Shifting Features
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mind
  • Practice: Veiling
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
  • Aspect: Covert
  • Cost: None

If you can't hide from people, the next best thing is to make sure that others who see you can't recognize you again. With the proper bending of perceptions, the caster can distort the appearance of a target so as to make the target's features shift and change—proportions are altered slightly, slight dimples can be added or removed, the nose or hair seems longer or shorter, and so on.

This spell works similar to Incognito Presence (p. 208, Mage), except that instead of hiding the mage's presence, it warps the features of the target in such a way that no two people will agree as to how the target looked. Large features cannot be changed; the colour of the target's hair cannot change, but the length can altered enough that two people will argue over just how long it was. Footage from two different cameras will show two slightly different people, though the person's features will not noticeably change on a single camera.

This spell can be resisted as per Incognito Presense, substituting a Gnosis + Space roll to resist.

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