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  • Gregious Davian - Dispossessed Sorcerer, rightful heir of Cheliax, bit of a grifter.


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Vampire: Belfast

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Word of Darkness

Hunter: Belfast
Vampire: New York
Saturday Morning Mages: Chicago
Hunter: Belfast

The Hunters Casebook
The Hunt Agency
House Rules For Hunter

  • Marc Maylawl - Alias: "Tech-head", the cells leading man when it comes to either technological or occult information
  • Adam Knight - Alias: "Cover-up", working to protect the cell from inside the law, Knight is also the groups descent badass
  • "Slashie" - Crazy MoFo with a sword. Also teaches P.E to school kids…
  • "Dick-joke" - A family man and life guard, loves to insult peoples genitals…
Werewolf: ?
Mage: Chicago ~ Noir

Noir setting notes

Mage: Chicago

Notes, events and plot points

Changeling: Detroit

Yana-Jaga Baba

Mortal (ish): Chicago

Mutants and Masterminds (2nd)

  • Rick O'shea - PL8, Boston-Irish orphan with elasticity




Pathfinder: Gavin

Adventures in Scarlet

Rogue Trader

Exalted: Glenn's

This week in creation!!

  • Emerald Loomweaver - Hard Boiled Sidereal, with a habit for getting caught up in strange situations.
  • Farmer of Farmers - Lunar: Character redesign underway!
  • Solar Sammi - A renegade Abyssal bounty hunter, just looking to go straight.
  • Cynis Kozen - Noble Dragon blooded, out to prove his name.
  • Mr.Sunshine - Cast out Vizier of defunct southern kingdom, now an Infernal looking for revenge.
  • Vibrant Vib - A dethroned child king, now Infernal speed-demon.

Other Exalts:

  • Veronika Espin - Young Dragonblooded from lookshy, with a big friend.

Dark Heresy:

World of Darkness: Stuarts

World of Darkness: Other

Wiki Templates and random characters:

D&D 3.5/Pathfinder:

Dark Heresy:

Ascension Characters:
Solomon Nilthus - Now a vindicare, bitches
Inquisitor Rilden

Rogue trader:





New World of Darkness:




Old World of Darkness:


  • Ammar - Holy man and spiritual wanderer from India (8th Generation Ravnos)
  • Nicolas Mathers - Defunct scholar, progenitor of Neo-objectivism
  • Tony Stroguard - British gangster thug, Gargoyle (10th gen)
  • Lucius Bordo - Seemingly gentle and kindly priest, horrible rapey shadow monster. Angellis Ater (10th gen)
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