silken rope and instructing the Lord to wear it like a noose; all he must do to invoke and summon his favour from the noble gentry is strangle himself with the noose…
  • Gloves of oathbinding: (3) ~ Imbued Item - these seemingly ordinary pair of think leather gloves boast the ability to make and bind oaths, forming a compulsion and bound by fate. Mimicing the spell "Swearing an Oath" (Mage core, p.153), whenever The Lord of Raith would form a deal or bargain, he clasps both his hand around the hand of he whom with the deal is made, it then forms a magical oath. For either signatory to break the compulsion effect of the deal, they must make a contested Resolve+Composure roll.
  • Cult of Things that must not be: (4) - The Lord of Raith knows obscure Arcane lore, granted upon him by his communion with the Alu and the dark forces which linger in his mind. He has gathered around himself men and women of various thralldom whom are capable and willing to conduct the rites necessary for them to achieve greater power. The Rites granted and their mechanics are found below.

Vampric traits and Supernal Powers

Blood Potency (4)


Majesty (3) Dominate (2) Celerity (2) Resilience (1) Vigour (1)
Awe: Pres+Exp+Maj Command: Int+Intim+Dom See Speed augments* See Health augments* See Damage augments*
Revelation: Man+Per+Maj* Mesmerise: Int+Exp+Dom
Enchantment: Man+Emp+Maj
  • = Cost vitae


  • Instant Adoration: At the cost of 1 vitae per scene, the vampire may use the Enchantment power reflexively and in combat.

Gifts of Alu:

  • Addiction Immunity: If an En wishes to become truly powerful, he must be unhindered by the urges of addiction. It is imperative that he be able to gain his power wisely and strategically, and preoccupation with an addiction can obscure the path to greatness. An Emperor with Addiction Immunity is shielded from addiction by his alu, and cannot become addicted to drugs, Vitae or the act of diablerie. The En has complete control over whether or not he consumes substances or commits acts that would ordinarily be addictive to most Kindred. For example, if a character who has imbibed Vitae has the chance to do so again, the player need not roll Resolve + Composure for the En to resist the temptation (as he feels none) He may, however, choose to drink the blood again if doing so serves his purpose. Emperors with Addition Immunity are still able to be bound by Vinculum, however.
  • Transcend Amaranth: The act of diablerie is the single most efficient way to gain great power in a short period of time. While many Kindred fear the consequences of the tradition of Amaranth, an En’s alu shields his host from most negative effects of drinking the soul of another vampire. When an Emperor attempts to commit the act of diablerie (as described on pp. 158-160 of Vampire: The Requiem), his alu assists him in the process. As such, he has a limit of rolls when attempting to commit diablerie equal to the diablerist’s Willpower dots +3. If the act is successful, the En reaps all of the typical benefits from diablerie. Additionally, the alu cleanses the En’s aura of the telltale black veins that would typically reveal his crime. The character’s Humanity automatically drops by one, but he does not need to roll to avoid a derangement.

The Lord Raith has a number of foul Rites which he and his vile cult can practice and enact. Each rite, of which there are 5 differing levels, is performed by an extended Int+ Occult +Tools roll, with the level of the ritual serving as the target number for success. Each roll represents one turn of casting, and all such rites demand 1 willpower to activate.

See below for list of rites and their mechanics.

Like all Daeva, En have difficulty resisting temptation (see p. 105 of Vampire: The Requiem). Emperors also tend to be intensely focused upon their own power and advancement. As such, En frequently underestimate and misjudge others. While they can learn to fake social niceties, it doesn’t come easy for them. The untrained penalty on Social Skills is -3 rather than -1, and En characters do not benefit from 10 again on rolls involving Empathy, Persuasion or Socialize (not including rolls to use Disciplines)


~ Humanity: (4) ~

Health: 7/ (7) Willpower: 4/(4)

Initiative: +5
Defence: 2 / Amour: 2/3
Speed: 10/30*/60*

*With celerities


  • Multiple personality disorder:
    • Nicholas has had his mind fractured. While Nicholas serves in the thralls of a dark master to whom he is bound, Nicholas himself is decent sort of vampire who is not overly thrilled with the way in which his master conducts things. Nicholas always works and hopes to convince his lord of the error of his ways.
    • The Lord of Raith is a different sort of beast entirely. Smooth, powerful and in control. He makes deals and bargains all over the show. Strong where Nick is weak, cruel where Nick is indifferent and purely malicious to those who have wronged him. He wants power, he craves it, and he will burn anyone who tries to stop him. He is cold and calculating.



  • MAC M10 (Dam: 3L, Rang: 20/40/80, Cap: 32+1, Str: -, Size: 1/L)
  • Sword Cane (Dam: 2L/B, Size: 2L, Dur: 3, Ap - 1)


  • Bullet-proof vest: Hidden underneath his fine, loose, silk shirt, Which is itself under fine and fancy jacket (Amour: 2/3, str: 1, Def: -1, Speed: 0)



  • I can afford my own Jets. Mundane equipment isn't a worry



  • Gem in the Garden ~ Level 1: This rite allows a cultist to peer into the mind and heart of a person to see what she desires most. Not what she most loves, or what she wants most purely, but that which she hopes to control, dominate or turn to her will. Casting this rite requires an extended and contested roll against the victim’s Composure + Supernatural Advantage, which is a reflexive and subconscious effort on the part of the target. Success grants the cultist knowledge of the target’s Vice, as well as a likely trigger that makes her indulge in her failing. Gem in the Garden can be cast against a victim only once per month, and imparts new information only if a new temptation comes into a subject’s life. Offerings: Opiate incense must be inhaled during the course of this rite.
  • Perverted Desire ~ Level 2: This rite allows the performer to tap into the most perverse and destructive desires of the dark and haunted corners of the human mind, bringing them to the forefront of a subject’s consciousness while instilling a compelling urge to act on them. Activation involves an extended and contested roll against the subject’s Composure + Supernatural Advantage, in which resistance is reflexive. If the cultist succeeds, the victim is subject to a horrible, grotesque urge from her own subconscious. This urge can be anything from eating bloody, raw meat to rolling in feces to copulating with a dead body. This doesn’t mean the victim falls reveling into a full-bore perversion, but she does take an action she would normally consider unacceptable — sniffing at the meat or groping the corpse. Because these are forced actions, such minor sins do not trigger degeneration rolls. If, however, an instilled perversion coincides with a character’s Vice, and the act falls below her moral threshold, a degeneration roll is called for. Once the rite is completed, it afflicts the victim in the next 24 hours, whenever she comes in contact with a suitable temptation — as determined by the nature of the offering. No more than one application of this effect can bear on a victim at one time. Offerings: The cultist must ritually indulge in a perverted act similar to the one on which the victim will dwell. Perverse ritual sex and castration are common offerings, as are eating grotesque and possibly harmful substances while chanting the name of the performer’s patron.
  • Dreams of Lust and terror ~ Level 3: The cultist is able to construct a dream in which to plunge a sleeping victim. This dream can portray anything the cultist wishes, but he doesn’t control the event once it is projected. Essentially, the cultist sets the stage, puts the dream into the mind of the sleeping victim and then lets the event run its course through the victim’s subconscious. Common uses of this rite involve dreams of sex, terror and/or perversion sent to either intimidate or inspire degeneracy in a victim. In the case of intimidation, successful use of the rite gives the cultist and anyone aware of the details of the dream a +4 bonus to Intimidation rolls against the victim for a week following the dream. Such manipulators can drop phrases to the subject to set her off, or prepare haunting scenes for her reminiscent of her nightmare. In the case of dreams of lust, the danger is in the dream itself. The victim is put into a situation in which she is free to act as she wishes. The Storyteller rolls Resolve + Composure on the victim’s behalf in a reflexive action. If the roll succeeds, the character is an observer of events rather than a participant. If the roll fails, she climbs in and is subject to a degeneration roll if her Morality is 4 or higher (victims with lower Morality are not especially tormented). Such is the trap of dreams of lust and power sent by Things; their temptations scar the soul as deeply as real sins do. This rite can be imposed upon a single victim only once a month. Offerings: Perverted sexual acts mingled with torture and combined with opiates partaken by everyone involved in the performance.
  • Inexorable Pull of entropy ~ Level 4: A more powerful version of Baleful Tribulation of the God, this rite brings forth the power of a being to actively warp the patterns of luck and fate around a victim, turning the very nature of the world against her. The performer must name a specific action when the rite is enacted. The next time the subject engages in that action, her normal dice pool is not rolled. A chance roll is made, instead. The curse can be as general (“When she next attacks me!”) or as specific (“When she next faces the Winged One under the light of the blood moon”) as the cultist chooses. The curse remains until its conditions are met. Performing the rite is an extended and contested action, with Resolve + Supernatural Advantage rolled refl exively for the intended target. Only one such curse can apply to a subject at a time. Offerings: Two ounces of the cultist’s own flesh.
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