Saul Knox
Werewolf (Itheaur of the Bone Shadows)

"Pay Each Spirit in Kind"

Virtue: Charity / Vice: Pride

Description: A tall and somewhat gangly young man, Saul is late generation Chinese by descent but retaining only a hint of his heritage at first sight. Gifted of both wisdom and cunning, young Saul, youngest cub of the second line of the Knox family, has recently underwent the first change and seeks to use its powers to expand upon his natural inclinations. Studious and self-stimulating, Saul was nurtured well by his family. The Knox line having a long standing relationship with the Bone Shadows and their assorted lodge's, Saul was 'home' schooled in the traditions and lore of the greater world that was his birthright. Loving the stories and traditions from childhood, as he grew older and became more involved in the "family business", Saul travelled far and wide and immersed himself in the varied cultures of the world - even venturing as far as his families natives lands in Tibet - When the first-change occurred however, Saul returned home, knowing that his journey was yet to truly begin.

Age: 24
XP total: 6 XP remaining: 4


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (3), Wits (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (2), Dexterity (2), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (3), Manipulation (2), Composure (2)


Mental Skills

  • Academics (2), Science (1), Investigation (2), Medicine (2), Occult (4),

Physical Skills

  • Athletics (1), Brawl (2), Survival (1),

Social Skills

  • Empathy (2), Socialise (2), Persuasion (3),


  • Brawl: [katar +2], [Shifted]
  • Occult: [Spirits: +3]
  • Survival: [Shifting]
  • Persuasion: [Spirits: +3]

[0xp spent]


Veteran (3) ~ Occultist Saul was raised on knowledge of the spirit world, the role and presence of the wolfs, and formally schooled as such. He treats his occult speciality in Spirits as being 2 higher, in addition his speciality in using his ceremonial weapon increases by 1. Further investment in this merit can grant further specialisations/bonuses Starting
Multi-lingual (1) ~ First Tongue and Mandarin In addition to speaking English, Saul has been educated to speak both the First Tongue and his families traditional Mandarin Starting
Inter-disciplinary speciality (1) ~ Spirits Saul shares his speciality in Spirits between his occult and his persuasion Starting
Fetish (2) ~ Ephemeral Dagger This ceremonial looking, dedicated Katar, gifted to members of the Knox family line, looks to be crafted from a rigid form of silken jade. The is special in that it is incapable of damaging material objects or beings but instead is wholly capable of hurting Spirit beings (but not ghosts) Starting
Resources (1) ~ Trust fund The Knox family, while wealth, prefer not to be too generous to their cubs. Saul has a stable and liveable budget, and will have it for the remainder of his life, his personal success not withstanding Starting

[0xp spent]


Primal Urge: (1) Effects: None
Essence: Base pool: (7) Total: ___

Crescent Moon

  • Read Spirit: (2) - This gift reveals the name, type, rank and additional facts about a spirit. For each success gained, the wolf learns 1 additional fact about the spirit (bans, what it was doing prior to the wolfs interventions, behaviour which might offend it, etc). On an exceptional success these facts before more important and evident. On an exceptional success, these facts reveal plot important information, such as certain weaknesses, its relation to other spirits, etc. [1e, Int+Occult+Cunning]

Witches Moon

  • Shadow Discord: (2) - Each success rolled generates a 10ft radius sphere, stretching out from the wolf, which disrupts the ability of spirits to effect the material world with their powers for the remainder of the scene. A successful roll imposes a dice penalty on all spirit uses of their domain powers by the wolfs Resolve +2. On an exceptional success this penalty is increased to Resolve +4 [1e, Presence+Occult+Purity]
Rituals (1)
  • Honour the benevolent Spirit [1] - part spiritual bond, part token of respect, this rite allows the marking of a spirit who has done the wolf a good turn. This shining glyph upon a spirit is always invisible in the shadow and Twilight, and marks the spirit as one who is under the graces and protection of the pack. The Spirit may issue a magical call for help to the marking wolfs if in trouble. {Ex}
  • Rite of Hallowed ground [1] - The ritualist calls out to the local spirits for a boon, if excepted they return 2 points of essence to the wolf or 1 point to the entire pack. An exceptional success also restores a point of lost Willpower. This can only be used once a week, unless the wolf has done some great deed in that time. {In}
  • Rite of dedication [1] - Allows the caster to omit certain items into both the shadow realm and to transform with him, if so wished. The wolf is limited in the number of dedicated items he can have on him at a time, as is decided by his Primal urge. An exceptional success on the activation means that that item does not count towards the limit {Ex}
Auspice ability

Ritual Master
The Ithaeur are masters of ritual and may buy them at a reduced cost. The ritual trait may be bought at New Dots x4 (instead of x5) and rituals themselves may be bough at a cost equal to their rating instead of rating x2.

Cunning Glory Honour Purity Wisdom
(0) (0) (0) (0) (3)

[2 xp spent]


Harmony: (7) Effects: +1 to all social rolls relating to the packs totem
Willpower: (4) [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ]
- Human Dalu Gauru Ursaul Wolf
Stats: Base +1 Str+Stam, -1 Man +3 Str, +2 stam, +1 Dex, +2 Physical, -3 Man +2 Dex, +1 Stamina
Health: 7 9 11 9 6
Initiative: +4 - +5 +8 +8
Size: 5 6 7 6 4
Defence: 2 - 3 3 3
Speed: 9 11 16 20 16
Armour: - - +1/1 - -
Perception: 5 7 8 8 9
Special: Base Limited Scent Scent, Natural weapons, FUCKING RAGE!!!, + More Scent, Natural Weapons Scent, Natural Weapons



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