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Martial Arts: Violet Bier of sorrows style & Quicksilver staircase style

Out of caste:

  • Secrets of future strife: Double all "Join battle" dice pools (N/A) [P]
  • Blade of The Battle Maiden: For each 2 motes spent, the character adds one die to each unarmed Martial Arts attack and Parry DV for the remainder of the scene, to a max of Dex+M.A. The character can parry lethal damage without the use of a stunt. (2m+, +2wp) [R]


  • Quicksilver staircase: The sidereal is now perfectly aware of his mental states and is always a lucid dreamer, he remembers all his dreams perfectly and gains a number of traits in various environments: the character is more intrinsically aware of dreams and illusions and knows such an effect when he sets eyes on it. He does not see through it wholly, but knows it is not real. The sidereal can also handle and control "dream stuff" the material both dreams and the wyld are made of, as if it was any normal physical material. Finally The sidereal is resistant to the effects of dreams and the wyld. All wyld zones are treated as being 2 steps closer to creation for all effects there of. (N/A) [P]
  • Peaceful repose touch: Attack vs. MDV, sends target into various degrees of sleep, with additional mote dependant effects (2/4/6m) [S]

- Waking level: The target is stunned through to there next action, in addition to this an unresisting target can be induced into normal sleep

- Dreaming level: The target is forced into an unnatural sleep for 24 hours, this effect can be resisted by spending 1wp per action. Alternatively the target may not sleep for a number of days equal to the successes of the attack

- Gossamer level: The target sleeps for as long as the martial artists wants, spending wp delays this effect. Only someone with an intimacy can wake the character from this sleep. The sidereal can also set conditions for waking as he pleases, in addition to this someone sleeping under this effect does not age and has no need for bodily functions. Alternatively the target may never sleep again and removes their ability to recover willpower naturally, in addition to this the target goes mad after a number of days equal to your willpower.

  • Fervent night Phantasm: Attack can forsake damage and imbue a mental effect on either a dreaming or waking target, the effects of which are dependant on what level the charm is activated. The full implanted dreams do not take time to fashion or require additional actions by the sidereal once implanted unless other wise stated so. (2/4/6m) [S]

- Waking level: The dream remains latent in the target until his next sleep. It is just a dream with no physical or metaphysical consequences. However the target experiences the dream vividly and remembers it deeply, enabling it as a platform for social attacks.

- Dreaming level: The target dreams while waking, inducing full mental illusions into the targets mind, visiting upon him a wide variety of effects with sensual stimuli equal in power to a brass band. This effect lasts a scene but spending willpower can suppress it for an action. Implanting a new dream destroys an old one.

- Gossamer level: The martial artist takes full control of the targets consciousness, and keeps it for as long as she likes and can stay awake as long as he likes. There are no limits to the extent and power of these illusions.

  • Dream ravager hand: Forsaking damage the martial artist can pull the dreams out of a the targets mind and bring them into reality and hold the dreams there. The effect this has varies on the level of charms use. (2/4/6m) [S]

- Waking level: The martial artist removes a targets dreams which they are currently having or their most recent dreaming periods. This effect is harmless but it removes the memory of the dream, this charm allows for dream analysis and understanding.

- Dreaming level: This level allows the martial artist to remove the targets ability to dream, removing their dreams disables to ability to regain willpower through most means.

- Gossamer level: This level allows the user to keep the targets dreams for as long as they like, having the same effect as the above abilities but in addition to this the target goes insane in the same manner as with the peaceful touch charm.

  • Ephemeral Presence technique: In any scene in which this charm is active the martial artists increases his dodge DV by 2 and his Dex increases by 1 for the purposes of movement rates. In the boarder march or area's of poor visibility this does to DV increases by Essence and adds essence to dex for movement rates, the character always has cover for the purposes of re-establishing surprise, all visibility penalties against the character are doubled while he suffers none. In area's of no visibility or in the middle march, all dice pools to detect the character drop to zero before the use of charms or stunts, in addition to this all visibility penalties are doubled, if the character is detected any attackers combat dice pool drops to zero prior to the use of charms or stunts. The character also adds his essence as automatic successes on any perception rolls. (10m) [Sim]


  • Absence: Ignore all penalties to dodge DV for a turn (2m) [R]
  • Duck fate: By making a Dex+dodge roll vs. opponents Essence, the sidereal may perfect dodge any attack. This attack may include any effect which could be deemed harmful by the sidereal, of which unexpected attacks, AoE attacks, attacks with no physical components, or even continuous effects with a duration longer than instant. Attacks with exceptional wide areas of effect may defeat this charm. (10m) [R]
  • Avoidance Kata: Within the first 2 actions after a join battle or join debate, the sidereal can decide that he rather not have been there at all. Back tracking through the loom of fate, the sidereal teleports to an area which would have been a reasonable alternative place for him to be at this time. An illusionary effect removes the memory of the sidereal from peoples minds. All effects still confer however. (2m) [R]


  • Icy Touch: Force touched bureaucrat to perform a set task to the best of their ability for 5 days, with additional Martial arts attack for unwilling targets. (1m) [S]
  • Terminal Sanction: Force spirit/god/demon/etc to materialise in front of you, then make a check to visit a number of different effects upon them. (8m + 1wp) [S]


  • Methodology of secrets approach: Until next periods of extended sleep, gain up to a 3 dice speciality of your choosing. (5m) [M]
  • Of secrets yet untold: Provide a spirit/god/demon/etc with a piece of hidden lore that not even the sidereal knows, this spirit is then bound not to take hostile actions against you, until such time as fate itself calls in the favour granted through the passed information. (5m + 1wp) [S]


  • Mark of exaltation: See unmanifested entities within Essence x 5 yards of the sidereal and gain 1 additional automatic success on social interactions with any such entities for the scene. (2m) [R]


  • Effective Secretary technique: Send tiny personal pattern-spider to search the loom of fate, any known libraries, or halls of records for piece of non-obscured information. (2m) [M]
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