Rosser Hopkins
"Rosser Hopkins"; A man in search of inner peace, Thearch (Obrimos), Lictor of the Silver Ladder, Hell-Hound: Hound of Annwn (Left Handed)

Shadow Name: "Sorebrek" (Shore-Berk)

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Virtue: Faith / Vice: Wrath

Concept: A broken man, once good, has corrupted his life's work in hopes of regaining happiness.
Description: Torn apart by the death of his wife and child, Rosser finds himself turning to any and all means by which he can regain his lost happiness. Knowing that resurrection, true resurrection, is a task which he may never be able to achieve, Rosser is willing to betray every principle he once held dear in order to bring himself some peace.

Age: 32
XP total: 10 (+10 Wisdom), XP unspent: 0


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (3), Wits (3), Resolve (3)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity (2), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (2), Composure (2)


Mental Academics (2) Crafts (3) Investigation (2) Occult (4)
Physical Athletics (2) Survival (2)
Social Animal Ken (3) Expression (2)* Persuasion (2)*


  • Crafts: [Phantasmal]
  • Occult: [Atlantean Magic]
  • Animal Ken: ["Dogs"]

(*) = Rote specialities


High Speech (1) - Granted: Template
Sanctum (1) - Starting
Library (1): - Bought (2xp)
Hallow (1): - Bought (2xp)
Status ~ The Silver Ladder (2) - Bought (6xp)

Mage traits


Gnosis: (3)
Forces (1) Spirit (2) Prime (3)


Bolt of Heaven (3) Dex + Occult + Prime + Misc The mage flings a ball of glowing, fiery energy at a target. This projectile is large enough that targets gain their Defense against it. One point of bashing damage is inflicted per success. With Prime 4, damage is lethal and the mage can choose to directly attack a target’s Pattern instead of casting it as an aimed spell (the target resists, subtracting Stamina from the caster’s roll). With Prime 5, one Mana can be spent to make the damage aggravated


Opening the Door Entering Annwn requires the mage to access a 3-dot or greater Hallow with resonance of emptiness, isolation or related themes. The mage must allow Mana to build up in the Hallow until it is full, then dramatically alter the resonance by either defiling it with destroyed purity (most Hellhounds use the blood of humans or traditionally “pure” animals such as white lambs) or successfully casting the Prime ••• spell “Disguise Resonance” with a –3 dice penalty. When the mage absorbs all Mana from the Hallow, he is able to undergo a meditative journey to project himself into Annwn. The journey requires 10 successes on an extended meditation roll and consumes all the Mana absorbed from the Hallow if successful. The mage’s body is left behind, helpless, as with an Astral journey. Most Cwn Annwn use Life magic to extend the time they can safely stay in Annwn without eating or drinking. Upon returning to the Fallen World for the first time, the Gardener is linked to a Hound of Annwn, a being of the Lower Depths that now serves as a familiar.
Hound of Annwn: A Hound of Annwn is not a spirit or a demon. A hound is intangible and invisible, existing only in Twilight as scraps of primordial energy. It can be detected by mages using Death • and Prime • or Spirit • and Prime • to look into the specific wavelength of Twilight it exists in, in which case it appears as a large, skinless quadruped somewhat reminiscent of a dog. A hound forms a familiar-like bond to its host mage (any existing familiars are consumed by the hound), who can sense and cast through it as per the Familiar rules in Mage: The Awakening.
Rank: 2 / Attributes: Power 5, Finesse 5, Resistance 3 / Initiative: 10 / Defense: 5 / Speed: 25 (Species factor 15) / Size: 4 / Hounds have no Willpower or Corpus. They may spend Willpower points from their hosts’ Willpower pool, and wounds inflicted on them appear on the host. If the host dies, the hound is banished back to the Lower Depths. Hounds have no Influences or Essence but may destroy material patterns with a Power + Finesse roll. Living beings may reflexively oppose this roll with Stamina + Gnosis. Every success deals one level of bashing damage to a living being or removes one point of Structure from everything within the (host mage’s Gnosis x3) feet. When a hound destroys patterns in this way, a sound like a dog howling is audible even without magic. Successfully scrutinizing a hound or anything it has attacked reveals it to have the same resonance as its host mage. Hounds are not entirely under the control of their host mage. To direct a hound to attack a specific target or prevent it from feeding requires the player of the host mage to succeed at a Resolve + Animal Ken roll. If the roll fails when the hound wishes to attack, the host mage can sate it for 24 hours by spending a point of Mana.


A sense of fragility extends from the mage, touching all things. Those who sense the nimbus feel as though they are standing on thin ice, walking on egg shells, as if the whole world is made of delicate glass, just waiting to be smashed. Those effected often feel the need to hesitate or 'pull their punches' for fear of breaking the very earth




Wisdom: (5) Mana: (10/10)
Health: (7/7) Willpower: (5/5)
Initiative: +2 Defence: 2 / Amour: 1/0 Speed: 14


Soul Stone:
While in his grasp (or at least within 20ft of him), this soul fragment enables Rosser to make better use of its potential. It confers the following powers and abilities:

  • Any persistent magical effect the caster wishes to place upon his soul stone have their duration increased by two-steps in their duration scale. Making the average "scene" last around 12hours and any basic "prolonged" last 2 days.
  • Any spells from the ruling arcana (Death & Matter) of the soul in question, add +1 to any dice pools
  • All paradox the mage would induce has the roll reduced by 1 die.
  • Once per day, at the cost of 1 willpower, the mage may make any vulgar spell he wishes to cast covert








Rosser Hopkins, born in Scotland, gained American citizenship


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