Rex Bannerman


Virtue: Fortitude / Vice: Wrath

Description: As an adult Rex seems like a straight-talking, occasionally hard drinking, often vice indulging, serious and no-nonsense kind of guy. Growing up in an orphanage and never knowing his family. Being an underfunded innercity orphanage, there was not much for Rex to do as a child, save for the few movies that the orphanage had sitting around; Sam Spade was his superman and Philip Marlowe his Thor. At the age of 14 Rex discovered that he was special, that he had gifts. Having an unusual connection the spirit world, Rex is nothing like the shamans that one might imagine. More a being of force of will and power than one of spirituality and communion, Rex grew up alone yet surrounded.

Eventually becoming a PI, like the heroes of his youth, Rex channels both their style and his command over the spirit world to take on cases that most modern detectives would not dream of. Having established himself somewhat as a specialist in his field, Rex sees a healthy amount of business and a few choice contracts from the CPD, whenever something strange turns up on the beat.

Age: 31
XP total: 10, XP unspent: 0


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (3), Wits (2), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity (2), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (3), Composure (2)


Mental Skills
Investigation: (3)*, Occult: (2), Academics (1), Science (1),

Physical Skills
Firearms (2)*, Brawl (1), Athletics (1),

Social Skills
Persuasion (3)*, Socialise (3), Intimidate (2), Subterfuge (2), Streetwise (1),

Occult: [Spirits +2]
Persuasion: [Information], [Spirits +2]
Firearms: [Pistol]


Professional Training ~ Detective (3) The professional training merit grants a number of sub-benefits which are detailed below, some work off the total number of dots in the rank. Starting
(1) - Networking: Gain the Contacts merit equal to your dots in professional training dots, these dots pertain to 1 primary field of contacts plus 1 sub-field per additional dot. At this level, Rex has contacts with: Cops, Occultists and The underworld Aggregate
(2) - Continued education: Gain a 3rd asset skill related to your profession, what's more, you may gain a free speciality in that skill Aggregate
(3) - Breath of Knowledge: The cost of buying specialities in your Asset skills drops to 2xp per speciality Aggregate
Area of Expertise ~ Occult: [Spirits] (2) Your speciality in Occult increases to +2 Starting
Interdisciplinary speciality (1) Your speciality in Occult: [Spirits] now also applies to your Persuasion Starting
Fame (1) Rex is known in certain circles for his particular brand of detective work. While occasionally using odd methods/having odd customers, he still needs to run a business here. Gain a +1 bonus on all socialise rolls with folks who may have heard of you. Bought
Retainer (1) Retainers are personal assistants and helpers, the number of dots in retainer reflects the number and quality of those followers Bought
Beta-Thrax: a Rank 1 technology spirit who normally resides within Rex's phone. Formerly the spirit of a Beta-max tape who Rex 'freed' after smashing it against a wall Aggregate
Contacts ~ Spirit court (1) You do enough cases and you turn a few heads, sometimes you meet people a long the way. The Spirit world is a tough place to make friends though Bought
Resources (1) Its a living… Bought
Barfly (1) Rex has a gift for getting into places. No matter what town or city, Rex always how to get into anything from a nightclub to an up scale restaurant Bought


Rex is a Proximus upon the path of the Thyrsus, though his orphan heritage prevents him from finding others of his kind. Along with the minor power which is granted to him by his magical blood, it also brings with it a great curse.

Merits and Blessings:

Sleepwalker You may witness improbable or Vulgar magic without increasing nearby causes of paradox Birthright
Proximus ~ Thyrsus You inheritance of a magical bloodline leads you to have access to some minor forms of awakened magic. While far from awakening, indeed you may never yourself awaken, you have been touched by the supernal Birthright
Coaxing the Spirits (2) By invoking the minor spirits of an item, Rex can make it a more useful tool. Gain a +1 bonus on all uses of an item in regards to its intended function, equal to the number of successes on a Presence+Socialise roll Duration: Prolonged (Scene). [Spirit 1] Blessing
Spirit Tongue (2) Though able to only detect them while in the shadow, With a Presence+Socialise roll (excesses successes used to over come attempts to hide) Rex is otherwise able to see, hear and talk to spirits (and to a lesser extent Ghosts) that are within range of his normal sense, Duration: Prolonged (Scene) [Spirit 1] Blessing
Lesser Spirit summoning (3) Rex Can put out a call to either a specific spirit or a kind of spirit (or all spirits within a short distance for the cost of 1 mana) and that spirit is compelled to appear before him with all due haste. The call can either be in the form of a polite request or a dominating command, the effects are the same either way. This spell does not compel a spirit to act in a certain way, that must be done either socially or through other spells. A Manipulation+Persuasion roll is required and the Duration is prolonged. [Spirit 2] Blessing

Blessings are purchased as supernatural Merits with a cost equal to the rote’s level + 1. Every Dynasty has its own Blessings; it may not learn others. It has the potential to access 30 dots worth of these rotes, but no single rote can require more than 4 dots in an Arcanum. Blessing rotes are tied to the Proximus’ inherited Path. The first 20 dots require the Path’s Ruling Arcana. The last 10 can belong to any primary Arcanum except for the Path’s Inferior Arcana. Blessings are usually well known rotes. There have been exceptions; Proximi who Awaken often refine these into rotes any mage can use, expanding the breadth of magical knowledge.

Blessings don’t grant the ability to use creative thaumaturgy. Only Blessings with countermagic abilities grant the ability to repel enemy magic. Proximi may not augment Blessings with words of power, Atlantean runes or magical tools. Proximi can learn the High Speech but can’t use it for magical purposes. Blessings are less powerful than comparable rotes (there’s no Arcana rating to boost their dice pools) but do have distinct benefits over Awakened spells. Blessings don’t invoke Paradoxes, but Sleepers misremember them as if they were true spells. They don’t require rote mudras or especially intense concentration, so Proximi don’t suffer penalties for using them while grappled (see Mage, pp. 111-112). Unlike mages, Proximi have no innate ability to sense supernatural phenomena. They must possess the Unseen Sense Merit or use a Blessing that grants supernatural senses.

Perhaps it is a legacy of his blood tie to the spirits and the deals one needs to broker in order to traffic with them, but Rex is cursed with a bond of his word. If, in a single scene, a particular request is asked of Rex more than 3 times, unless he expends a point of willpower, Rex feels compelled to carry out that request to the best of his ability.


Morality: (5) Mana: (5/5)
Health: (7/7) Willpower: (4/4)

Initiative: +4
Defence: 2 / Amour: ?
Speed: 9







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