Portram Tobin
Portram Tobin; Blighted Schola: Pilgrimage + Thy Name I keep
Adept: [R1] Verispex Adept

"The Napoleon of Heresy!"

Rank (2)
XP 2300 (800 unspent)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
26 34 (2) 29 (3) 32 (3) 31 (8) 42 (3) 31 (4) 40 (3) 30
(20) +6 (20) +14 (20) +9 (20) +12 (20) +11 (20) +17 +5 (20) +11 (20) +15 +5 (20) +10
Wounds (11) Fate Points (2)
Insanity 22 Corruption 23



Common Lore: Ecclesiarchy (Int) Common Lore: Imperium (Int) Common Lore: Tech (Int)
Forbidden Lore: Daemonology (Int) Medicae (Int) Survival (Int)
Scholastic Lore: Legend (Int) Scholastic Lore: Occult (Int) Scholastic Lore: Chymistry (Int)
Trade: Copyist (Int) Invocation (WP)

Treated as Basic:

Forbidden Lore: Warp (Int) Forbidden Lore: Cults (Int) Forbidden Lore: heresy (Int)
Forbidden Lore: Psykers (Int)


  • Low Gothic
  • High Gothic
  • Literacy


Pistol Training (SP) Pistol Training (Las) Basic weapon Training (SP) Melee weapon Training (Prim)
Resistance: Psychic Powers Gain a +10 on any tests to resist the effects of "psychic powers" Strong Minded You may roll again on any failed WP check
Foresight By spending at least 10 minutes contemplating a ask, you may gain a +10 bonus to your next Int test Talented: Demonology Gain a +10 bonus on all Forbidden Lore: Daemonology tests
Talented: Medicae Gain a +10 Bonus on all Medicae tests Hardy: For the purposes of healing, you are only ever considered to be "lightly wounded"
Resistance: Cold Gain a +10 bonus on any test to resist the effects of "cold" Sprint When making a full move action, you may move an additional number of meters equal to your AG bonus. If taking a run action, you may double your rate of movement. 2 consecutive uses of Talent awards a point of fatigue
Total Recall Portram recalls all trivial details of his life, in the case of important details the GM may call for an Int test Sorcerer Through the influence of Dei-Phages hand, the art of sorcery has been whispered into Portrams mind. He gains an effective Psy Rating (2) and may know a number of powers equal to his WP bonus x3. However, every spell cast earns him 1d10 corruption - his WP bonus


Tempered Will Whenever the character would face a very hard WP test (-30) the maximum penalty is instead lowered to -20
Unnatural Intelligence (4) Tobin's Int bonus is increased by 4 points, further, whenever he would succeed on a Int test, he counts as having passed that test with an additional two (2) degrees of success than normal


Divination The truth is subjective: +3 Int, + 1d10 insanity
Dei-Phage's Hand Portram has replaced his left hand, from the shoulder down, with the left hand of the demon prince Dei-Phage. The hand is utterly invulnerable to most forms of conventional damage, providing 8 points of Armour to the left arm. Whenever the hand is used to kill another living being, Portram must make a willpower test or gain a further point of corruption. The arm is of course more than decorative, it is a powerful weapon
Boneslivers: R: 60m, Rate: S/2/-, Dam: 1d10+5R, Pen: 2, Clip: 10, Reload: Special, Special: Tearing
Claw: Melee, Dam: 1d10+2R, Pen: 4, Special: Hungry
Reload: The Dei-phage’s Hand does not need ammunition, instead growing a bony core from which ammunition is flaked off as needed. It can only be reloaded by draining the blood via the Hungry special rule or by the owner suffering one level of Fatigue to feed it his own blood. A single Fatigue level reloads the weapon to full capacity as a Free Action.
Hungry: A character taking damage from the Dei-Phage’s Hand in melee must make an Ordinary (+10%) Toughness Test or suffer 1 level of Fatigue as the weapon drains his blood. This only affects living creatures with a circulatory system – creatures with the Machine, Amorphous, or Strange Physiology traits may be immune if the Game Master determines that they would not be edible by the hand.

Psychic Powers and Sorcery

Arcana Threshold Level Focus Time Sustained Effect
Demon Wrack (23) Major (2) Full No Successful use of this power forces a warp entity to make an opposed WP test with the sorcerer or suffer the effects of Malediction (P.118 of DoTDG). Alternatively, if the demon has less than 50 WP, this power can also be used to force a Demonic mastery test to control it. Overbleed: Per every 5 points over the Threshold, the sorcerer receives a +10 to both the aforementioned checks, to a max of +30
Fire Bolt (13) Major (2) Half No The spell enables the caster to hurl a 1d10+5 bolt of psychic flame at a target within 100m, using WP in place of BS to aim. Overbleed: For every 5pts of over the Threshold, an additional bolt is generated, new targets can be selected for each additional bolt
Seal Wounds (12) Major (2) Half No This spell removes 1d10+WP bonus points of damage from a target within range (10m), this spell can heal critical damage as well as regular. Overbleed: For every 5pts over the Threshold this power can be extended a further 10m, target an additional character, or heal an additional 1d10+WP bonus in damage.
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Mutations and Malignancies

Fell Obsession Whenever possible, Portram likes to collect samples of the brain of various heretical psykers and sorcerers - taking them whole if possible - for later "study"


Weapons and armour:

Pump-action Shotgun R: 30m, Rate: S/-/-, Dam: 1d10+4, Pen: 0, Reload: full, Clip: 8, Special: Scatter, Reliable
Stub Revolver R:30m, Rate: S/-/-, Dam: 1d10+3, Pen: 0, Reload: half, Special: Reliable
Flak Jacket Gain (3) armour points to Body, legs and Arms


Medicae Servo-Skull Lots of little things, adds +10 to all Medicae tests
Medi-Kit Provides a +20 bonus on all Medicae tests


- -

Ammo Pouch:

- -


Thrones: 95

Heretical Items:

Liber Ex Mentis By studying the tome, gain a +10 on any single roll involving your next combat with a demon

Stuff to know!

Creating Pentagramic wards Creating a ward requires a Hard (-20) Forbidden Lore: Demonology test. Success creates a ward with a +0 modifier, with every 2 degrees of success imposing a -10 penalty on the Willpower test which a warp entity is required to make in order to bypass the ward
- Temporary wards: A temporary ward takes 1d10 minutes to create (though longer on larger objects, such as a house). The ward lasts for 1d5+degree of success hours.
- Ward effects: A warp entity wishing to interact with a ward (be it crossing one, touching a warded object or person, and so on) must pass a Willpower test to do so. If the entity fails the test by three (3) degrees or more, it suffers from a malediction. Passing the test by 3 or more degrees destroys the ward. Unless the ward is destroyed, an affecting entity must make the test each time
Creating drugs and medicine For the purposes of creating drugs and medicine, Medicae my be used as an extended action in place of Chem-use. The crafting of such items is a process of 3 parts: Skill, material and time. skill up to the player, while availability of material is both situational and GM dependant. Crafting time is a separate issue.
- Craft times: Natural drugs: 1d5 hours (4 extended action successes required), Synthetic drugs: 2d10 hours (8 extended action successes required)

Back Story

Abilities cheat sheet:

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