Raz Girgori - Koldun Cosmopathic of the Long Night
Rastiel Girgori; Astropath Transcendent + Augmenticist + Glimpse from Beyond
Forge World - Unnatural Origin [Tainted] - Tainted [Deviant Philosophy] - Darkness [Secret] - Fear [Thy own Sins] - Astropath Transcendent - Accursed by thy name [Secret Taint]

"I have seen many Gods, and the works of many more, none have been enough to shake my faith"

8000 [3500] xp (1000 Origin, 700 characteristics, 400 Base advances, 500 Alt career paths, 900 Elite advances)
0xp unspent

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
42+ 33 40 34 20 46+ 31 61+ 36
Wounds (9) Fate Points (2)
Insanity 35 Corruption 31



Awareness (Per) Common Lore: adeptus astra telepathica (Int) Forbidden Lore: Psyker (Int)
Invocation (Will) +10 Psyniscience (Per) Scholastic Lore: Cryptology (Int)
Deceive (FG) Forbidden Lore: Warp (Int) Literary (Int)
Common Lore: Tech (Int)

Treated as Basic:

Common Lore: Machine Cult (Int) Forbidden Lore: Demonology (Int) Forbidden Lore: Archeotech (Int)


  • Low Gothic
  • High Gothic


Pistol Universal: Raz is fully proficient in the use of all pistol weapons Melee Primitive: Raz is fully proficient in the use of all primitive melee weapons
Technical Knock Once per round, you may unjam a gun as a half action Heightened Senses Sound: gain a +10% on any test that requires sound
Dark Soul You only suffer half the normal penalty on malignanc checks Jaded You are immune to non-supernal sources of insanity and horror
Enemy Ecclesiarchy: -10% on all FG tests against members of the Ecclesiarchy Favoured by the Warp When you would roll a psychic phenomena, roll twice and pick the preferred result
Frenzy By spending a round in preparation, gain a +10% bonus to WS, S, T and WP for the following round, but take a -20% penalty to BS and Int. Possession of the "Flagellation" allows this state to be entered as a free action. Flagellation By inflicting 1 wound upon yourself each morning, Raz gains an additional 10% bonus on WP tests
Physical Perfection Purchase of this talent grants the "Machine" trait, with each additional purchase increasing the armour granted, further you may now also be healed by Tech-use checks, but at a -20 penalty


Psy Rating (3) Granting potent psychic abilities, the rating concerns both power and ability Stranger to the cult -10% penalty on knowledge tests of the Imperial Creed
From Beyond Gain immunity to fear, pinning, insanity, and mind-affecting psychic effects Unholy Insight The character may make any Forbidden Lore test with a +10% bonus, but the character gains an additional point of insanity. Additionally the character may opt to substitute his insanity for his WP on any Will test
Machine The character no longer needs to breathe, they are immune to the effects of vacuums and extreme cold. They are also immune to mind-affecting psychic powers. Additional they gain innate armour (1) to all locations. This armour protects against fire


Soul-bound to the emperor: +20 to Willpower tests to: resist Possession or any form of Will opposed psychic attack. When rolling perils of the warp, an Astropath may roll an additional 1d10, and then discard any die in order to make the most favourable result
Psychic Powers: An Astropath starts life with 'Psy Rating: 2' and access to the 'Telepathy' discipline, along with the "astral telepathy" and two additional powers
See without eyes: Though technically blind, an Astropath has fully functioning sight through his psychic abilities. He ignores all visually impairing effects, including invisibility granting abilities. However, he cannot see those beings which are 'untouchables'

Psychic Powers

  • Discipline:
    • Telepathy- Thought Seeding: Raz may spend his thoughts in a precise and controlled fashion to groups or individuals within 1km xPR. At Psy Rating (3) he may send both pictures and sound, but the images are in monotone with a hazy quality. This is a free action.
  • Powers:
Astral Telepathy Special: See power for full description - Special Special
Delude Gain +30 on interaction skill tests with target Opposed Will 1m x PR Half Action
Compel Force target to follow simple commands Opposed Will 5m x PR Half Action
Sensory Deprivation Those struck lose all but their sense of touch for a number of rounds equal to concentration + 1d5 Opposed Will 10m x PR Half Action
Dominate By establishing full control over a target, Raz may divide his actions between that and the target. Suicidal actions force a recheck Opposed Will 5m x PR Full action


Raz is the Choir Master Telepathica of the Long Night, the Rogue Trader vessel of which he is part of the command-staff.

Koldun Cosmopathic (Choir Master Telepathica) Even without his Astropathic Choir, Raz has the range of his Astropathic signals increased by one step


Misshapen Raz as a misshapen spine and can no longer run and has suffered 2d10 points lose to his agility
Wyrdling Raz's mutations have opened him up even further to the Warp, he increases his Psy Rating by 1 and gains an additional 2 powers


Force Sword Modified Swordstick Cane Dam: 1d10+2 (+PR) Pen: 2 (+PR), Balanced: +10% on WS tests to Parry, Best craftsmanship: Increase damage by 1 and gain a +10% on WS for attacks, Mono: Increases weapon Pen by 2 and the weapon loses the primitive quality, Special: In addition to normal damage, upon hitting a target, Raz may make an opposed WP test, for ever degree of success, he deals an additional 1d10 psychic damage which armour and toughness. Further, Force weapons weapons my attack as Psy-focus (+10% on Invocation tests) and are immune to the effects of power fields Special Acquisition


Stub-Automatic Dam: 1d10+3, Pen: 0, RoF: S/3/-, Best Craftsmanship: Never jams or overheats. (SP) Rounds Starting equipment


Guard Flak Armour Grants Armour (4) to all locations, includes helmet Starting equipment
Robes of Office These very fine and ornate robes are decorated with patterns, symbols and wardings; some holy, others profane. A deep blue going on purple, the truth purpose of such robes is simply to conceal both Raz's weaponry and that he is fully armoured. Further, the fact that its hooded hides his bald head Starting equipment


Pain Ward This Cybernetic implant redirects signals of pain away from certain parts of the brain and towards others - allowing the character to experience pain as colours or tastes, without triggering the brains aversion to pain. He is immune to the Stun effect and any actions impeded or given penalties by the effects of critical hits, fire, drowning, etc

Ammo Pouch:

Back Story

To most, Raz appears to be an elderly man who has not aged well. Bald of head, greying bread - long and somewhat gnated - slow moving, and seemingly in need of his distinctive looking cane, Raz does not seem like the able bodied sort. While this appearance is indeed the most fitting way to see Raz, it is not the whole truth. In reality he is not nearly as old as he looks and indeed, if not for his twisted spine he would be in excellent physical condition. Strong and worked muscles, Cybernetic augmentation, frequent mediation and care for himself in all matters physical and spiritual.

He does dress the part of the old man however, preferring his long, deep, blueish-purple robes and Swordstick cane to that of the standard dress of the astropath. If it was not for his charred eyes and obvious psyker paraphernalia, one might mistake him for an elderly strike.

(Gavin is not happy with the following and it may change once a better narrative has been established)
The final moments of the "De Argo" where not peaceful ones. Crashing through the warp, hull being torn asunder, life support failing, fire on several decks, it was a wonder anyone made it out a live, let alone within reach of help. Exiting a Warpstorm within reach of the Adeptus Mechanicus orbital forge-world city of Hesh, in the Lathe system, only 84 survivors were pulled from the wreck. One of which being Lillian Girgori, a heavily pregnant minor Psyker who was a member of the ships Astropathic choir.

Unbeknownst to the other survivors, and to the reducers at large, was that prior to the ships ruin Lillian was not on active duty but was awaiting execution for her strange and certainly demonic child. Being conceived shortly after there entry to the Warp, and with no father in sight, it was clear that Lillian's child must be the spawn of the Warp itself, and as such a vile fiend. Concealing her pregnancy for as she could, the seemingly startling rate the child was coming to term made it only too obvious that something must be done. However, hit upon by terrible waves in the Warp, the ship met its doom and Lillian was able to escape.

Dying shortly after childbirth on Hesh, Lillian's final act as to name her son Rastiel, meaning "resolute to the Emperor". From her Death Raz was adopted into the mysteries of the Omnissiah, working in a factory until he was old enough to be considered to join the Adeptus Mechanicus as a Tech-Priest, a role for which the child's disposition seemed custom built for. However, the discovery of Raz' own psychic abilities meant that this door was now shut to him. However, the mysticism of the technosorcerer had a profound impact upon the youth, and indeed it has seem to shape much of his world view.

Never directly a heretic, merely a flirter with the grey areas on the fringe of acceptability, Raz made it through his astropathic training almost without note, though his occultic interests, especially when they ventured into realms technological, where often a source of reprimand and punishment. Prior to her death, Lillian had placed a psychic marker with Raz with the hope that he would one day have enough potential to unlock it. Given the nature of astropathic training, Raz was able to decipher the message was relative ease. Therein he learned a dark truth about himself, the nature of his conception, the nature of his mothers cultist ways, what caused the tragedy on the De Argo and how nothing in his life had been an accident - nor was it without purpose. Horrified by this revelation, yet thrilled at the knowledge of his connection to greater powers, Raz' occultic studies intensified, given a shape and purpose beyond his idle amusement.

Neither Raz's nature nor his ambition have turned him into a monster however, and he knows where he stands when it comes to the forces of Chaos.

Abilities cheat sheet:

  • Combat
    • Melee attack: (Force Sword) <52, <62 is Frenzied, <82 Frenzied on a Full attack
    • Melee damage: (Force Sword) 1d10+2(blade)+3(PR)+4(Str)+Special (Special altered if in Frenzy)
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