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Magnus Kemlure, Keeper of 'The Word'

Alignment: Neutral / Race: Illumian / Class(es): Marshall (1st) / True-namer (8th) / Bereft (5th)

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AC HP Fort Reflex Will Initiative B.A-B F.A-B
21 75 +6 +6 +13 +3 +10/+5 +13/+5 (+18/+10)*
Score Mundane Half Fiend Half Celestial
Strength: 10 (-) 14 (+2) 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 16 (+3) 20 (+5) 18 (+4)
Constitution: 12 (+1) 14 (+2) 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 22 (+6) 26 (+8) 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 13 (+1) 13 (+1) 17 (+3)
Charisma: 22 (+6) 24 (+7) 26 (+8)


  • Skill Focus - True Speak (+3 to True Speech checks) [Human bonus]
  • Enhanced Power Sigils (Illumian sigil's grant an addition +1 on top of their normal bonus) [1st]
  • Item Familiar (Gain a series of benefits and a powerful ally, see below for details) [3rd]
  • True naming prodigy (+4 on your effective true namer levels) [5th]
  • Quicken Utterance (By increasing your Truespeak DC by 20, you can cast an utterance as a swift action) [7th]
  • Knowledge Devotion (By succeeding in a knowledge check against a foe's type. If the result is in excess of 36, for the rest of the combat, the devotee gains a +5 to hit and damage. All checks lower than 36 receive a mere +4 to hit and damage. Only one such check needs to be made per combat) [9th]
  • Extend utterance (By increasing the Truespeak DC by 5, the length of any non-instant utterance is doubled) [11th]
  • Words of creation (Allows the use of the Words of creation, see below for details.) [13th]
  • Skill Focus - Diplomacy (+3 to Diplomacy checks) [Class granted]
  • True name research (By spending time researching a targets true name, all truespeak checks against that target receive a +4 bonus) [Class granted]
  • Recitation of the fortified state (By making a truespeak check, gain a bonus to natural amour equal to 1/3rd your effective truenamer level) [Class granted]


True Speak: +68/+71 /+76/+83 (lvl+3=17 Ranks, Item Familiar bonus = 17, Int Mod = +6, Chr mod = +8, Skill focus = +3, Sigil = +3, Item= +10 enchantment bonus, Item = +2 circumstance bonus, Aid another action from Lash =+2 / Utterance buff = +5/ Improvisation buff = +7/In half-X mode = +3)

Skills Rank and Total Skills Rank and Total
Knowledge [Religion] +32 (17+6+6+3) Use Magic Device +26 (17+6+3)
Knowledge [Arcane] +35 (17+6+6+3+3) Bluff +26 (17+6+3)
Knowledge [Dungeoneering] +32 (17+6+6+3) Diplomacy +29 (17+6+3+3)
Knowledge [Planes] +35 (17+6+6+3+3) Linguistics +32 (17+6+6+3)
Knowledge [Nature] +35 (17+6+6+3+3) Intimidate +32 (17+6+3)
Knowledge [Geographyl] +32 (17+6+6+3) Fly +17 (14+3)*


  • Common (humans and the core races from Races), Abyssal (demons and other chaotic evil outsiders), Aklo (derros, inhuman or otherworldly monsters, evil fey), Aquan (aquatic creatures, water-based creatures), Auran (flying creatures, air-based creatures), Celestial (angels and other good outsiders), Draconic (dragons, reptilian humanoids), Dwarven (dwarves), Elven (elves, half-elves), Giant (cyclopses, ettins, giants, ogres, trolls), Goblin (bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins), Ignan (fire-based creatures), Infernal (devils and other lawful evil outsiders), Sylvan (centaurs, fey creatures, plant creatures, unicorns), Terran (earth-based creatures), Undercommon (drow, duergar, morlocks, svirfneblin)


  • Illumian racial traits: Power sigil: Namn+Vaul +2 to all Int and Chr checks and all Int and Chr based skills, Glyphic resonance: If your HD is lesser than that of the caster of any Glyph, Rune, Symbol or sigil spell, the Illumian receive -4 on all saves made against such spells. If your HD is higher, you are immune to such spells. Final Utterance: When the Illumian dies her body releases a final store of energy for 1round per HD. During these rounds the Illumian the Illumian can continue to talk, curse, or give prophetic messages. Save bonus: +2 to all saves against spell of the Shadow descriptor.
  • Aura: Motivated intelligence Gain a bonus to all Int based skills equal to your Chr bonus (+6)
  • Know personal true-name: Gain a +4 circumstance bonus on true-speech checks against yourself (Bringing the total bonus to +8 to effect self)
  • Knowledge focus: At levels x,y and z, you can choose a different kind of knowledge skill and a gain a +3 bonus in that school. You can chose the same school more than once for a greater bonus
  • See the Named: By making a truename check on a target, the true namer may use Scrying as a supernatural ability which does not require the use of a pool or a mirror
  • Syllables of Unmaking: Granting access to 5 different abilities, each syllable is different but shares some similar characteristics; They are all Spell-like abilities, each requires a true speak check, each is subject to the Law of Resistance, they have a 60ft range and each is treated as though a spell of the characters HD
    • Syllable of detachment: By successfully making a true-name check against a target, that target receives a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saves, and all checks for 5 rounds.
    • Syllable of Affliction: By successfully making a true-name check against a target, that target must make a will save or lose access to one of their senses for 5 rounds, as per the "blindness/deafness" spell
    • Syllable of Exile: By successfully making a true-name check against a target, that target is sucked into a pocket dimension, as per the "maze" spell. This effect only lasts for 1 round, however.
    • Syllable of Dissolution: By successfully making a true-name check against a target, that target takes 8d6 damage.
    • Syllable of Enervation: By successfully making a true-name check against a target, that target gains 2 negative levels. There is no save for these levels.
Half Fiend Granted: Half Celestial Granted:
Large, leathery bat-like wing, granting flight at base-speed Large, feathering, angel-like wings, granting flight at double base-speed
+1 Natural amour +1 Natural amour
Gain two 1d4 claw attacks and a 1d6 bite attack -
Smite Good 1/day Smite evil 1/day + Daylight at will
Spell-like abilities: Darkness 3/day, Desecrate 1/day, Unholy blight 1/day, Poison 3/day, Contagion 1/day, Blasphemy 1/day, Unholy aura 3/day, Unhallow 1/day Spell-like abilities: Protection from evil 3/day, Bless 1/day, Aid 1/day, Detect evil 1/day, Cure serious wounds 1/day, neutralise poison 1/day, Holy smite 1/day, remove disease 1/day, Dispel evil 1/day, Holy word 1/day, Holy aura 3/day, Hallow 1/day
Dark-vision 60ft Dark-vision 60ft
Immunity to Poison Immunity to Disease
Resistance 10: to cold, acid, electricity and fire Resistance 10: to cold, acid, electricity and fire
Damage Reduction: 10/magic + Spell resistance: 24 Damage Reduction: 10/magic + Spell resistance: 24
  • Words of Creation:

While Words of Creation are used in combination with a beings true-name, it unlocks a series of additional abilities and uses which are normally beyond the kin of your average true-namer.

  • The following effects can be wielded while using The Words. Using the words in such a way is full round action, and deals 5d4 nonlethal damage.
    • Impose a -4 penalty on a creatures saving throws to resist compulsion effects
    • Reduce a creatures spell resistance by 4 or DR by 5. This reduction lasts for 1 minute
    • Can teleport or greater teleport on the being without including yourself in the spells list of targets
    • If creature is summoned with a planar binding spell, you gain a +6 to compel its service

Item Familiar: Lash'uriel

Lash'uriel is a simple, silver banded ring, whose entire substance is not actually made of single silver piece but rather is forged from hundreds of different strings of silver, each one a different Truename inscription banded together into what appears to be a solid band

Familiar Abilities:

  • Invest skill ranks: see explanation of truespeak skill.

Item Abilities:

Int Wsh Chr
16 12 12

Lash'uriel is a sapient item, possessing the above mental scores. It has an ego score, but it totally loyal to its master. In addition to mere sapience Lash'uriel also possesses extraordinary senses. Able to see and hear within 60ft and grants the wielder access to the Alertness Feat. It can also communicate through telepathy to its owner within 120ft and can communicate in common when it wishes, but also knows 6 other languages. Lash'uriel is not without purpose however, taking the portion of a true name which it was granted, it plans to further its mastery and one day use such powers to render himself an actual person.

Special Powers:

  • Lash'uriel has 10 ranks in Truespeak in its own right
  • Lash'uriel can cast Dimension door at will.

Items, gear and equipment:

Magical Equipment:

  • Greater amulet of the Silver tongue (+10 enchantment bonus to True speech checks)
  • Cloak of Charisma (+4 bonus to Chr)
  • Headband of Intellect (+4 bonus to Int)
  • Wand of Improvisation (Grants a +7 luck bonus to skills for 7 turns, X50 charges)
  • Brest plate of command (This +2 breastplate bestows a commanding aura upon its wearer. The wearer gains a +2 competence bonus on all Charisma checks, including Charisma-based skill checks. The wearer also gains a +2 competence bonus to his Leadership score. Friendly troops within 360 feet of the user become braver than normal, gaining a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws against fear. Since the effect arises in great part from the distinctiveness of the armor, it does not function if the wearer hides or conceals herself in any way)

Mundane Equipment:

  • Masterwork tome of names (book in which all names and researches are recorded)

Other Items:

GP Pouch

History and Back story:

Utterances and Lexicons

Lexicon of the Evolving mind

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Universal aptitude Silent caster Incarnation of the angels Spell rebirth
Inertia surge Speed of the Zephyr Seek the sky Ward of peace
Word of Nurturing, minor Temporal twist Temporal spiral Word of Nurturing, potent

Lexicon of Crafted tool

1st 2nd 3rd
Keen Weapon Agitate metal Rebuild Item
Fortify Amour Analyse Item Suppress Item

Lexicon of the perfected map

1st 2nd
Shield of the landscape Speak rock to mud
Fog from the void Transform the landscape

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