Recollection Of Salvation



Caste: - Starmetal Anima: - The Starmetal coils

Concept: - Chosen scout, researcher and lore master collector of the Creation on behalf of Autocathionia

Motivation: - To seek out and judge a means by which the people of all Authcathionia might escape the dying body of their primordial god and escape into creation

XP total: 0, XP unspent: 0,

= Attributes =

Caste Favoured
Dexterity: (4/10*), Intelligence: (7), Manipulation: (3)

Perception: (3), Wits: (3), Stamina: (6)

Strength: (5/11*), Charisma: (3), Appearance: (2)

*For movement purposes when uncompressed

= Abilities =

Martial arts (4), Craft - All (5*), Linguistics - Autocathonian, Old Realm, High Realm (3), Lore (5*), Dodge (6*), Occult (2), Stealth (2), Larceny (2), Survival (2), Investigation (2)

*All item and charm bonuses applied

= Backgrounds =

Class (3), Eidolon (5), Artefact (4), Savant (3), Backing - Tripartite of XXXXXXXXX (1)

= Essence and Virtues =

Compassion: 3 / Conviction: 3 / Temperance: 1 / Valour: 2

Virtue flaw -

Willpower: 6 - [],[],[],[],[],[],


Rating: (3) = Personal: 15 / Peripheral: 22 / Committed: 16

Anima Effect:
Add (Essence ÷ 2 - rounded up) to all attack, damage and Join Battle rolls for the scene

= Status and Equipment =


  • Synthetic Leather reinforced buff Jacket (Soak: +7L/+10B, Hard: 5L/5B, Mob: -0, Fat: 1, Attune: 3m) [4]
  • Precision goggles (Grant a +3 bonus on all craft rolls, in addition, by spending 3m the goggles also grant a technical read-out for any magitech it sees, granting a further +1 bonus and lowering the repair rating of an item by 1. Attune :1m) [2]
  • Victorious Generals Ga-lea (Grants the wearer +2 MDV and +1 DV, further, the starmetal versions grant a +2 bonus to all lore rolls and a +1 bonus to re-establish surprise. Attune:4) [3]
  • Starmetal Beamstaff (Speed: 4, Acc: +4, Dam: +7L/15B, Def: +3, Rate: 3, Attune: 5, Special: Any non-magical weapons struck by the beamstaff are destroyed, any non-magical amour struck has the raw damage of the attack permanently reduce the bashing and lethal soak of the amour. All parry successes against beam weapons are halved, blocks and deflections with natural weapons deal 2 further points of lethal damage, with extra's having their limbs sundered) [4]
  • Starmetal hearthstone bracers (+3 bonus dodge, grants benefit of heartstone contact, increases the Accuracy and defence of weapons by 1) [2]
  • Trinket of dignified conduct (Grants the wearer +1 MDV, and with the additional investment of 2m grants +2 investigation. Attune: 4) [2]


Dodge D.V =
Mental D.V =

Health and soak:

-0: [] (1)
-1: [], [] (2)
-2: [], [], [], [], [] (5)
-4: [] (1)
Incapacitated: (0/1)


= Charms =

Dedicated Charm slots: (4)

  • Forth Intelligence Augmentation - Per time buying the charm, the Alchemical increases the maximum score an attribute can be increased to by 1 beyond their normal maximum, in addition to this, the alchemical is granted a dot in that attribute for all intents and purposes except for the cost of buying new dots - in which case these added dots are excluded. (N/A), [P], {Sx2}, <C: 1m>
  • Sixth Intelligence Augmentation: Craft - Whenever the Alchemical would roll an dice pool using the chosen attribute and ability combination, the ability is treated as if it was at the highest possible score. In addition to this, whenever the Alchemical rolls this pool he may add up to a +3 speciality in the selected ability. (N/A), [P], = Sub-Modules: Synthetic competency upgrade x3 =
  • Clockwork Intelligence Perfected Nodes - Whenever the Alchemical would make a roll using the selected attribute, he may instead gain a number of automatic successes equal to half the total dice pool he would roll. (N/A), [R] ~Ex:1~

General Charm slots: (4)

  • Omni-tool implant. (4m), [R],
  • Techno-morphic integration engine. (1m/varies), [Sim], {Sx1}
  • Manifold Trans-human implants (N/A), [P], {Sx2} - Granting 16MP, 12mp used, spent thusly:
  1. Giant; Doubles size and adds 3 to strength and stamina (compressed until needed) (4mp)
  2. Cheetahs pace; When dashing or moving at full speed, the exalts Dex increases by 6, the same is true for strength when jumping distance is required (compressed until needed) (4mp)
  3. Inexhaustible; The exalt no longer suffers fatigue from any source (2mp)
  4. Impossible joints: The exalt can fold herself into incredible spaces and in impossible ways, in addition gain +2 stealth and athletics when applicable (2mp)

= Dice Pool cheat sheet =

= Play style =

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