Peaceful Repose Touch

Attack vs. MDV, sends target into various degrees of sleep, with additional mote dependant effects (2/4/6m) [S]

  • Waking level: The target is stunned through to there next action, in addition to this an unresisting target can be induced into normal sleep
  • Dreaming level: The target is forced into an unnatural sleep for 24 hours, this effect can be resisted by spending 1wp per action. Alternatively the target may not sleep for a number of days equal to the successes of the attack
  • Gossamer level: The target sleeps for as long as the martial artists wants, spending wp delays this effect. Only someone with an intimacy can wake the character from this sleep. The sidereal can also set conditions for waking as he pleases, in addition to this someone sleeping under this effect does not age and has no need for bodily functions. Alternatively the target may never sleep again and removes their ability to recover willpower naturally, in addition to this the target goes mad after a number of days equal to your willpower.
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