Make-up of Chicago's supernatural's

1) Structures, both political and social:

1.1) Unified/Independent/Neutral Structures:
  • The Quorum
    • A 'Good-faith' assembly of Chicago's various supernaturals. Created as a sign of good will by the Magos Arch-chancellor in 1983. Meets once every 10 years, on the night of a full moon, largely ceremonial but the first two sessions have had heated discussions about preying/breeding grounds. The four large communities each have 5 delicates, 5 vampires (One per covenant by intention, population levels mean that the Ordo have 2), 5 Uthrua, 5 Mages (1 per order), 5 Changelings (Not representative of factions, but a party of the current ruling court), in addition there are 7 independent members who represent various smaller factions and communities within the greater city. Petition for membership is possible. Events are normally watched over by a heavy number of guards from all communities. [Political]
  • After-Hours
    • Night club for the dead and restless, owned and operated by The Ferryman (Mr. Chern) and independent member of the Quorum. After-Hours is "Quorum neutral territory" (More details of Mr.Chern listed under the "Other Figures" section) [Social]
  • Pentacle House
    • Supposed safe haven and refugee for any of Chicago's supernatural community who are in trouble. Created by the mages at the same time as the founding of the Quorum, it is effectively the supernatural version of the YMCA. It is Quorum neutral territory, and is operated by the Devit family (Dynasty of Proximus, influential within mage circles) [Social]
  • Westborow Offices
    • Mage Embassy. Quorum neutral territory (QNT). Small office building, sitting near the rivers fork. Those seeking contact with the mages, but not a mage themselves must seek audience here. [Political]
  • Chicago Botanical Gardens, "Winter wonderland" exhibit
    • Changeling Embassy. QNT. The Winter Wonderland exhibit in the botanical gardens is closed to the public from Mid January - November. Serves as the offices of the Summer court of the fey. [Political]
  • Six Flags
    • Goblin Market, Independent (Note, this does not mean neutral). In the Chicago of World of Darkness, Chicagos real life Six-flags resort closed down in 1983 after a 'gang-fight' during the game Civil war caused massive damage. The park was shut down for "health reasons" but somehow the property has never been officially re-purposed. While Goblin Markets are frowned upon the world over, and "efforts" were taken to remove it, the fact that it is one of the worlds largest and most powerful Goblin Markets means that its place is very secure. [Mixed]
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