Ship, Profit And Other Vital Data

Profit Factor

Profit factor: 42
- 40 base, 1 unused from ship, +1 Noble bonus


Ship design and details

Starting ship points: 50

"The Photuris"

- Hazeroth Class Privateer - Owned by Malfurian Rene

Speed: 10 Manoeuvrability: +26 Detection: +17
Hull Integrity: 28 Amour: 14 Turret rating: 1

Space: 35/35
Power generation: 41/45
Weapon cap: Dorsal - 1 / Prow - 1

SP cost: 49, 1 unused.

Essential Components:
J.P Class 2 drive, S-1 warp engine, Geller field, SV shield array, Command bridge (+5 to all command and ballistics tests, while it remains undamaged), VP life sustainer's (No moral penalties), Voidsmen quarters, Mark 20I.B Auger array (+5 ship detection)

Supplemental components:
Dorsal: Thunderstrike Marco-cannons (str: 3/ Dam: 1d10+1/Crit range 6/Range: 4), Prow: Star breaker Lance (Str: 1/ Dam: 1d10+2/Crit range 3/Range: 5), Cargo hold and Lighter bay (-3 ship manoeuvrability - enables trade objective), Augmented retro thrusters(+5 ship manoeuvrability), Murder Servitors (if used in a hit and run raid, you may select a number between 1 and 6 instead of rolling), Tenebro-Maze (+10 to all command tests when defending against hit&runs + when a component of the ship is hit, the component is chosen by the defender not the attacker), Temple shrine to the God Emperor (increases permanently by 3 - enables creed objective), Librarium vault (+10 on any investigation checks made while on board)

Reliquary of Mars: Teleportarium (no need for pilot tests during hit&run's, +20 to command tests while doing so, can be used in any number of ways)
Ancient and wise: -4 hull integrity, but +10 on all manoeuvrability tests.

- Crack crew (+5 sp - skill at 40)
- Morale: 103

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